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Best ISTP Anime Characters You Will Ever Encounter In A Show 

There is so much stuff that is going on the trend now and we can not deny that MBTI is on the trend too. These days knowing your MBTI is one of the most interesting as well as important things to do. We should never take MBTI for granted because learning about our personality is very important for every individual. 

Does personality matter the most but what if we want to learn about the personality of a fictional character? Well, sometimes fictional characters play a very important role in our lives. There are various kinds of personalities such as ISTJ, ISFJ, ENTP, ISTP, and more. But I guess ISTP is now trending a lot among people because it has a unique personality. So Otakus that have ISTP as their personality is curious to know about the anime characters that have the same personality as them. 

So here we have mentioned the ISTP characters that every anime lover should know. This list is not based on any ranking, we have not mentioned the names based on their ranks. It has been prepared to let fans of anime series know about their favorite character and whether they share the same personality as their favorite character or not. So here are the names of the amazing ISTP anime characters. Keep your eyes and focus on this article and do not miss out on a single word because this article will help you to learn all important information about your favorite ISTP anime character. 

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10.Shota Aizawa (My Hero Academia)

Best ISTP Anime Characters

Shota Aizawa is a character from My Hero Academia. He was born on 8 November. He is also known as the Eraser head. He is a Pro-hero and homeroom teacher of Class 2-A in U. A. High school. Shota is a reserved and strict person. He is motivated by logic and does not believe in a clean-cut appearance and doesn’t filter out his ideas and words for others. In most situations, he has little energy. He usually takes naps in his sleeping bag which gives us more idea about his character and that he is more comfortable in his sleeping bag

He’s not afraid and expressive toward his idea. 

Shota is known to expel his students from the school whoever he feels don’t suit the school. He re-enrolls the expelled students again and gives them a death experience to drive them to push up even higher. He hasn’t expelled anyone from classes 1-A. He gave his students rigorous training to overcome their limits. 

Shota has incredible combat power and immense stamina. He is a very strong character and he knows how to collaborate his equipment as well as a quirk. Shots’ quirk gives him powerful abilities. His quirk gives him a hard time by drying his eyes more forcing him to blink more while using his power continuously. 

09. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Best ISTP Anime Characters

Saitama is the main protagonist of the series “One Punch Man “. Currently, he is known as the most powerful character in the series. 

Saitama is a bald man with a well-built physique. He had short black hair but lost it due to his extreme hero training regimen. Saitama’s hero costume is a yellow jumpsuit with red gloves that goes up to his arms and red boots that almost touch his knees. 

Before becoming a hero Saitama was an average salaryman and used to complain about society and be frustrated over it. 

He commented that he will become just like society because of the path he has chosen. He was not interested in anything but becoming a hero was always his dream. 

He is an indifferent average person. He has great power and is virtually indestructible. He put zero to little effort into his hero work and was hungry for some opponent who could put a challenge on him. In his daily life, his indifferent character can be seen. Saitama has a problem remembering people’s faces and names which leads him to Mispronounce the names of the person. 

Saitama is the strongest, fastest, durable character in the anime series. His physical ability is very strong and can defeat any powerful monsters and villains with just a single punch. He can control his power and strength in the form of a shockwave from his punch. He has unparalleled fast reflexes and speed which in no other character can be seen. 

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08. Shouya Ishida (A Silent Voice)

Best ISTP Anime Characters

Shoya Ishida (the main character) attempts suicide at the beginning of the story, but at the end, he decides to wrap things ups.

Following that, a flashback shows him in sixth grade at elementary school, during which time a new student named Shoko Nishiimiya (the female main character) joins the class. Shoko is a deaf student who tries to fit in but ends up being an easy target for shoya and his friends to bully. Shoyo always pulls her hearing machine out of her ears causing bleeding from shoko’s ears.

Once he throws her notebook in the fountain. When his principal heard the word “bullying,” Shoya was the only one who was identified as the perpetrator by his teacher. Shoya accuses Shoko, and both end up in a physical fight. Shoko was transferred to a different school, and Shoyo keeps a notebook that Shoko left behind.

