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Birdgirl Season 2 Release Date Updates

Season 1 Trailer of Birdgirl

Hi all! Now tell me this, how many of you are into animation? Really love superhero shows? I guess there are plenty of you, who cheer when a superhero wins a fight! Right? I surely cheer for them. And enjoy it also. Animation, fantasy, etc these things have no age constraints, whatsoever. 

Then let me discuss with you folks about today’s animation which is enjoyed by mostly everyone, including me. 

This one that today I am going to talk about is an adult superhero comedy show. The animated sitcom created by Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richtern is the spinoff of the show, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. This is again based on the 1967 original cartoon. 

The animation made its debut in 2021. Networked by Adult Swim, the show has a total number of 6 episodes running for 22 mins each. 

With an IMDb rating of 5.7 and an audience upvote of 76%, the animation although has an average rating. But still worth your time. 

Now if you’re wondering about the next season. If it is canceled. When will it release? Will the sitcom return?

Then, keep scrolling down guys. You will get the answer.

Birdgirl Season 2 Release Date

Scripting, animation, etc takes a lot of time. But from what we heard that the team is working on it. And there is also a haunch that the next season, i.e., Season 2 is soon to be aired.

The first season made its way in the year 2021. And with the team working on the project and also a confirmation that the show is returning. We are hoping and believing that the season renewal might make its way in 2022. 

The official date has not been announced as of yet. Like you, we are also waiting for the release date. All we know is the year, let’s hope and wait and see what happens. As soon as we hear the date, we will reach you back. So, keep reading and stay tuned with us! 

Birdgirl Season 1 Release Date5 April 2021
Birdgirl Season 1 End Date10 May 2021
Birdgirl Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Birdgirl Season 2 Expected Story

Birdgirl Season 2 Release Date

We all have to remember that Birdgirl is an episodic series. This being a spin-off the plotline and the themes renewing plots have not been released. 

We can make a speculation that we will see Judy continuing to play the role of doubles. As her life goes all mayhem, she would have to struggle hard and also keep in check her emotional condition which is running haywire. As she tries to heal and maintain her work and relationship, her role as a superhero is a constant reminder. 

So, like always she will have to learn and face and also balance her personal life with her professional one, that is her work. 

But with all these things will everything become better or something worse is about to happen?

Keep your fingers crossed and hold onto your curiosity till it arrives. 

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Birdgirl Season 1 Story


After, Judy is named as the CEO of the world’s largest corporation, Sebben & Sebben. Judy aka also a superhero in real life. Must give her level best to play the double identity role in her life. She must also keep in check and try to balance her work and personal life.

Will she be able to? Or will too much pressure make her tear away from her role?

Watch this thrilling adventure of Judy!

Shows Like Birdgirl

Below I have added some similar shows which you can watch if you had a blast with this one.

  1. Harper House
  2. Inside Hob
  3. The Tick
  4. Hit- Monkey
  5. Final Space
  6. HouseBroken
  7. Invincible
  8. Blood Of Zeus
  9. SuperMansion
  10. Animals

While you wait for the arrival of season 2. Why not enjoy these animations for the time being! You will find them available either on Hulu, Netflix, Prime, Disney, Hotstar, or Apple Tv. 

Where To Watch Birdgirl?

The show will be available for your streaming in; Adult Swim, Amazon Prime, and Channel 4

Birdgirl Season 2 Trailer

The already released season trailer that is Season1’s trailer is there above. As for the second season it has not yet been released. Let’s wait for a few more months and see how things turn and when they finally release it for the viewers.

Go give them a watch while we wait for the announcement of the second season.

This much for now. Have a fun week and enjoy the dramas and keep watching these lovable shows.

Happy Watch!

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