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Blend S Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And More Updates!

Blend S Season 1 Official Trailer

Miyuki Nakayama’s manga series Blend S is set in Japan. Initially released on October 8, 2017, with approximately 12 episodes and over six tankbon albums, the show has previously been licensed by the North American board to be broadcast worldwide. The plot is based on a young girl who attempts to get part-time work in order to study overseas. It’s a very enjoyable Japanese comedy-drama with spectacular animations as well as a real-world journey. Keep reading to learn further about the Second season of Blend S.

Blend S Season 2 Release Date

The launch date for season two of Blend S has not been set as of yet. It will be an exciting day for followers, as they will be able to watch their favorite characters in action for the first time in a long time! As the new season of the series is not officially announced by the makers.

Blend S Season 1 Release Date8 October 2017
Blend S Season 1 End Date24 December 2017
Blend S Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Blend S Season 2 Expected Story

The main character of Blend S is Maika Sakuranomiya. Maika Sakuranomiya, a high school girl, is the protagonist of this story. She feels incredible and also relaxed every time she helps somebody as if she is and does something amazing or amazing. She’s having trouble getting part-time work because of her terrifying grin. She is recruited as a waitress after meeting the manager of an Italian bistro.

Tsundere, her younger sister, as well as other notable figures, like this one, can be found throughout the cafe. The cafe’s girls portray a variety of personalities and serve customers a great those personalities. Now that she has a handle on it, she decides to use her devilish look like a plus point, and also her roughness, to become a well-known member of the cafe.

In every episode of Maika, we meet some new actors as she presents us all to the show’s unique characters. The show’s narrative is absurd, yet it enables the authors to portray a wide range of emotions while also incorporating comic elements. Maiku is portrayed as a childlike and loving character, but the viewer enjoys watching the series’s lead act rough and vicious.

Blend S Season 2 Characters

Blend S Season 2 Characters
Blend S Characters

The plot revolves around a girl called Maika, who is a happy and outgoing person who is brought down by her appearance. She exhibits a great deal of self-doubt. Maika has a wide range of interests and is always keen to discover new ones. Despite the fact that she is mocked for her appearance, she manages to keep a smiling face and will not let her rage interfere with her work.

Aiku portrays Maika’s big sister, who is a vicious and cruel woman who believes Maiku and her supervisor, Dino, are having affairs. 

Dino is Maika’s Italian manager and the owner of the cafe where she serves. He appears lovely, and because of the way he behaves with Maiku, he is misunderstood as a stalker. He is frank about his feelings for Maika.

Miu works as a cafe waitress. She is the youngest of the hostesses, at 22 years old. She is shown as a sisterhood role to all of the others, yet she mentors them when they make mistakes. Hideri is a boy waiter who disguises himself as a female waitress because he enjoys cross-dressing. He is busy and cheery, yet he has prior secrets that he refuses to reveal. 

Kaho is a 17-year-old with exceptional customer service. Visitors admire her for her passion for arcade games as well as her politeness.

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Blend S Season 1 Story

We first encounter Maika Sakuranomiya in the first episode of the series. She’s a high school student who’s having a strange problem: she’s too terrifying whenever she grins, therefore she can’t find work! The plot thickens much further. An Italian gentleman who manages a peculiar café eventually notices her and offers her employment. In this café, girls portray various character traits, such as sweet or cold (tsundere), and serve customers who enjoy such personalities. She was hired as a harsh hostess to her sadistic clientele because of her terrifying look.

Almost every installment, Maika embarks on a new and exciting journey, during which we are presented to all of the show’s new characters.

The plot is bizarre, but it provides plenty of opportunity for comedy. The program is both strange and amusing, and it makes you fall in love with Maika’s protagonist. Though she is really very happy and very kind, it is a lot of joy to watch her play a nasty and domineering character throughout the show.

Where to Watch Blend S Season 2?

Blend S
Blend S

The series is accessible on Crunchyroll, and the anime is released on Funimation’s website, however, only the first 10 episodes are online.

Blend S Season 2 Trailer

Only the first season’s trailer is available on YouTube as of now. On YouTube, there is nothing about season 2 that can be found. However, because the season has already been released, viewers may see the trailer as well as the series on the streaming platforms. Also, at the top of this post is a trailer for season one.

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