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Best Movies To Watch When High On Netflix

Netflix is an OTT platform with a huge variety of content to choose from. The genres the platform covers are something that a person cannot imagine finishing as well. The variety allows its user to choose their own pick from the ocean of content available. Today, we are curating a list.

People like watching content when they are bored, motivated or even binging. Today we are curating a list of the best movies to watch when you are high. Being high is a state where you enjoy anything you watch. When you’ve picked your genre either comedy, romance or drama, everything is going to make sense to you.

After putting a lot of thought into making this list, I have brought together 8 movies that will surely blow your mind off. So, if you are looking for a fun-filled list with a lot of genres compiled into them, then this one is for you!

Read further to reveal the list filled with fun, thrills and a lot of unexpected rollercoasters of emotions!

Best Movies To Watch When High on Netflix

Being high is when a person is most vulnerable or the strongest. One might be exploring their innermost feelings and need a good cry or the person needs a boost of confidence in which case, they need a motivating story.

While trying to pick a movie from all categories, we have stumbled upon a few extraordinary films that deserve a watch anytime you have time! These are some stunners that will blow your mind off. So, do not skip the list and try to choose your own pick! Also, there are personal ratings on how these will blow your mind.

  • After

Well, this one is the best start to the list. After is a movie that everybody will have thought to binge one or the other day. The movie is a huge romantic rollercoaster filled with huge shots of drama and love.

This movie started off as a Wattpad novel and then turned into a movie. The tale of Tessa and Hardin is surely something that everybody would want to watch. The movie is filled with so much love and the meeting of Hardin and Tessa is very bookish.

The beginning of their romance, the lake and more aspects make it as dreamy as a love story can get. But when reality hits, everything comes down shattering their love. Will they get back together and restart their romance? Well, the movies are the answer to this.

So, if you are looking for a love rollercoaster with a lot of spice and drama, this is your go-to.

  • 365 Days

This Michael Morrone starter is the perfect definition of the mafia romance aesthetic. All these Pinterest and Wattpad girlies are obsessed with the mafia aesthetic. Well, if you want to live this aesthetic, this is your go-to movie. While being high, you might feel the rage to do some crazy stuff yourself tho!

The story revolves around a mafia don and how he bags a beautiful girl during a vacation. While being a little bit of a forced abduction, he will be able to make her fall in love with him also. This story is the perfect blend of action, romance, rough spice and a lot more.

While the girl does die in the first part, how is she back in the next two movies? Yeah, the movie is your answer. So, if you are looking for a mafia rough romance, this one is your go-to. Even if you are not into this genre, try it. Trust me.

  • Dolly Kitty Aur Woh 5 Sitare

Well, in a list of a lot of interesting movies, this is a Bollywood Netflix Original. This Konkona Sen Sharma starrer has the most genres in it. Being a love story, the movie comprises aspects like LGBTQ+, betrayal, Spice and a lot more.

Konkona and her husband are living a life with their two children when her sister moves in with them. While her sister feels uncomfortable living with them, she shifts away to a guest house. Her job is a little sceptical while she works as an online call centre girl. While life with her husband does not seem right, she befriends a young guy named Osman and their friendship reaches heights that make it even more interesting.

While meeting a guy there, her life changes to know all about the betrayal, pain and how the world changes around for both sisters. If you are looking for a blend of abandoned romance, betrayal, and drama, this will surely be your go-to movie.


  • Fifty Shades Trilogy

The E.L. James special is a perfect movie to watch when you are high with your girlfriend/ significant other. This movie revolves around BDSM, Romance and a lot more. The movie is centred around the CEO Christian Gray and his affair with women.

When her roommate Katharine Kavanagh falls sick, Anastasia Steele- an English major student goes to interview him. After things spice up a little bit, Ana and Christian start seeing each other. After his abrupt disappearance, she drunk-dials him and the relationship restarts.

They first try the whole bondage relationship and the drama continues. But in the end, the couple is in their happily-ever-after stage. If you want to watch a rollercoaster centred on spice, drama and a lottt of romance, this will be your go-to movie.

  • Lady Chatterley’s Lover

This is yet another stunning movie to watch if you are high or bored for that matter. The plot is highly twisted and this will surely blow your mind off. The story revolves around Lady Chatterley and her husband who is a war veteran.

With his pertaining injuries, they shift to their farmhouse. While she is all alone most time, she meets another soldier who is stripped of all his titles. They continue to build a very deep connection and meet at the chicken house where they are breeded.

What happens further is highly surprising. So if you are looking for a period abandoned romance with drama, this is your go-to movie!

  • Pride And Prejudice

How can there be a list of movies to watch when high without a stunning period piece? Pride And Prejudice is a movie that nobody can regret watching. Being a story by the Bronte sisters, this one is surely a beautiful one. Mr. Darcy is somebody that the entire town wants to be with. He is the mysterious man that all the town girls are highly interested in. but Elizabeth finds him arrogant and irritating.

What can be worse than the girl overhearing you talking badly behind her back? Yes, that’s the drama! What follows is an intricate love story with the enemies-to-lovers trope. The two find each other perfect and get married finally. Their story is a classic romance with a lot of aspects from the 1800’s.

If you are looking for a love story and thrilling gestures, this is the one!

  • Haseen Dilruba

This Bollywood movie deserves a lot more recognition than it already has. This is a movie about romance, cheating, and mainly- murder-mystery! The story goes around Rani and her husband as they move to a new city.

After they got married, Rani moved into a new town with her husband and his parents. While being a really carefree girl, she wants to have fun all the time. Her husband is more into finding his own medicine and is always in his lab. When his hot younger cousin moves next door, the unexpected happens.

But what follows I a life filled with revenge, anger and a lot of other drama as the husband finds out about his wife and brother. The suspense is that there is a case later saying that Rani murdered her husband. Well, did she and her guy murder her husband? This is something that will be revealed in the movie!

So if you are looking for a nail-biting murder mystery, abandoned romance, cheating and more, this movie will blow your mind!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What language is Dolly Kitty Aur Woh 5 Sitare in?

Dolly Kitty Aur Woh 5 Sitare is available in Hindi on Netflix. In some other platforms, the movie does have an English audio as well.

2. Who is the lead of Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Fifty Shades Of Grey stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

3. Who is the lead of Haseen Dilruba?

Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshavardhan Rane (Sanam Teri Kasam) are the leads.

4. What is the genre of 365 Days?

The movie revolves around love, drama and mafia.

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