Blindspot Season 6 Release Date, Cast And Updates!

Blindspot provides the audience with an impactful story filled with well-written characters and properly placed plot points. The characters and the way they deal with things are some of the things that form the backbone of the show. Releases back in 2015, the show as of now consists of 6 seasons. All of the seasons bring up something new yet don’t lose the focus on the main plot which keeps things tense, thrilling, and fresh at the same time. The series is widely acclaimed and is extremely well received, all thanks to the widely talented cast and proper scripting and potential to pour life into such a unique yet gripping concept. The show has five seasons of the show, but the viewers have an interest in knowing about Blindspot season 6.

Blindspot Season 6 Release Date

Unfortunately, there won’t be Blindspot season 6 since the story concluded in the fifth season. The series has left fans with a remarkable experience and fans can’t help but be grateful.

Blindspot Season 6 Story


Blindspot consists of a rollercoaster ride of a story filled with ups and downs and emotional aspects as well as crime, thriller, and biological aspects. The story kicks off when a woman named Remi “Jane Doe” Briggs is found completely naked in Times Square. 

However, there how she ended up there, why she ended up there, what was the reason for her to end up in such a condition was a complete mystery since she was suffering from amnesia as a result she was entirely perplexed and clueless regarding her own situation. She has lost all of her memories from her past and is like a blank page. However, the only that links her to her past is the tattoos done on her entire body. 

The tattoos on her body were the only means for her to get clues that will help her solve the mysteries that surrounds her and her past. Official departments failed to identify her, as there were no official records or anything of her available anywhere which caused a major problem for her to find traces of her past and overall making her case even more complicated than before. Jane despite losing all of her memories, sometimes sees flashbacks about a few bits and fragments from her past but things were so unclear initially it was possible to trace anything from those.

While she was kept under the custody of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, she met  Kurt Weller, who is an FBI special agent working at the New York field office. Kurt Weller’s name was found tattooed mysterious on Jane’s body that’s the primary reason why Kurt was called in to investigate her case. 

Jane happens to have a wide range of skillsets when it comes to lingual diversity and combat despite her losing her memories from the past. Her skills in combat can be seen vividly when she comes face to face with action. The FBI even suspected her of being a former Navy SEAL involved with secret operations since that explains her absence of any official data anywhere and her huge spectrum of specialized skills. 

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Kurt on investigating a bit found out that she might be his long-lost childhood friend Taylor Shaw, who was his neighbor and with him, he used to spend a lot of time with. Though she disappeared mysteriously without any trace and Kurt has always regretted his failure to protect her. However, all of his hopes got shattered when he encountered the truth. The truth was that Kurt’s father was the one who killed Taylor back then, and Jane is not Taylor. 

Being disheartened on learning the truth, Kurt arrests Jane and turns her over to the CIA for them to investigate further into the case. Even though later on she escapes from the CIA. Later, Kurt and Jane regroup and pursue the case while they grow an intimate relation, they gradually grew closer, and later on, they got married. They decided to run away from all sorts of conflicts that haunt them a move away to Colorado to live a peaceful life away from all the commotion, close to Kurt’s daughter Bethany. Unfortunately, the peace didn’t stay for long as an attempt on them was made by Roman which compelled them to dive back into the world of conflict.

Later, it is revealed that Jane was born in South Africa and was named Alice Kruger on her birth where she was trained as a skilled soldier for the apartheid regime. She was rescued from there by a man named Shepherd, who raised her as his daughter. 

Kurt and Jane dig deeper into her past and pursues to collect all of the pieces of the massive puzzle which is her past.

Blindspot Season 6 Cast


Remi “Jane Doe” Briggs- American actress Jaimie Lauren Alexander plays the role of Jane Doe and she does a wonderful job in bringing the character alive. She is from Greenville, South Carolina, United States, and was born on 12 March 1984. 

Blindspot Season 6 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 6 of Blindspot. All the seasons of the series Blindspot are available to watch on Amazon Prime. The trailer for season 5, we have dropped above.

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