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Bethenny Frankel Net Worth And Much More

The famous Housewife of The Real Housewives of New York City Bethenny Frankel is one of the most popular actors in the franchise and in the industry she is known not just for her acting but for her smart business acumen and personality that cannot go unnoticed.

Born on November 4, 1970, the actress has worked her way up in the industry with her amazing acting skills and has had shows named after her too. She is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and businesswoman and has built her brand and empire with her intelligence.

Taking notice of her establishment, it is not wrong to think or wonder what exactly her life entails and how much her net worth is. And thus to give you all the answers we have got this article for you with the most updated information.

Bethenny Frankel Net Worth

Bethenny Frankel Net Worth
Bethenny Frankel

Multi-talented and multi-faceted Bethenny Frankel is someone for whom words might be enough as she has put her hands into a lot of ventures and has been pretty successful in all of them proving herself over and over again. This in turn makes it pretty obvious to assume that she might be worth a lot in terms of net worth.

Well, let me tell you that you all are not thinking anything is wrong because she has a startling net worth of $80 million according to 2022 reports. Her net worth includes her salary from her acting career and the earnings from the business that she set up as an entrepreneur and it also includes her profits from the renovation business. It is said that she used to earn approximately $40, 000 per episode in Real Housewives of New York and nearly made $1 million from the show itself. Apart from all these she also earns from sponsorships which are the perks of having a huge and loyal fanbase. It is reported that she nearly earns $30,000 for posts on social media that are sponsored.

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Bethenny Frankel’s Rise To Fame

Making a name in a competitive world is not easy but Bethenny proved herself and worked hard for years to make recognition for herself. But her way to fame was not smooth and she had to go through a lot of obstacles until one lucky day her determination paid off and she was offered a role in The Real Housewives New York which made her a star overnight. In fact, her appearance not just made her famous as an actor but also became the richest housewife in the history of Housewives.

Bethenny did not restrict herself to her acting career and tried her hands as an entrepreneur which also happened to become a success. She started her business named Skinnygirl Cocktails which sold beverages and mixes with low-calorie. The brand rose to heights and two years later she sold the brand for $100 million. This was the other venture that made her even more famous.

Bethenny Frankel’s Books and More

Bethenny Frankel Net Worth
Bethenny Frankel

Did you think that movies and business were the only things in her portfolio? If, yes then let us enlighten you with more information. She is also a writer and not just a writer but one of the best-selling authors. This venture also brought her success and she went on to write no less than eleven books. Some of them are Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting, The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for your Naturally Thin Life, Body By Bethenny: Body sculpting Workouts to Unleash Your Skinnygirl, Skinnydipping: A Novel and many more. And as you can see all the books have a connection with SkinnyGirl. And she has also shown a lot of interest in real estate where she purchases properties, renovates and sells them, and has made a good fortune out of it.

Well, the list does not end here especially when we live in a social media world. Bethenny has even managed to capture this market by using her social media platforms to connect with fans and talk about her podcast and of course all her sponsorships to her millions and millions of followers.

Bethenny Frankel’s Life Behind Fame

The award-winning actress and businesswoman tend to describe her childhood as difficult as she has seen a lot of ups and downs from separation to drinking to moving to different places. In terms of personal life and relationship she was married to Peter Sussman for a year and then in 2010 she married Jason Hoppy a pharmaceutical sales executive and they have a daughter together. However, the couple called their relationship quits in 2012 and divorced in 2021. She is currently engaged to Paul Bernon, the film producer.

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