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Beyond evil season 2 release date Expectations

If you are up for a dark criminal show Beyond Evil might be the perfect choice . It was also nominated for the best drama best actor best Screenplay and various other niches that has made the tv series worth the hype. The season 1 recently streamed in South Korea with about 16 episodes and each episode was about an hour long. But that’s not it South Korean television drama has gained enough TRP that can be seen in the season 2 as well.

Beyond evil was aired on JTBC and it accumulated about 7 nominations at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards. Shin Ha -Kyun was nominated for the best actor . Not only this beyond evil was also so selected as one of the final candidate for the 57th Baeksang Grand Prize.

So when will beyond will season 2 release take a quick look with all the information we have currently.

Beyond evil season 2 release date

Season one of beyond evil premiered on 19th February and later was launched on Netflix on June 15. As of now, the makers have not announced any specific detail regarding season 2.

Although the show didn’t ended on a cliffhanger yet many unturned stones that I felt have to be answered and probably there will be a season 2 soon. But as of now due to lack of official announcement we cannot confirm the release yet.

Beyond Evil Season 2 Release Date

What is beyond evil about

Beyond evil is a a urban crime thriller show where two detectives are behind the serial killer who has been running for more than 20 years. The two detectives are our lead protagonist Haan Joon-won and Lee-Dong Sik. Both the detectives are harassed in the workplace and have been limited to a lower rank this makes them come quickly together and start the hunt of the criminal.

The show is all about the hunt of criminal and the two detectives who are walking on each step carefully. Furthermore there is politics there is various twist and turns that you will love while watching the show and that’s what makes it special as well. After the global release on Netflix it has been gaining a lot of hype recently. Korean dramas have always been something that have an impeccable storyline and is loved by all.

Beyond Evil Season 2 Release Date

As of now we don’t have enough information regarding what might happen in the season 2 but that is for sure that there will be something new and a new case would appear. As in the season one most of the problems were already sold as a criminal was brought to justice and without a criminal how will there be an evil for the next season.

we might even see some new characters popping up because of a beloved investigators sort of completed their part in the show as well. There might be a completely new story and a new cast that can be seen in the season 2

Beyond evil season 1 gained a lot of you worship in the last three episodes and that signifies that it was loved by all, depending upon the creators we might see the announcement of season 2 being done pretty soon.

You can watch the season one on Netflix until the Beyond evil season 2 is announced and relesed.

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