12 Best Magic Anime That You Should Not Miss

Konichiwa! Kompaowa! Ohayo gozaimasu! Anime always gets me excited. Even when I am discussing or in this case writing about it. What about you? Do you get thrilled and excited and a feeling about nostalgia takes over when you reminisce? I am sure it does!!!

Now let’s talk about why you are actually here. The magic genre always jitters me. Deja Vu! Well, there isn’t any!!! Kidding just wanted to sound like a magician. Do I sound like one? Sure, it didn’t, I am not a real magician, i.e., why. So, getting back I will share with you folks some of the 12 top anime’s based on the magic genre.

Are You Ready?

Let’s get started then! 

1. Meiji Tokyo Renka

Best Magic Anime
Meiji Tokyo Renka

Whenever this topic comes up, I sure get nostalgic about the story. With a rating of 7 from My Anime List (MAL) and 8.3 from IMDb, the anime has a total number of 12 episodes. The runtime of each episode is 23 mins. Let’s move into the story next. 

A high school girl on the night of the crimson moon crosses paths with a magician Charlie, who teleports her suddenly to the Meiji Period. Mei suddenly is confronted with men who are actual historical figures as she finds out. Mei has a special power; she can see ghosts. Now as her power gets revealed by all the men around her slowly, she is asked to help them. The anime follows their adventure and her association with each of them. Mei holds a special place in each of them and they gradually fall for her, in a special way. But she is particularly close to Mori Ougai. Both fall for each other in due time. But as time passes Charlie tells her that she will return back to her time period. 

Mei, an introvert who gradually started feeling warm and homely in the Joseon Dynasty, will she be able to return home, leaving them? 

Or will she stay back? Watch this sweet reverse harem romantic anime which will lift your heart with its soft story and sweet romance. 

If you didn’t know what a reverse harem is. Let me tell you in a short. The Reverse Harem genre is where a lot of men or male characters fall for the same girl or the female lead. Interesting isn’t it! 

Start streaming this anime on Gogoanime, Crunchyroll, or Kissanime

2. Akatsuki no Yona

Best Magic Anime
Akatsuki no Yona

I am quite sure even if you haven’t watched Yona of The Dawn you must have at least heard the name. The anime is extremely popular with a rating of 8.03 from MAL and 8.1 from IMDb. The anime has a total number of 24 episodes with a runtime being 24 mins each. Make sure to give it a watch if you haven’t yet. By the way, if you are into romance and reverse harem this anime is another one on that list. 

Yona is a princess who lives a carefree and lively life in her father’s palace pampered by all. She is head over heels for Prince Su- Won with whom she actually dreams to marry. But her dream and luxurious life come to an end with the murder of her father by none other than her prince charming. 

She along with Hak flees the palace. Poverty, challenges, life and death situations and harsh reality change her attitude towards life and she decides to avenge her father’s death even if she would have to hate Su-Won. 

Now, with the mysterious legend and Hak at her side. She must wield herself and visa-vi to gather five other men each with a special power of their own to take back her kingdom. 

Follow Yona and her journey of self-discovery and finding the men who are only known to be characters from legends. 

You will find the anime available on Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll

3. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Best Magic Anime
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Also known by the name of Sailor Moon, the anime runs for 24 mins with a total number of 46 episodes. The anime scored a rating of 7.70 from MAL and 7.6 from IMDb. The anime is available for 4 seasons. 

This magic genre anime follows the life of a young girl who slowly learns that she is the legendary warrior, the Sailor Moon. Now as she learns about her destiny, she along with other Sailor Scouts must join hands in order to protect the Earth and her galaxies.  

Each season is more interesting than the other. Don’t miss this lovely anime. The anime made its debut in 1993. As you can see it’s quite old and the graphics may not catch your attention like the 20’s anime. But this is worth your time. 

You will find the anime available on; Hulu and Netflix

4. Mahoutsukai no Yome

Best Magic Anime
Mahoutsukai no Yome

The Ancient Magus Bride made its debut in 2018, with runtime being 24 mins each. The anime runs for a total number of 24 episodes. The Magician’s Bride is rated 8.07 by MAL and 7.8 by IMDb. 

