Blade Dance of the Elemetalers Season 2 Release Date Update

Blade Dance of the Elemetalers Season 2 is one of the few anime that are watched by the majority of fans who read the manga of the series. The manga of the show is still very popular and is doing great among the fans. But most of the people who have read the manga and seen the anime will tell you how the anime was not how it was imagined to be. It is not a great place to start the show if I am being honest.

It is after some point in time that the anime starts to pick up the pace and starts to feel like it is reaching its true potential. But then it just ends abruptly when the show starts to get interesting. It has only 12 episodes to offer, which is a little too short especially when the anime is slow-paced.

This is why most of the people who have not read the manga get the impression that this is yet another standard typical Harem show. But the manga reader knows that this is not even the surface of the story. If we take the story of the anime out of the picture for some time then all we can say is that the series has above-average production quality and has some very impressive soundtracks.

But one thing where the series stands out is that it has some great character development which is impressive because it has only 12 episodes.

However, overall the anime is just decent. It is like the normal Harem anime and has nothing special to offer. This is the reason why those who have not read the anime found it very plain and scruffy. But the anime has some serious potential and if it returns for a second season it can be worth a watch.

So if you like a mindless anime where one guy is being chased by the girls for no reason then you will surely enjoy it otherwise you will just stop in the middle of the series.

But those who have read the manga and watched the show will definitely want a second season of the show to come so that it receives the praise it deserves and reaches its full potential. The anime started to reach its potential by the end of the series and it will be interesting to see how it fares in the second season. Even though it got below-average reviews still the second season of the show can be a  game-changer for the series.

Blade Dance of the Elementalers Season 2: Release Date expectations

The first season of the show was released in the year 2014. It had a total of 12 episodes. It had average ratings and it fared well in terms of hype. However, as most of the readers of the manga say, it was not what it could have been. It was of average production, and it was very slow-paced. This left the impression that this was yet another Harem anime where girls mindlessly chase after one guy.

This is the reason why the initial hype and excitement about the show quickly faded and the sales slumped. Also, the manga was not profited by the anime and there was no increase in sales. This is the reason that even though there is enough source material to make a second season there has been no announcement about the second season even after it has been more than 6 years since the first season of the show came out. So it is very unlikely that the series will return in the near future. Till then you can catch up on the manga.

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Blade Dance Of The Elemetalers Season 2 story

The story revolves around Areishia Spirit Academy, which trains young girls to fight spirits. They are taught how to be elementalists. They have to make slave contracts with the spirits for a one on one battle with them. The only catch is that only females are allowed to make contracts with the spirits and no one else is allowed to compete.

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However, this practice changes when a boy who has absolutely zero knowledge about anything can make a slave contract with a spirit. This shocks everyone as this was the first time in 1000 years that a boy was able to make contact with the spirit.

He makes a contract after he steals it from a shrine Princess. Then he is called by the headmaster of the school for competing in the tournament with all the girls of the school.

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