Bleach Season 17 Release Date And Possible Spoilers!

Based on the Manga of the same name Bleach is written by Tite Kubo is an anime that aired between the years 2004- 2012. The last season it ever made was in 2012, season 16. Ever since then there has been no season or movie to follow up. So, after 8 years the wait of the fans is finally ending. The series is renewed for another season.

This shall be season 17. The news was announced after the 20th anniversary of the manga released by Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 17 in March 2020. No clear date was informed but it was told that season 17th of bleach is under work right now. Ever since then people have speculated about when the show will be released. No trailer has been launched but the viewers did receive an illustration from the creator itself. The illustration shows Ichigo in the mainframe with a kind of dark aura while others behind him in various vibrant sections.

So, if you are here to know about the episodes, release date, and new cast of the show so please keep reading.

Bleach Season 17 Release Date

The show’s return was announced on the 20th anniversary of the manga released in March 2020. It was said that the creation of season 17 is in the works. Later on, people concluded that the show will launch somewhere before the exhibition in Hikarie Hall in December 2021. Finally, now the fans have a release time of October 2021. The show can be watched on Netflix, prime video, Hulu, etc.

As for the number of episodes, it was hard to put a finger on as the series never had a constant number. In season 11 it had only 11 episodes while in season 14 it had 51 episodes. But as this is said to be the last season and cover the last arc of Manga The thousand-year blood war which begins from Chapter 480 and goes on for 218 chapters covering manga 20 volumes it was expected to be over 51 episodes. As expected, it was announced that the season shall be having a total of 68 episodes.

This season is said to be an uncensored one. Hence in the final battle viewers can expect the fight to get brutal and ugly. Also, this might be only available for mature audiences.

The season is set to finally end the whole story of the manga and relieve people from the wait of 8 years. All the viewers are desperately waiting for the same.

Bleach Season 17 Characters

This season shall see many new characters but one noteworthy of mentioning is Yhwach.

He is the son of Soul King and the father of Quincy. He rules the Wandenreich which loosely translates to the invisible army. He absorbed the Soul king and that is why has a mask of eyeballs covering half of his face. He is an antagonist and is launching an attack on Shinigami.

Apart from this, we will have the usual cast with their respective voice actors.

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Bleach season 17 Story

As the show aired about 9 years ago, we all will have a little trouble connecting the dots. Hence here is a little synopsis on what’s the show about and where did we leave the ending in season 16.

The show is somewhat centered around a 15-year-old boy Ichigo Kurosaki from the small town of Karakura. When Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki is unable to address her responsibilities after a tiring war against a hollow she chooses Ichigo to fulfill a part of her work as a substitute.

At the time when offered the opportunity, Ichigo is not up to it but later on, he decided on doing it and realizes that many of his other classmates also have different spiritual abilities.  After getting trained nicely and defeating a few hollows he becomes strong and powerful. Ichigo faces off against major antagonists like Aizen to save a wrongly framed Rukia from a life sentence.

By the end of his fight with Aizen, he tries to use a secret trick to seal Aizen away for good but this ultimately leads him to lose all his powers at the end of season 16.

For the beginning of season 17, we will have the Wandenreich attacking the Shinigami. They lost to Shinigami about 1000 years ago and ever since then been hiding in the shadows building up strength in numbers and abilities to launch another attack. This is what shall form the final arc of their brutal attack and also how hard Ichigo has to train to try and prevent the world and Soul king.

The anime is available on Hulu to watch.

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