Beyblade Burst Season 7 Release Date: Are You Excited For It?

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Beyblade Burst (ベイブレードバースト) is the third incarnation of the Beyblade (a spinning-top-like toy) franchise. The ‘Beyblade’ was created and sold by Takara Tomy in 1999 and also around the same time the Manga series based on the toy started to be released by titled ‘Beyblade’. Since then there have been various animes such as the 2001 ‘Beyblade’ based on the Manga of the same title, and the 2016 anime series ‘Beyblade Burst’, which followed the story of the 2015 Manga of the same title. Here are the details about Beyblade Burst Season 7 Release Date.

The series is loved by fans all around the world and is one of the most popular Manga and anime out there.  The toys are a childhood memory of many children. Most of the story centers on young people challenging each other with Beyblade battles and participating in Beyblade championships.

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Beyblade Burst Season 7 Release Date

Beyblade Burst Season 7 Release Date
Beyblade Burst

Beyblade Burst anime series was first released in 2016, with the first season titled ‘Beyblade Burst’. The season ran from 2016-17. It was created by Hiro Morita. The plotline follows the 2015 released Manga ‘Beyblade Burst’ (2015-2021), the Manga has 20 numbers of volumes, While the anime as of 2022, has 6 seasons. The series has been running for a long time for almost 6 years. Since its release in Japan, it has been broadcasted in various other regions of the world. And fans seem to love the series a lot. Currently, The show has an IMDB rating of 6.4/10 and has 92% likes by Google Users. It is a fun show and an enjoyable one.

Beyblade Burst season 6 was the last one as of 2022, which ended with its last episode (episode 56), Explosion! Final Battle! on March 18, 2022. Now fans and viewers are awaiting the next season. Will there be a next season and when will it be released?

As of now, there is no confirmation or even talks on a season 7 by the makers. Nothing can be said about the next season with absolute confidence. However all there is known about the show is that it has not been canceled or terminated in any way. It is probably on a break at the moment therefore no scheduled date for season y has been announced yet. Till then, fans have to wait and relax for any updates regarding the next season of the show.

Name of the ShowBeyblade Burst
Season NumberSeason 7
Beyblade Burst Season 1 Release Date4 April 2016
Beyblade Burst Season 7 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Beyblade Burst Season 7 Overview

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Beyblade Burst Story

The story is centered around the main character called ‘Valt Aoi’ and his Beyblade championships and challenges. Throughout each season, Valt has new challenges ahead of him. Read on to get a summary of the 6 seasons of the series.

Beyblade Burst Season 1 (Beyblade Burst) Story

Beyblade Burst Season 7 Release Date
Beyblade Burst

The story of the protagonist Valt starts, he is in School (Beigoma Academy School) where he and his close friend named Shu Kurenai are obsessed with Beytops. The pair in their free time play Beyblade and later even creates a Beyblade club at school known as ‘Beyclub’. They challenge each other in the Beystadium. As they grow, they become much better at Beyblade, and they finally compete for the title of ‘Japan’s Top Blader’ as rivals in the top Japanese Beyblade championship. The title is won by Valt and he joins a club to further train and compete so that he could become the top Blader of all.

Beyblade Burst Season 2 (Evolution) Story

The second season shows Valt scouted by the prestigious and highly regarded Spanish Beyblade team known as ‘BC Sol’. After arriving in Spain, Valt meets some of his older friends and makes some new ones. While in his first battle in Spain, Valt’s Beyblade ‘Valtryek’ gets an opportunity to evolve which makes the Bey stronger than before. This helps him in future battles. The team ‘BC Sol’ targets to win in the World League and become the world champion. They compete and battle with lots of other teams from all around the world and win the European league. After that, the team also wins the World League. Later in the season, Valt participates to compete in the ‘International Blader’s Cup’.

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Beyblade Burst Season 3 (Turbo) Story

Season 3 introduces and focuses on a new character, a young boy named ‘Aiger Akabane’. He is also a Blader and even battles the World Champion and the No.1 Blader ‘Valt Aoi’. Season 3 is set after 2 years after the Second season. When Aiger battles with Valt, although he does not win against him, this battle inspires him to become like Valt, the No.1 Blader in the world. For that wish to come true, he starts practicing by competing with various strong Bladers. Aiger’s Beyblade is called ‘Z Achilles. The whole season is Aiger Akanabe’s journey to becoming the next No.1 Blader and world champion.