Hatori is a 15 years child who gets sold off at 5 million pounds at an auction. She is bought by a masked gentleman as a slave. With a dark and humiliating past of her own, she was ready to become a slave if that gave her a worth. After she is bought, she is led along a path to her buyer where she could feel people around her gossiping. 

With chains, she is led to a study where she discovers her buyer is a Magus. He leads her to a place that is magical and enchanting. Now teleported to grassland with fairies, cottage, birds, and animals. Follow this beautiful story of Chisa and Elias as the supposed husbands and wives. Although hesitant at first, slowly she started to grow fond of him and both of them fall for each other slowly.

This story is very sweet and enchanting and will make you smile and you may even find your eyes wet.

Browse and log into Crunchyroll, 4anime, or Netflix to watch the anime online. 

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5. Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

Best Magic Anime
Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

This is another Romance Reverse Harem that will make your heart throb with its cheesy yet sweet romance. With a total number of 13 episodes, the Fall Anime runs for 23 mins each. The anime scored a rating of 7.02 from MAL and 7.3 from IMDb. Watch this anime on Gogoanime and Crunchyroll.

The anime follows the life of the students in the academy who excel in their respective fields of art, which mostly seems like Magic after its creation. Meet Kohana who joins the academy and initially fails to create magic through her art of flower making, is slowly successful and wins the heart of others especially the six boys around her. 

The story follows Kohana, her journey revolving around the six boys each being her love interest. Some of the boys are reluctant, cold, overfriendly, indifferent towards her; initially warms up to her and fall for her in different ways. 

6. Shugo Chara!

Best Magic Anime
Shugo Chara!

Though it may seem like a childish anime upon its first look. But it’s actually very sweet and a bit different from the other anime that you have watched. If you are into school, magic, reverse harem romance, comedy, and fantasy; then hit this one to your watchlist. 

My Guardian Characters features a tomboy who badly wanted to show her sensitive side. Suddenly her dreams come true when three eggs hatch into her bed and call themselves her guardian characters. These three characters bring three different characters to her. Now she gets involved in a mission to protect the students by destroying the X eggs who bring out the negative character of her schoolmates. 

Now with four other Guardians and their spirit, she must protect these fellow mates and destroy the eggs which keep popping up every now and then. On the other hand, she must also protect her three eggs and the golden lock from Ikuto who is always at her toes trying to steal it from her. 

As her tiring journey of a centered goal always makes her life adventurous will she fall in love? What will happen next? 

Follow the anime with a total number of 51 episodes running for 24 mins each. Rated 7.40 by MAL and 7.3 by IMDb, the anime is available on Crunchyroll and Apple Tv

7.  Brave 10

Best Magic Anime
Brave 10

This historical, superpower, historical, action adventure seinen reverse harem has 12 episodes in total with each running for 24 mins. 

Set in the period of Warring States, the anime follows the life of a girl and her adventures. Isanami is a priestess whose life falls apart as she watches the ninjas burning her place down. As she flees into the forest, she comes face to face with Saizou, a masterless Ninja. As her dangerous power is revealed by him, he agrees to help her. 

Now together they must gather ten other warriors to fend off those who try to chase her as she possesses huge dark power. 

Follow Isanami and her adventure as she travels around gathering 10 brave men each possessing special power of their own. 

Rated 6.77 by MAL and 6.5 by IMDb. You will find the anime available on Crunchyroll and Gogoanime.

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 8. Hiiro no Kakera

Hiiro no Kakera
Hiiro no Kakera

The anime is, available for 2 seasons the anime has a total number of 13 episodes respectively. The runtime of each is 24 mins. The rating scored by the following anime is 6.72 by MAL and a 7 from IMDb. 

The anime has God, ghosts, magic, power, romance; all. Kasuga arrives at her grandma’s place but gets attacked by strange creatures just upon her arrival. She then learns that she carries the blood of the Tamayori Princess. She is the rope that ties the knot of keeping Gods and ghosts sealed and separate from human beings. 

