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26 Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix!

Netflix is a true treasure trove of films covering a wide range of genres and topics. Netflix has a lot of LGBTQ+ movies to watch, whether it’s for Pride Month or simply for fun. It’s always fascinating to learn about films that present storylines that aren’t based on prejudices. Netflix has a wide range of homosexual films available, many of which have gone on to become timeless classics. With award-winning drama shows, romantic comedies, and serious documentaries, the inventory of LGBTQ-centric entertainment has never been more diverse.

LGBTQ community gathering venues were already failing before the outbreak, and the homosexual community is now more divided than ever. For a long time, good lesbian movies were essentially non-existent, or they played into old, tokenizing tropes. Due to cultural biases, producing lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender films was first incredibly difficult. With time, however, the viewpoint has altered, and the reels now represent diverse colors of love. Despite this, heteronormative films have dominated mainstream cinema for decades.

Unfortunately, finding a good lesbian film is difficult. However, as streaming services like Netflix grow in popularity, more films with lesbian, gay, and bisexual heroines falling in love, breaking up, or simply dancing and singing their way through a Midwestern high school prom are appearing. Whether you identify as a lesbian or not, these films about lesbian relationships and queer characters will elevate your next movie night beyond a Netflix and relax session.

Netflix, thankfully, provides a wealth of films, television shows, and comedic films to help you remember what it’s like to be a part of a group. Here are some of the best Lesbian movies to watch on Netflix to celebrate diversity and pride.

1. The Half of It

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
The Half Of It

Saving Face, director Alice Wu’s excellent follow-up to her early-aughts romcom, gained critical acclaim when it premiered on Netflix in spring 2020. This film is set in a small town and follows social outcast Ellie Chu, who agrees to ghostwrite a jock’s love letter to a girl with whom she has a crush. From there, it’s all wonderful mayhem. It’s like the messed-up high school love story you were dreaming of as soon as you read the summary.

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2. Duck Butter

Duck Butter
Duck Butter

Have you ever wished to spend 24 hours with someone you’d never met before? Naima (Search Party’s Alia Shawkat) and Sergio try it out as an experiment after meeting at a party, to see if it can bring true intimacy into a new relationship.

3. The Prom

The Prom
The Prom

Prom is supposed to be a memorable night, but what if you can’t even bring your significant other? The PTA cancels prom because Emma wants to go with her girlfriend to this musical comedy by Ryan Murphy. After hearing the news on Twitter, a few Broadway stars (including Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman) go to Indiana to salvage the event.

4. The Feels

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
The Feels

This mockumentary is set over a bachelorette weekend in the wine region for two brides-to-be (Constance Wu and Angela Trimbur). Don’t worry if that sounds too pleasant. It’s not going to be a relaxing vacation since there’s going to be dual bachelorette drama. You’ll feel as if you’re in a group text with all of the film’s shady characters. It’s the big bachelorette weekend for Andi and Lu. Everything is going swimmingly until one of them admits that they’ve never had an orgasm…ouch. This throws a wrench in the proceedings, prompting all of their pals to discuss love, trust, and firsts.

5. A New York Christmas Wedding

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
A New York Christmas Wedding

This lesbian holiday flick is for you if you’re itching to getaway. The fantasy plot follows a bride-to-be on a journey with her guardian angel, who shows her what life may be like if she married her childhood best friend: a lady who committed suicide after trauma in real life. This picture is both genre-free and mind-boggling, but it’s also a lot of fun. But don’t be turned off by the fact that it’s a holiday film. A Christmas wedding in New York can be enjoyed at any time of year.

6. So My Grandma’s a Lesbian

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
So My Grandma’s a Lesbian

Already, a young woman is having difficulty fitting in with her fiancé’s rigid and conventional family. Her grandmother has now jeopardized the entire engagement by announcing her intention to marry her girlfriend. Two women in their 70s come out to their families and declare their aspirations to marry in this Spanish film. To say the least, it’s a bit of a shocker—an enjoyable shocker.

7.Elisa & Marcela

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
Elisa & Marcela

A beautiful historical drama about two ladies in 1901 Spain who want to marry so badly that one of them takes on a male identity so they can appear to be a heterosexual marriage. It’s a heartbreaking but ultimately lovely film about what women had to face to be together not so long ago, based on a true story of the first (well, recorded) same-sex marriage in Spain. It concludes with a positive postscript regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage in Spain in 2005.

8. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

This biographical musical drama is set in 1920s Chicago and revolves around a single recording session for blues artist Ma Rainey. Viola Davis, an Oscar winner, pays tribute to Ma Rainey’s lesbian identity by delving into the singer’s sensuality, desire, and lyrics, which undoubtedly highlight her connection to women.

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9. Tig


During her standup routine in 2012, Tig Notaro revealed she had cancer. It went viral without a doubt. The video covers what transpired after that night, including how she dealt with her diagnosis, how her relationship with her now-wife, Stephanie Allynne, progressed, and how her sense of humor helped her get through it all.

10. Pariah


Alike is a Brooklyn-based 17-year-old grappling with her sexuality and identity. Her mother disapproves of her baggier clothing choices and her tight contact with a gay pal. Alike tries to balance family and friend expectations while figuring out who she is.

