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Black Clover Chapter 342 Release Date Has Been Announced

Many of us like watching anime and Manga series since they make us feel happy and relieved and they also act as stress busters for most of us. One such manga series that has been receiving an increasing amount of love is Black Clover. By now 341 chapters have been released and many fans are already looking forward to the next one. Now many of you who haven’t watched a single chapter of it might be wondering what is it about and stuff. So here’s your answer.

Black clover is one of the most famous Japanese Manga series which has been written as well as illustrated by Yuki Tabata. The first volume of this was published on 4th June 2015. By April 2022 about 32 volumes have been released which is really quite impressive that although it is such an old show with hundreds of episodes it’s still receiving a lot of love. It is actually based on a book. It consists of many cute scenes. There are many parts where one feels they start forgetting what happened and they are reminded of those again and it is totally based on a pure story. It has been directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara and Ayataka Tanemura.

Black Clover’s Chapter 342 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 342 Release Date

Black Clover’s latest chapter was supposed to be released on 23rd October 2022 but unfortunately, it has been delayed and is now supposed to be released on 31st October 2022. So now all the fans need to just keep their excitement intact and wait for it patiently. It has been delayed for a week but hopefully, we’ll get to know more about it in the upcoming week and it will be worth the wait.

Name of the ShowBlack Clover Chapter 342
Chapter NumberChapter 342
GenreAdventure, Fantasy
Black Clover Chapter 342 Release Date31 October 2022
Black Clover Chapter 342 Overview

Black Clover’s Chapter 342 Story

Seeing the amount of love the previous chapter received, fans have a lot of expectations from this upcoming chapter. People are excited to know more about Yama’s birthplace which is called the land of the sun. Since the previous chapter didn’t reveal a lot about Captain Yami so probably that can be revealed in this one. There are no spoilers regarding this chapter as yet as they will be released one week before the release of this chapter. But we can advise that the fans should definitely read the Black Clover Manga after the release of the chapter to stay connected and more aware.

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Black Clover’s Chapter 341 Recap

This is the chapter in which Ichika is shown as having a normal conversation with Asta without getting irritated. The chapter starts with the introduction of many Ryuzen members including Imari Komari, Oookadai Zaemon who is said to be the ‘Normal Looking Guy’and Hanega Tsujijouzou. They now are together training Asta who is shown having a normal conversation with a 24 years old girl named Ichika who is a Ryuuya fangirl. Asta tells him that the Land of the Sun is not fully stable and that Ryuuya’s right eye helps govern it because it sees every event going on in the present. This right eye is called Clairvoyance. Asta is given a lecture stating that Ryuuya’s right eye and his wisdom are what help to unite the volatile Hino country.

Ichika questions Asta if she knows about Ryuuya’s greatness and how she’s greatly indebted to him, for which Asta says the same but with Yami. The final ending of this chapter, emphasizes a break, meaning fans won’t get elaboration on Ichika’s accusation for quite some time and they are left wondering about the same. while they were providing training to Asta, everyone was happy except Ichika who seems to be a little irritated. Even though Asta gets tired she agrees to another round of practice.

Black Clover Characters

Black Clover Chapter 342 Release Date

It stars Dallas Reid as Asta, Jill Harris as Noelle Silva, Cris George as the Narrator, Christopher Sabat as Yami Sukehiro, Mikah Solusod as Yuno, Brandon McInnis as Finral, Justin Briner as luck, Sarah Wiedenheft as Charmy Pappitoson, Bryn Apprill as Mimosa, Lydia Mackay as Vanessa, Mike Mc Farland as Gordon, and many more.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 342 Online?

One can read it on Viz Media and Manga Plus. It is unfortunately not available in India and can only be watched on Crunchy Roll. So what are you waiting for just 7-10 days left for the new chapter so keep your excitement intact and rewatch the previous chapters to be able to stay connected.

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