Now with newly formed responsibilities and five handsome guardians at her toes. She must keep her secret and identity hidden as she attends her new high school and also protects the village as difficult and dangerous paths, obstacles and enemies lie ahead of her.

This is another romantic reverse harem. You may initially find the female lead very timid and fragile. Once she achieved her power you will see she has the power to control all. 

You will find the following anime available on Gogoanime, Kiss Anime, and Crunchyroll. Do visit the sites and start streaming them. 

9.  Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE

Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE
Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice anime is adapted from a popular mobile game. After the sudden death of the female lead’s father, she must save the Miracle Industry at all costs. She must bring in different ideas for the show to run with a unique and different plot of her own. But where will she get inspiration from? 

From her father’s diary, she discovers the existence of Evol, a gene that grants the possessor special and mysterious power. 

As strange incidents take over the city together with four other men who are also Evolvers she must find the truth behind Evol and their creators Black Swan. 

This anime has 12 episodes with a runtime of each being 24 mins. The anime is rated 6.17 by MAL and 6.2 by IMDb. 

You can stream this anime on Crunchyroll, Kissanime, Funimation, or 4anime

10. Amnesia


As the name suggests the female lead suffers from Amnesia. Now if you ask me what amnesia is. In simple words, Amnesia is a disease where patients are seen having a frequent loss of memories. They tend to forget events, incidents, people, etc. 

Our female lead is found fainting at her workplace while she was working in her cafe. She is then brought back by her two friends at her place after she loses all her memories. When alone she chances upon a fellow named Orion who claims that his visit to her world is the sole cause of memory loss in her. So, he proposes to help her regain them all. 

As she struggles to review back all memories by joining the fragments of her frequent flashbacks from the past. She must be careful not to arouse suspicion from those around her. 

As her memory slowly returns, she joins the puzzle and slowly realizes her connection with the men around her and the mystery surrounding her memory loss. 

Rated 6.02 by MAL and a 6 by IMDb the animation runs for 23 mins with a total number of 12 episodes. You can watch the show on Gogoanime, Kissanime or 9anime

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11. InuYasha

Inu Yasha
Inu Yasha

With a total number of 7 seasons, yeah pretty huge I know!! The anime has a total number of 167 episodes. But don’t worry and don’t get scared by the length. I can assure you that the anime is quite interesting and will definitely keep you intrigued with its plot and characters. The anime runs for 24 mins each. The anime is rated 7.85 by MAL and 7.9 by IMDb. You will find this anime on Netflix, Hulu, and Funimation

The anime revolves around a young girl who often has to travel back in time in order to help a half-demon. How? As the sacred jewel shatters together, they must find all the pieces of the power granting shreds and join them. Also, fight the possible threats that come across their path, that is putting the city in danger. 

12. Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo

Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo
Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo

  La corda d’oro: primo passo, the anime also has a second season with the same name. But the stories are not connected. You can watch both of these as both are interesting and different from the other. This one is the last on today’s list. This is another romantic reverse harem that you can add to your list. 

The anime revolves around a lovely girl who joins the academy of music with no music skills of her own. The academy is known for the brilliant music the students produce and a competition is held each year. Kahoko out of a sudden encounters Lily, a fairy who gives her a magical violin and asks her to participate in the concur. 

Now among other music prodigies, her secret will her secret get revealed? What will she do when other students are constantly at her toes producing lovely music and challenging her to play? Will she get cold feet or her handwork will earn her credit.

Watch this beautiful romantic anime full of music, love, fun, and more available for 25 episodes with 24 mins runtime. 

The anime is rated 7.44 by MAL and 6.9 by IMDb. Watch the anime on Crunchyroll or Kissanime

Well, that’s all folks you have reached the end. Out of many magic animes that are there I shared some of those which are considered best. Make sure to give them a watch. And who knows after one watch they may hit the list of your binge-watchers. Right!

I will now take your leave as you start streaming these on your devices.

Happy Watch! 

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