11. The Runaways

the runaways
The Runaways

This film, based on the rock band of the same name, explores the attraction between Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, who play the leading ladies. When the lead singers’ relationship threatens the group’s chances of success, it’s not easy for an all-female rock band to become renowned.

12. Ride or Die

ride or die
Ride or Die

For years, Rei has been in love with a married woman. She now has to assist her in escaping her abusive husband. In this psychological thriller, the women’s romance heats up while they’re on the run.

13. A Secret Love

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
A Secret Love

Pat Henschel and Terry Donahue, a former All-American Girl Professional Baseball League player, have been together for 65 years. They had to keep it a secret for the majority of their life. Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel operated a successful interior decorating business together for nearly 70 years, all while keeping their lesbian relationship hidden from their families.

14.ANNE+: The Film

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
ANNE+: The Film

Anne is a lady who plans to finish her novel and move from Amsterdam to Montréal to be with her long-term girlfriend, Saar, in this film based on a Dutch television series. Her plans are disrupted, however, when she meets Lou, a non-binary drag performer who gives a unique viewpoint on love, sex, and life.

15. A Perfect Ending

a perfect ending
A Perfect Ending

When housewife Rebecca tells her friends she’s never had an orgasm and she and her husband only have sex a few times a year, one of them suggests she hire a sex worker through a private agency. Rebecca meets Paris, a sex worker, and artist who helps her explore her sexuality. They form a tight bond, but Rebecca holds a secret that will change everything for both of them.

16. The Perfection

the perfection
The Perfection

If you enjoy films with a heavy dose of psychological horror, this one is for you. Charlotte, a cellist who had to drop out of her elite musical academy to care for her dying mother, is played by Allison Williams, while Lizzie, the academy’s new star student, is played by Logan Browning. Things swiftly turn dark when Charlotte reconnects with the academy’s director and meets Lizzie. To avoid giving anything away, there are a few extremely messed-up plot twists that you will not see coming.

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17. I Care A Lot

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
I Care A Lot

In this darkly comic thriller, Rosamund Pike plays con artist Marla Grayson. With the help of her girlfriend/business partner Fran, she takes advantage of the elderly and sells off their valuables. When Marla’s crime lord son comes after them, she understands they’ve used the wrong women. The relationship between Marla and Fran isn’t the core emphasis of this film, but it doesn’t have to be to make it worthwhile to see.

18. Lovesong


You’ll understand this film if you’ve ever had a curiously deep and romantic friendship. Sarah is a stressed-out mother parenting a kid on her alone while her husband is away on business. She phones up an old friend, Mindy, and the two go on an unexpected road trip together, where they reconnect and become physically close. Years later, Mindy is engaged to be married to a man, and Sarah attends the bachelorette party, where she encounters a slew of conflicting emotions. Even though neither character is lesbian, this film is still a fascinating exploration of friendships and lesbian love.

19. What Keeps You Alive

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
What Keeps You Alive

In this gripping horror-thriller, an anniversary weekend takes a frightening turn. Jackie’s family has a remote cottage, and Jules assumes she and her wife Jackie are celebrating their first anniversary there. However, things take a nasty turn when an old friend tells Jules of a horrible occurrence in Jackie’s past, and Jules finds herself battling for her life.

20. Chloe


Julianne Moore plays Catherine, a psychiatrist who fears her husband is having an affair in this thriller. To test her husband’s loyalty, she hires a sex worker named Chloe. Chloe agrees, but both women notice that there is a spark between them right away.

21. Someone Great

someone great
Someone Great

So, this comedy is about a variety of topics, including female friendships, breakups, career goals, and so on. Although it isn’t the main plotline, Erin has some seriously adorable moments with Leah, the girl she’s dating.

22. Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth is a three-day film that follows Jasmine, a successful fashion editor living in Toronto with her fiancé, and Dallas, a female roofer who has recently ended a relationship. The two meet on a Friday night, and sparks fly. Jasmine tries to keep their tryst under wraps as the two become romantically connected.

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23. Good Kisser

Jenna and Kate decide to spice up their two-year relationship by sleeping with a stranger. Things quickly heat up, and not in the way they’d anticipated, exposing their relationship’s various flaws.

24. Unfreedom


Unfreedom tells the narrative of a Muslim fundamentalist in New York who kidnaps a liberal Muslim scholar to kill them, and a lesbian in New Delhi who kidnaps her bisexual lover so they can be together for the first time.

25. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

Sweety Chaudhary, a closeted lesbian, tries to come out to her family to avoid the arranged marriage that her family is planning for her. The young writer husband they have chosen for her is utterly enamored with her, further complicating matters. Chaudhary wrestles with a decision that could alienate her family. The film is full of genuine emotions and comedic situations, making it enjoyable to view. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

26. Loving Annabelle

Best Lesbian Movies On Netflix
Loving Annabelle

Loving Annabelle is a story of classic teacher-student story with a twist. Annabelle’s teachers find it difficult to deal with her when she enrolls in a boarding Catholic school for girls. She is a brilliant student who has already been expelled from two previous institutions and is outspoken about her sexual orientation. Simone Bradley is the only teacher who believes in her, but even she is caught in a bind when Annabelle won’t stop hitting on her. Is it more important for her to follow her heart or to do what is right?

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