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Black Clover Chapter 308 Release Date And Spoilers!

Black Clover is an amazing series that tells us a story of true dedication, blood boiling passion and inspires us to go beyond our limits. Even the anime adaptation is considered as one of the greatest next-gen shonen anime. Lovable characters, and things like crucial attention to supporting characters, villains, keeping fights short and to the point with pointless diversions. The fights were intensely entertaining and without the shonen cliché of long fights engulfing like 20 episodes made it more gripping and entertaining to watch.

Back stories are also short and to the point. Every flashbacks were only long enough as they were necessary providing important informations only, simultaneously allowing viewers to grow a connection with the characters. The animation got a bit sloppy at points and there is a lack of teensy of reality check in the anime that can be overlooked since that’s the point of a fantasy shonen. It’s a extremely wholesome show packed with bone crushing combat and action. The characters including the supporting ones are all unique and organic and have the capacity to leave a mark in viewers mind something which is hard come by nowadays. The manga is written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata.

Here are all the details we know about Black Clover Chapter 308 Release Date.

Black Clover Chapter 308 Release Date

The manga is currently now in a very crucial stage and the next chapter is gonna reveal a lot of information that fans have been waiting for so long. The raw copy of chapter 307 is expected to release on 26nd September 2021.

Black Clover Chapter 308 Story

Black Cover Chapter 308 Release Date

Black Clover allows us to follow the life of Asta and Yuno and their long journey towards achieving their dreams. The story is based in a fantasy world where magic powers are used by most of the people as a means to get by in their daily life. Each magic user gets a Grimoire, which is a magical book that allows the user to use to wield their magical abilities. However the catch in here is that, not everyone is born with great magical powers. The power distribution is a spontaneous thing and nobody knows the actual reason behind that. However the size of the Grimoire indicates the level of intensity of the Grimoire holder. In the story (both of manga and of anime) so far existence of four counties are revealed yet, the clover country, the diamond country, the heart country and the spades country. The Grimoire is different at different places and each country has their own specific kind of Grimoires like the country of clover has Grimoires with a clover engraved on their cover.

Now, in the Grimoires of the Clover country, the number of leaves the clover on the Grimoire cover holds determines the power of the holder. Three leaf clover means one leaf holds hope, another one holds faith and the third one holds love, a very exceptional and rare case is a four leaf Grimoire where the fourth leaf includes good luck and what is next to impossible to find is an extremely rare Grimoire is a five leaf Grimoire where the fifth one means a devil resides in the Grimoire.

A five leaf Grimoire is next to impossible to find and is considered corrupted as anyone who has made a deal with the devils from underworld can wield a five leaf Grimoire. Three leaf clovers are the usual case scenario, four leaf Grimoires are extremely rare and a five leaf clover seems something out of the question. Our protagonists Asta and Yuno are two orphans that are raised in the Clover Country by Father and Sister Lily in a church. They grew up in a village that was extremely remote. In the world of Black Clover initially people were discriminated against depending on their social status, peasants aren’t given much credits or opportunities while Royals and Nobles seem to live an extravagant life, however as the story progressed things became different and sense of unity has began to construct among the people of Clover Country.

Asta was born with no magical powers which is a rare sight while Yuno who grew up under same circumstances as him had immense amount of magical abilities he even obtained a four leaf clover Grimoire. Asta even though was aware of the dire situation he is in, he never gave up. He was determined to become the Magic Emperor one day. Magic Emperor is the person in Clover Country with the highest authority regarding magic related matters and is the apparently the strongest Magic user in the whole country. Asta wanted to protect everyone from harm’s way and to be someone everyone can rely on and to show that even someone without magical abilities can become a magic emperor. His determination even inspired Yuno to be the Magic Emperor making him his rival. Asta and Yuno then sets out to achieve their goals and on their path they meet a lot of new people, gets stronger, faces new threat and deal with them.

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