Beyblade Burst Season 4 (Rise) Story

In this season, the story follows the journey of a rookie Blader named ‘Dante Koryu’. He is training under Valt Aoi at Bc Sol to become the next elite Blader. One day Dante and another rookie Delta see Valt releasing his Valtryek which is in a hyper-flux state and is radiating a golden light around it. It seems that Valtryek has evolved once again to become ‘Sword Valtryek’. This can only be achieved after a Blader forms a deep bond with their Beyblade. After witnessing the power of Valtryek, Dante is inspired to achieve the same with his Beyblade ‘Dragon’. And throughout the season, Dante’s journey is explored.

Beyblade Burst Season 5 (Surge) Story

Beyblade Burst Season 7 Release Date
Beyblade Burst

Season 5 deals with a new set of characters ‘Hyūga’ and ‘Hikaru’ a.k.a the Hizashi brothers. For some time, everything was set, the top bladers were always at the top with no new bladers strong enough to take the title or defeat any of the legends. One day Valt who has become a legendary Blader hosts a match to show the new ‘lightning Blades’. This inspires the Hizashi brothers who possess solar Beys called ‘Hyperion’ and ‘Helios’ to challenge the ruling group of elite Bladers. Throughout the season, the possibility of a new revolution in the Beyblade world is explored through the Hizashi brothers. The season also includes a mysterious Blader, a unique one. And the creation of a new type of challenge.

Beyblade Burst Season 6 (QuadDrive) Story

The latest season has a new character called ‘Bel Daizona’. He is the leader of ‘Phantom’s Gate’, which is a Bey Graveyard. Bel’s Beyblade is called ‘Destruction Belfyre’. The story unfolds as Bel Daizona declares a war among Bladers around the world. Throughout the story, Bel’s journey to becoming the ‘Dark Prince’ is explored. The season is focused on a villainous character rather than a hero.

Beyblade Burst Season 7 Story

Although there is zero information out there about season 7, it could be assumed that the story might continue with the previous season or introduce a whole new storyline with new characters. But nothing can be said with absolute confirmation.

Beyblade Burst Season 7 Characters

Beyblade Burst Season 7 Release Date

Valt Aoi (蒼井 バルト): Voiced By Marina Inoue

He is the protagonist of the first 2 seasons of Beyblade. At the start, Aoi is just a school-boy, who loves to play Beyblade and later on becomes the world champion and the No.1 Blader in the world. Valt Aoi starts with his simple Bey ‘Valtryek’ which as the season progresses evolves into ‘Sword Valtryek’.

Shu Kurenai (紅 シュウ): Voiced By Junya Enoki

Shu is the best friend of the central character Valt Aoi and is also the rival. He is a great Blader himself. And is one of the four supreme Bladers (Supreme Four). He used to be a member of the Raging Bulls’ team.

Aiger Akabane (赤刃アイガ): Voiced By Tomoko Ikeda

Aiger is the main character in season 3 of Beyblade Burst. He was a young boy and liked to play Beyblade. One time he gets the opportunity to battle the legendary Blader Valt. There as a young boy, he witnesses the awesome skill and power of Valt and his Bey. Thereon he gets the inspiration to become the No.1 Blader in the world. With his Bey ‘Z Achilles’, Aiger trains hard by competing with tough players to achieve his dream of becoming a world champion.

Dante Koryu (虹龍ドラム): Voiced By Megumi Han

Dante is a rookie player training under the legendary Blader Valt. As he witnesses the highly evolved bey ‘Sword Valtryek’, unleashed by Valt. After watching the power of evolution of Bey, he gets inspired to have the same level of evolution for his own Bey ‘Dragon’.

Bel Daizona (大黒天ベル): Voiced By Mutsumi Tamura

This is the newest character and the protagonist of season 6 of Beyblade. Bel is a Blader and the leader of ‘Phantoms’ gate’, he declares war against the Bladers and gradually turns into the Dark Prince.

Where To Watch Beyblade Burst Season 7?

The Whole anime is available on Netflix and PrimeVideo. If season 7 comes out in the future, it will also be available on the same platform.

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