Shoyo is an outcast throughout middle school because of his bad behavior as a bully, and now in high school, he is a depressed loner who is unable to look into other people’s eyes and sees the X mark on people’s faces. In high school, he saw Shoko again and went to the sign language center to return her book, apologised but panicked and instead asked her to be friends. Shoko accepts the friendship prompting Shoyo to try to make amends for his bullying her.

One day, Shoya inadvertently drops the notebook into a river and even though it is against the law, he jumps in to retrieve it. Shoya is eventually suspended as a result of Yuzuru, Shoko’s younger sister, photographing him leaping in and posting it online in retaliation. Shoya locates Yuzuru, who has fled her home, and invites her to stay at his house. When she leaves in the middle of the night, Shoya follows her, and the two mend fences and become good friends.

Shoko’s elementary school friend Miyoko Sahara joins Shoya and Shoko for their reunion. Later, Shoko sends Shoya a gift and confesses her feelings for him, but Shoya misinterprets her because she tries to speak rather than sign her feelings. Shoya invites Shoko to an amusement park with Tomohiro, Miyoko, Miki Kawai, a former elementary school classmate, and Satoshi Mashiba. They reunite with Naoka Ueno, a former elementary school classmate who harassed Shoko alongside Shoa and dragged her into a Ferris wheel. 

Naoka is enraged at Shoko and accuses her of causing a schism between her and Shoya, the object of her intense crush. Yuzuru shows Shoya the video he secretly recorded of the encounter. Miki reveals Shoya’s past to the students, who are unaware of it to avoid being held accountable for her role in Shoko’s bullying following the leak. Naoka later apologizes to the group after continuing to be dismissive, but Shoya ignores everyone. Meanwhile, Shoko and Yuzuru’s grandmother died quietly. Shoya takes them to the countryside to cheer them up, and he notices that Shoko blames himself for everything that has happened to him. 

Shoya decides to devote his entire social life to the sisters. Shoko returns home during a fireworks display, pretending to have completed his studies. Shoya follows Yuzuru’s request to retrieve her camera. When he reached there he founShokoko is standing and about to jump off the balcony when he arrived. Shoya successfully grabs her and assists her in standing up, but she falls into the river below. He is saved by his best friends from elementary school, but he later falls into a coma. Shoko meets with each member of the group to explain herself and the situation to help Shoya. Shoko has a dream one night in which Shoya pays her a final visit. She runs to the bridge in terror and collapses sobbing. She is present when Shoya awakens from his coma and finds her. He asks her to stop blaming herself and apologizes for the way he treated her. 

He also admits that Shoya considered suicide at one point. When Shoya returns to school, he is reunited with his friends and realizes how much they still care about him. The friends go to the school festival together, and Shoyto looks people in the eyes again as he imagines the “X” marks dissipating. Shoya sobs as he looks around at his newfound family and friends realizing that he has finally atoned for his past transgressions.

07. Taro Kabakura (Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku)

Best ISTP Anime Characters

Taro Kabakura is a character from Watakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. Japanese voices by Tomokazu Sugita. He was born on November 9th. He is also known as Bakakura and Kabakura. He is married to Hanako Koyangi. Taro works at an unknown company. His nicknames are Bakakura and Kabakura, Kabakura Senpai Mr. Kabakura, teacher, and Kaba-chan. 

Taro Kabakura appears to be tall and handsome with orange spike hair. Because of his eyes, he appears scary to his co-workers. 

Taro puts his hair down when he is at home. 

Taro is a genuine, optimistic person and his preference can be seen easily. He is serious about his work. 

Taro Kabakura and his wife Hanako Koyangi met in high school. They behave like normal couples when they are alone while in public they often argue a lot. Both of them don’t remember who proposed first. Sometimes Tato gets irritated when her girlfriend forces him to do some actions that require or involve Boy’s love (yaoi).  

He blushes when he sees his girlfriend reading an exotic yaoi manga. Even though very often he is cold-hearted he loves his wife Hanako a lot. He has a good bond with Hirotaka Nifuji. He sees Narumi Momose as a cute girl that fits his type. He usually likes short and cute girls. Taro thinks Narumi’s smile only saves her grace even though she is bad at her work and she is a foolish person. 

