Black Summoner Anime Release Date: Revealed?

Do you like watching anime or reading comic books? If not, you must have that friend in your friend circle who is a crazy anime fan or a reader. Share this news with that friend and make your friend happy. A new anime series based on a manga series is getting ready to entertain the ever-increasing anime and comic books fanbase.

If you are a comic book reader, you must have read or heard about Black Summoner as a Japanese light novel or manga series. The Black Summoner franchise brings in a big surprise for the fans. Soon there will be a brand-new anime version of the Black Summonerwith the same name.

Black Summoner is a brand-new animated tv show by Satelight studio. Before this, Doufu Mayoi wrote a novel series in 2014. In 2016, Doufu Mayoi wrote while Kurogin illustrated a Japanese light novel. Later in 2018, Doufu Mayoi-wrote Gin Ammo-illustrated the Japanese manga series, which gets adapted into an anime series, Black Summoner.

All the versions of Black Summoner received good reviews from the audience for their storyline. The new series will be 100% successful; there is no doubt about it. Black Summoner anime is a must-watch for its brilliant writing and animation.

Black Summoner Anime Release Date

Black Summoner Anime Release Date
 Black Summoner

The most-loved Japanese light novel and manga series, Black Summoner, is back. And this time, the series brings in a big surprise for the audience with a new concept for the franchise. As the anime fanbase is booming, the Black Summoner franchise will have an anime series.

The original Japanese novel series got published on October 6, 2014. After two years, Doufu Mayoi started publishing the Japanese light novel of the same name on June 25. The Black Summoner Japanese manga series got out on January 11, 2018. Soon the first episode of the anime tv series Black Summoner based on this Japanese manga of the same name will get released on July 9, 2022.

Black Summoner Anime Story

The Japanese anime Tv series Black Summoner is a brand-new version of the Black Summoner franchise. This anime was an adaptation of Doufu Mayoi’s Japanese manga series.

Black Summoner anime series will likely follow the same science fantasy genre as the first novel series, Black Summoner. The story takes shape in the fantasy world with new adventures for readers and the lead character.

Kelvin is the lead character in the Black Summoner story. One day, he wakes up and founds himself in a different world. He realizes that he somehow exchanged his memories for superpowers while transmigrating.

In this new world, Kevin realizes his role as a Summoner. The goddess who brought him into this new world becomes his first follower. And Kelvin begins his adventurous journey fighting with many on his way.

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Black Summoner Anime Trailer

Black Summoner Anime Release Date
 Black Summoner

Yoshimasa Hiraike-directed Black Summoner is a science fantasy anime series. After the successful Japanese novel series and Japanese manga series, the Black Summoner team explores the anime world for another version. Soon the Black Summoner anime series will be available for streaming for the audience.

The original Black Summoner Japanese novel series runs from 2014. Since 2016, the Japanese light novel has published fifteen volumes. The Japanese manga series got successfully published in eleven tankōbon.

The Black Summoner fans crave its anime version, and their appetite will get fulfilled soon. Their wait will get over on July 9, 2022.

The official information is available regarding the trailer of the Black Summoner anime series as the trailer is made available for the audience. The Black Summoner anime series trailer looks promising with the quality content and animation.

Where To Watch Black Summoner Anime?

Written and directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike, the Black Summoner is a Japanese science fantasy anime series following the Japanese manga series Black Summoner based on an original Japanese novel series created by Doufu Mayoi.

Original Japanese novel series, light novel, and manga series of the Black Summoner franchise are available for the audience to read online on the official website and other websites. The new anime series Black Summoner releases on July 9, 2022. It will get telecast on the Tokyo MX network. The Black Summoner anime series by Satelight studio will be available for streaming only on the OTT platform of Crunchyroll.

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