Black Blood Brothers Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers

An amazing storyline of any animated series is the element responsible for its popularity. Vampire themes animated series are kinda famous among the viewers. And if you’re seeking any anime series with lots of action along with a touch of comedy, then you should try it out. Black Blood Brothers anime series has already enchanted a great number of audiences. 

A Japanese light novel named Black Blood Brothers, illustrated by Yūya Kusaka and written by Kōhei Azzano. On July 16, 2004, this light novel was published by Fujimi Shobo. Black Blood Brothers’ novel was adapted into an anime series, which was written by Yū Sugitani whereas Hiroaki Yoshikawa directed the anime series. Burakku Buraddo Burazāzu is also very famous for the anime series Black Blood Brothers. Hiroshi Kawamura, Hirotsugu Ogisu, Osamu Hosokawa, Izumi Yamashita, and Yutaka Ohashi are the producers of the series while Studio Live and Group TAC co-produced the series. On September 8, 2006, the first season of the Black Blood Brothers anime series debuted on Kids Station and Tokyo MX. The anime series was only composed of 12 episodes, which concluded in the same year on November 24. For all the international viewers, it also has its English adaptation. It’s already been around 15 years since season one of the anime was released. Audiences are already in suspense with the unsolved mysteries of season 1. They are curiously waiting to know about the renewal of the anime for season 2. Continue to read this article to know everything about season 2 of Black Blood Brothers!

Black Blood Brothers Season 2 Release Date

Viewers of Black Blood Brothers series are keenly waiting for all the updates about this season 2 of the anime series. In late 2006, the series premiered for all their fans, with only 12 episodes along with unsolved mysteries and umteen suspense, it concluded in the same year. In the United States, the series premiered in English on Funimation Channel and Chiller and the English adaptation was licensed by Funimation. If you’re also lingering for the season 2 premiere, then we have something for you to know! Woefully, season 2 of the Black Blood Brothers is neither renewed nor canceled. But luckily it’s quite pleasant news for all the viewers, that this season 2 is not canceled. Hope we can get season 2 of Black Blood Brothers in the near future.

Black Blood Brothers Season 2 Story

Black Blood Brothers Season 2 Release Date
Black Blood Brothers

The work by Group TAC and Studio Live in the Black Blood Brothers is manifest. After getting a great response from the viewers, it got a rating of 7.1 out of 10 by IMDb. The story of Black Blood Brothers starts after the 10 years of the Holy War in Hong Kong. Mochizuki Jirou and the lone hero brawled and thwarted none other than Kowloon Children. But after the 10 year of the war, they came back to the Japan and found out that Kowloon Children who somehow survived in the war named Holy War, now Kowloon Children is attempting to infiltrate a city protected by individual barrier named Special Zone, but Kowloon Children was not allowed despite invitation. It sounds astonishing right? But it will be more fun when you will watch its animated series. But there is no news about the season 2 premiere and story, so let’s wait until we get any updates.

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Black Blood Brothers Season 2 Characters

Black Blood Brothers Season 2 Release Date
Black Blood Brothers

A perfect list of characters is quite an important element in the popularity of any anime series. It will be no fun if the characters are boring and without chemistry, but of course it’s not the case with Black Blood Brothers anime, it surely has a great combination of characters. The characters are Jiro Mochizuki; Kotaro Mochizuki; Mimiko Katsuragi; Cassandra Jill Warlock; Sei; Zelman Clock; Cain Warlock; Dark Princess of the North; Zhang Lei Kao; Crow/Kuro; Adam Wong; Alice Eve and many more. However, the characters for season 2 are not officially announced yet, as the series is not renewed. But hoping that we get season 2 in the upcoming years. 

Black Blood Brothers Season 2 Trailer

The teaser of Black Blood Brothers season 1 was already released on various online platforms. But if you are looking out for the season 2 teaser, there is nothing in the air now. If somehow, anime series get renewed for season 2, we will get a teaser in the upcoming years. But in some selected regions season 1 of Black Blood Brothers stream on Hulu.

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Written by Khushi Keshri

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