06. Jotaro Kujo (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Best ISTP Anime Characters

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is another amazing anime series that you will always find on the list of anime lovers. Jotaro Kujo is an amazing as well as well-written character. Jotaro is created by Hirohiko Araki and he is the protagonist of the 3rd part we have seen his appearance in the 4th part too. He is very tall as well as handsome, many fans are attracted to him only because of his appearance. 

Jotaro does not only have a great personality but he also has a great brain. This character is strong and smart enough to make his way out. 

You should watch JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure parts 3 and 4 to learn more about this particular character and once you start watching this anime series, you will have a hard time moving on from Jotaro and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. 

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05. Ymir (Attack On Titan)

Best ISTP Anime Characters

Ymir is a female intelligent Titan in the Attack Of Titan Anime. She was 75+ years old. Her voice is done by Saki Fujita. 

Ymir was a part of the 104th Cadet Corps, graduated from there, and was a former Scout Regiment member. She is a tall young woman. She has the Jaw Titan power and knows about Titan’s nature and the knowledge about the world outside. 

Ymir got her Jaw Titan power as she ate Marcel Galliard during her Titan Form. The Jaw Titan was smaller compared to other JaTitan. Its height was about 5m.  It has rigged hair, small eyes, and a large nose with small pointed ears and long arms. 

Ymir was an Eldian Girl who lived in the streets of Marley as a beggar. She was brought into a cult by a man, and he named her Ymir after Ymir Frtiz.  The cult was by Eldian people and they worshipped Ymir and decided to give happiness to all the people around her as she got into a new role and decided to take it gladly. One time Marley Public Security found out about the cult and arrested Ymir and other cultists. 

The man who named her Ymir said he deceived him. They were paraded around Marley and angry people threw stones at them. They were taken to the edge of the Pardis Island borderline and made Pure Titan and pushed from the borderline. Ymir wandered around for 60 years. In the Year 845, she met Reiner, Annie, Bertholdt, and Marcel, and there she consumed Marcel gaining Jaw Titan Power. Later that same night Ymir came back to her normal human self and saw the night sky and laughed. She made it into the interior walls and became a thief. 

Ymir was fond of Historia. She joined the Cadet Corps to find Historia ( Christa) as she overheard the conversation of the members of Order of the Walls while searching for food. After many battles and showing the true nature of Ymir and revealing the power of Haw Titan in Ymir. Ymir went back to Marley with Reiner and Bertholdt in exchange for Historia’s safety. She wrote a letter to Historia and gave it to Reiner and said to deliver it to Historia when he went back to Paradise Island. In Marley Ymir willingly gave herself to Marcel’s brother Porco Galliard to consume her and gain the Jaw Titan Power. 

Ymir is a selfish and uncooperative person. She doesn’t like people being untrue to themselves. She claimed to only work for herself only. 

Jaw Titan as the name suggests the Jaw of this Titan is sharp which helps to tear down the flesh.  It has great speed and good communication which means she can easily talk to people while being on her Titan Power. She also possessed the regeneration power as every other intelligent Titan. Ymir possessed the power of Partial Transformation as she can power to emerge from the Nape of the Titan 

04. Annie Leonhart (Attack On Titan)

Best ISTP Anime Characters

Annie Leonhart is a character in Attack on Titan. Birthday on 22 March. She is 153 CM tall. She is a member of the 104th Cadet Corps. She is a former member of the Military Police Regiment. She is the Female Titan. 

She is voiced by Yu Shimamura. Annie Leonhart was born in Marley. Her father trained her from the beginning and is a part of Marley’s Warriors. 

During 845 Annie and other warriors, Reiner and Bertholdt, and Marcel were sent to Pardi’s island on a mission to bring back the Founding Titan. She escaped one time when she faced Scot. She Crystallized herself when the Scout Regiment defeated her. She was held underground for four years. 

Annie is short in height with blue eyes and Pale blonde short hair. She has a muscular physique. She wears a small ring hidden with a blade which helps her to transform into a Female Titan anytime, she has to bleed or injure herself to activate her Titan Power. Later after Annie came out from recrystallized form, she also joined the Military forces to stop Eren from destruction. 

Annie was born in Marley but she was a subject of Ymir. Which proves that her mother had an affair with one of the Eldian. She was later adopted by the Leonhart family. Her adoptive father trained her in combat from an early stage. 

