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Birdie Wing Episode 9 Release Date Updates

Anime is at its highest boom. People have been getting into anime a lot these days and trying to explore new anime along with classic ones. New anime such as Birdie wing is becoming famous these days for its plot and also amazing animation. If you are following the anime you want for sure want to know when Birdie Wing Episode 9 release and everything related to it. This article will address everything related to Birdie Wing Episode 9.

Birdie Wing Episode 9 Release Date

Birdie Wing: Golf Girl’s Story, a new sports anime series themed on golf, will continue to air. Sports anime has been one of the most popular genres for quite some time. Because it was produced by Bandai Namco Pictures, it concentrates on characters that are either sportsmen or sports fanatics. It debuted on April 6, 2022, and has now shown eight episodes, and Birdie Wing Episode 9 would be released on 31 May 2022.

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story is an original animation produced by Bandai Namco Pictures (of Gintama fame). Yosuke Kuroda wrote the original story, which was directed by Takayuki Inagaki. In this narrative, two golfing geniuses become enamored with one other and pledge to play a golf match again someday. They grew enamored with one other’s golfing style and agreed to play again.

EpisodesRelease Dates
Birdie Wing Episode 1 Release Date6 April 2022
Birdie Wing Episode 9 Release Date31 May 2022
Birdie Wing Episode 9 Release Date

Birdie Wing Episode 9 Story

Birdie Wing Episode 9 Release Date
Birdie Wing

Eve is well-known among people who wager on golf games, and she makes a fortune by betting and winning against numerous opponents. She is known as the “Rainbow Bullet,” and she intends to use only three clubs to defeat her opponents and dominate the world of subterranean golf. However, Eve’s universe is disrupted when she plays a clean game with Aoi Amawashi, a golfing prodigy who came to Nafrece to compete in a golf competition. Aoi the “Innocent Tyrant,” armed with talent and born into the ideal golfing environment, quietly smashes her adversaries while smiling brightly.

Eve and Aoi grow captivated with each other after their game-changing fight and resolve to compete again someday. As Eve’s aggressive and risk-taking attitude clashes with Aoi’s elite and steady playstyle, the two geniuses may just manage to take golf to new heights.

The plot for the next episode can’t be predicted as there is a high chance of the predictions being wrong. So, there isn’t an exact plotline for episode 9 and also mentioning here would be a bummer and also a spoiler. Anyway, the synopsis of the anime is given above and if it interests you then you are recommended to watch it.

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Birdie Wing Episode 9 Characters and Cast

Birdie Wing Episode 9 Release Date
Birdie Wing

Eve is being voiced by Akari Kito. A golfer with a forceful swing who generates money through underground golf games. She easily overcomes her opponents with her “Rainbow Bullet” and other golf approaches. Amawashi voiced by Aoi Asami Seto provided the voice. She is the CEO of the Ten Group’s daughter and a member of the Raiho Girls’ Academy golf club. Her opponents are reported to be defeated by her smile.

Some other characters and the cast are Amane Shinjo who is being voiced by Ami Kashimizu; Lily Lipman who is being voiced by Akira Sekine; Reiya Amuro who is being voiced by Toru Furuya; Leo Millafoden who is being voiced by Shuichi Ikeda; Rose Aleon who is being voiced by Toa Yukinari; China Saotome who is being voiced by Saki Fujita; Kinue Kinguji who is being Mai Nakahara; Mizuho Himekawa is being voiced by Yukari Tamura; Kaede Oikawa who is being Yu Kobayashi; Kaoouko Iijima who is being voiced by M.A.O.; Kuyou Iseshiba who is being voiced by Satomi Arai; Viper who is being voiced Kaori Nazuka; Haruka Misono who is being voiced by Rina Sato; Seira Amawashi who is being voiced by Yuko Kaida; Klein Clara who is being voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita.

All the important characters and their voice actors are mentioned above. In an animated series, impotently such as anime voice actors lay a very important role in expressing the emotions in their voices. So it is equally important to appreciate them.

Where to Watch Birdie Wing Episode 9?

Birdie Wing Episode 9 of season 1 can be streamed online. The originals networks that took up this anime are TV Tokyo, TVO, TV Aichi, TSC, TVs, and TVQ. The series was licensed by JustWatch and Crunchyroll so for sure you can stream there online if you are interested.

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