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Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 2 Ending Explained: What Happened At The End?

The hype for this Tite Kubo-created anime is at an all-time high. After years of waiting the fans have finally been granted their wish and Bleach returns for its final arc, The Thousand-Year Blood War.

The first episode of the season left us with so many questions, most of which were answered in the second episode. The second episode of the series was filled with major information which tells us a lot about what’s to come as well as makes us curious. Spoiler Alert!!! This article contains spoilers so beware before reading. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 2 Ending Explained

The second episode picks up from the end of the first episode. At Ichigo’s house, Uryi, Chad, Orihime, Ryonosuke and Shino are waiting for Ichigo to return from his fight with the stranger Ebern.

When Ichigo returns, the two substitute soul reapers receive a call from the research and development squad of the soul society. They inform them that the soul society had been attacked almost an hour ago at two different places. Seven masked unknown assailants who claimed to be a group called Vanderweich had infiltrated the commander general Genryussais quarters. They had killed Vice Captain of the first squad Choujiro Sasakibe. At gate number one, 182 members of the gotei 13 were killed a single person. This call left everyone shocked.

Elsewhere, Ywach killed two of his subordinates for petty reasons showing dominance. This worried the other members of the Vanderweich, but Ywach gave them reason to relax by showing them the captured leader of Hueco Mundo, Hallibel.

Saddened by the news of the attack on soul society, Ichigo decides to go patrolling when suddenly he finds Nelliel and Pesche crashing into him. They ask him for help as Hueco Mundo is under attack. They want him to save their friend Dondachakke. Ichigo and his friends agree to help him excluding Uryu who decides not to help as he is a Quincy and quincies are meant to destroy hollows not save them. This is understood by Ichigo and they agree. Kisuke Urahara appears and takes them to Hueco Mundo.

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When they reach the place, Ichigo and his friends are shocked to see the condition of Hueco Mundo. There is no living being in sight of them. Ichigo see’s some people and decides to intervene.

Next we get introduced to the Iacto Arme of Hueco Mundo, who’s job is to find capable warriors while killing the rest. The executive hunting captain of the army is a Sternritter J, Quilge Opie. He defeats two of Aizen’s aid before fighting Hallibels strongest fighters, the Tres Bestia. The Tres Bestia kill many soldiers of Iacto Arme but are no match for the Sternritter J.

We see Ichigo approaching the leader. The episode ends with Captain Kurotsuchi of the research and development squad addressing all the captains of the 13 squads along with commander Genryussai about the infiltration of soul society and claiming that it was the work of Quincies.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Ending: Ichigo VS Quilge?

At the end of the episode it gets seems almost inevitable that Ichigo is going to lock horns with the executive hunting captain of the Iacto Arme, Quilge Opie, who is also a sternritter. Ichigo is shown to be running towards the commotion which is where Quilge was fighting with Tres Bestias. After defeating Tres Bestias, Quilge looks sideways which tells us that he has already felt the presence of Ichigo Kurosaki. He gives a wicked smile which means that he is ready to fight Ichigo. While the fight between Quilge and Tres Bestias is taking place, in soul society captain Kurotsuchi has finally found out who the intruders were. He says that he is sure that it is the work of Quincies.

Who is Sternritter J, Quilge Opie?

Sterneitters are members of the army of Vanderweich. Each sternritter is given a letter and an ability by Ywach, who is the leader of the army. The letters range from A to Z. Quilge Opie is a sternritter with alphabet J. He is the executive hunting captain of the Jagdarmee. The letter J given to him stands for Jail. He has been given orders by Ywach to search for special warriors that can be used by Ywach later to further his cause.

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