She was chosen to become the Female Titan by the Marleyan Government. In the year 845 Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt, and Marcel went to Pardis Island on a mission to retrieve the Founding Titan. Annie’s father told Annie before the beginning of the mission to be alive and that he will support her no matter what she decides. During their mission, Marcel got eaten by a Titan while saving Reiner. 

Annie says to drop the mission and return back to Marley but Reiner manipulates her and continues the mission. After breaking off the wall Maria the three of them became a part of refugees and stayed grounded as people of Pardis Island. Annie, in female Titan form, is an intelligent titan. A massive height with exposed muscle tissue. 

Annie’s personality can be described as an isolated expression with less face and rarely smiling cold and calm. She is highly intelligent. She is bad at lying but can easily catch whoever is lying. Annie has the desire to live a normal life. The reason she is very committed to her mission is that it will allow her to lead a normal life with her father. She is self-aware and honest about her strengths and weaknesses. She, later on, joined her former friends to stop Eren’s act. 

Annie can regenerate any part of her body in the Titan form. She can heal faster from the injured parts of her body. Her ability crystallizes herself and gives her a major advantage during her fight. Annie has the power to control the Titan as she was able to lead the Titan after Reiner And Bertholdt broke the Maria Wall and Titan entered as Annie ordered them. 

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03. Itaru Hashida (Steins; Gate) 

Best ISTP Anime Characters

Steins; Gate is one of the most popular anime series and we can not say that Steins; Gate is not that great as an anime series, right? The story of this anime series is no joke and if we are talking about the characters then what can we say anything particular about the characters? The characters of this popular anime series are beyond perfection and it is hard for us to fall for a particular character of this anime series. Steins; Gate has many characters and all characters of this anime have different kinds of personalities. We can not say that all characters of this series share the same personality. 

Every character has a different story to tell and every character has a different personality. Itaru Hashida is one the main characters of Steins; Gate. This anime series can not be completed without the presence of Itaru Hashida. The character of Itsaru Hashida is one of a kind. He is actually a very talented character and his personality can attract anyone very easily. He is very talented in the field of technology and gaming. He has a great experience in the field of hacking and it is believed that he is a hardcore Otaku. 

We can not say that Itaru Hashida is popular among his fans just by his name “Itaru Hashida”, he is also popular as Daru. Itaru and Daru sound similar, right? Daru is the nickname of this amazing character. The online handle of Itaru Hashida is DaSH. If you are new to the fandom of Steins; Gate then you must be having a hard time figuring out the main reason behind his online handle, right? DaSH means Daru The Super Hacker. As I have mentioned, Itaru Hashida is an experienced Hacker and he has a tremendous amount of knowledge in the field of hacking. 

You will be amazed by the fact that Daru is not the only nickname Itaru has. There is another name for Itaru, he is also known as Barrel Titor. His knowledge of computers and programs is no joke, it feels like technology runs through his veins and he has every solution to technical issues. He has a special spot for gadgets and because of his unnoticeable talent, he is a part of the Future Gadget Lab. 

He loves to make gadgets and works hard to improve his skills. Itaru looks like an ordinary guy with a spectacle. He always needs to wear glasses to have a clear view and he is also not that skinny. His appearance is very different from his personality. If you look at him, you will think that he is a nerd and does not know anything but the reality is very different from our thoughts. He is indeed smart as well as talented. Itaru is also not tall, he is kind of short and we can say that Yellow is his favorite color as he always wears a yellow t-shirt in the anime. 

Well, the MBTI of Itaru is ISTP but that does not mean he does not have friends, in fact, the best friend of Itaru is also an amazing character in this series. Rintaro Okabe is a close friend of Itaru and we can say that they share a good as well as strong bond by watching the episodes of this anime series. The friendship of Rintaro Okabe and Itaru Hashida is kind of cute because their story did not actually start when they first crossed paths in high school but their friendship started to grow when they first met each other at the University. 

The background story of Itaru is also very interesting, if you are very curious to know more about this anime series and Itaru Hashida then you should not miss out on this amazing anime series. You can easily find Steins; Gate on online streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, so do not forget to stream the whole anime series on Crunchyroll. 

02. Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto) 

Best ISTP Anime Characters

Naruto is not an anime series anymore, do not get puzzled by my words. Naruto is not an anime series anymore because it is an emotion now. It is impossible for an anime lover not to recognize this anime series and its characters. Naruto has taught us many things, or we can say the show itself is a book of lessons for us. The storyline, the characters, the voice actors, the songs, the cinematography, and everything about this anime series is just so perfectly fine. And as we know Naruto is a great anime series so it is obvious that the characters of this anime series are no joke too. As we are talking about ISTP anime characters, Asuma Sarutobi deserves to be on the list. More likely, the list is incomplete without this character. 

We have seen the presence of Asuma Sarutobi in Naruto as well as in Naruto Shippuden. It is unfortunate to state that Asuma Sarutobi is not one of the main characters of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden but isn’t he too good to be a side character? I know you can’t agree more on this point because it is a fact that Asuma is an amazing character and he should be considered one of the main characters of this anime series. 

Even though he is a side character, he still managed to steal the hearts of the fans and this anime series would have been so incomplete without Asuma because he is one the reasons why Naruto has been one of the most popular as well as amazing anime television series. 

He is also known as Asuma Sensei, Captain Asuma, Uncle Asuma, and Dad.  He is an amazing ninja and he is the leader of Team 10. Jurota Kosugi has given his voice to this strong character.

Asuma has a strong and attractive appearance as he is tall as well as strong. The color of his eyes is brown. He is into smoking but if something is bothering him then we will not continue this habit. The personality is the main reason why Asuma radiates the energy of the main character and he does not feel like a side character. His MBTI is ISTP and which is why we fall harder for this particular character. 

If you have not seen Naruto and Naruto Shippuden then now is the perfect time for you to start it. Start the new year with Naruto and your eyes will be definitely blessed. You can stream this anime series on Netflix as well as Crunchyroll

01. Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Best ISTP Anime Characters

GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM AND DIE “. Well, the Attack On Titan fans definitely know who I am talking about, right?

Levi Ackerman is one of the most liked characters in Attack On Titan. Not just because of how he looks but his whole personality. He is badass, amazing at combat, and very blunt with words. His backstory is what makes him the Levi Ackerman we know and love. He’s Humanity’s strongest soldier. 

Levi is 160cm tall, weighs 65 kg and he is in his 30’s. Levi’s birthday is on 25 December. 

He is Calm, a short-height guy with undercut straight black hair.  He is the captain of the Special Operation Squad which is within the Scout Regiment.  Most of the time he’s called Captain Levi. Levi is mostly seen in his Scout Regiment outfit. 

During a war with Zeke, Jaeger Levi got several scars on his face and one on his right eye, and the index and middle finger on his right hand are missing. 

Levi’s childhood has been spent in a brothel as her mother Kuchel Ackerman was a prostitute. Her mother got pregnant by one of her customers and Levi was born. When his mother died at that time Kuchel’s brother Kenny Ackerman came to see her as he thought she was alive. In the room, Levi has been sitting silently there with their legs squished. Kenny decided to take care of him. He taught him knife skills, behavior, etc. When Levi grew up and was fighting with someone he saw Kenny living with him. Kenny didn’t see himself as a father figure for Levi, when Levi grew up he left him. 

Levi is a clean freak. He keeps himself and his environment very clean. Maybe because the way he grew up in his childhood made him a clean freak now. Levi speaks bluntly. And most of the time you can not determine his feelings as he is less expressive of his emotions. 

Levi has a very soft heart. He is compassionate which rarely can be seen. He deeply cares about human life. When he gets to know that titans were once humans and he killed humans he was deeply shocked. 

He cares a lot about his teammates. Some scenes where you can see his caring nature. When the female titan took Eren and Mikasa he went behind her to save Eren, Levi also followed to save Mikasa and Eren as he didn’t want her to get hurt. When Petra died during the fight with the female titan and the scouts came back Petra’s father cheerfully approached him and talked about the dedication that Petra had for the Survey Corps but Levi didn’t say anything to him and remained silent. 

Levi’s fighting skills are no joke like the boss you will just stay astonished. Few fights to mention one with the female titan. The fight with beast titan was awesome, he did not only survive the first fight but Levi did his work not just once but twice. Another fight with Kenny like he was under fire of bullets but still survived. Despite any situation, Levi fought and that’s one of the reasons why he’s so popular among the fans. 

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