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Blockers 2 Release Date Keeps Giving Us Unfortunate News!

Comedies have always been, will always be, and are always one of the most popular genres among all age groups and audiences. When it comes to adult or sex comedies the popularity goes on another level but it also depends on whether the story is good or not. One of such films that have been raved about for its sex comedy story and comic timing is Blockers. Many would already know about this film because it went on to become pretty popular when it was released.

Blockers was directed by Kay Cannon and written by Brian Kehoe and Jim Kehoe. It was released on March 10, 2018, and got an immense fanbase. It went on to gain worldwide popularity and collected huge grossing amounts worldwide. The film was praised by critics because of its storyline, the way it was presented, the performance, and the humor that it presented so smartly. The movie was also called to be an intelligent making considering the genre it was made in, the movie was something that can be watched. Not to forget the film was marketed smartly as well which also attracted a lot of attention leading to its popularity. The fans also praised the film with amazing reviews and reactions for all the aspects and the fun they experienced while watching the film.

Being such a popular movie clearly means that the fans wanted, demanded, and hoped for a sequel and/or a second part of the film. The fans have been wondering since 2018 whether the film is set to be released for a new part with a new story and with some new twists or not. Thus, we have prepared this article for you in order to give you an update on the second part of the film.

Blockers 2 Release Date

Blockers 2 Release Date

One of the most popular and most-watched films Blockers which had full-house when it was released is still in demand and unforgettable for all the fans who have watched the movie and among the fans of the actors who starred in it. Speaking of this, we know that even after getting released in 2018 the fans are hopeful for the renewal of the movie for a second sequence and to see what can happen further. But unfortunately, we will have to give you the bad news that there is still no information about the release or renewal of Blockers 2 by the team or the distributors. Though when the film was released it was seen that the cast especially John Cena was quite interested in returning for the second film if it will be made but then even, he said that it is something that is not in his hands and he cannot do anything about it but what made him happy was the reaction of the audience who want a second part. But for now, it can be seen and understood that there is no sequel to the film on the plate. But it should not be the reason for getting disheartened because you can rewatch the film always.

Name of the MovieBlockers
Part NumberPart 2
GenreTeen Comedy
Blockers Release Date 6 April 2018
Blockers 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Blockers 2 Overview

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Blockers 2 Story

Blockers 2 Release Date

The story of the popular film Blockers includes single mother Lisa whose daughter Julie is close friends with Kayla and Sam since her kindergarten days. And as a result of the bond their parents that is Lisa, Kayla’s father Mitchell, and Sam’s father Hunter have also become close friends. Julie has planned to lose her virginity at prom with her boyfriend named Austin which she shares with her friends. Kayla shares that she is planning to do the same but casually with her lab partner. Sam on the other hand is a lesbian who has not come out yet, joins her girls, and decides to attend the prom with one of her friends who she knows is not harmful. Lisa on the day of prom throws a party or you can call it a pre-party for the kids and parents followed by girls leaving for their prom but the parents get to know of their plan when Hunter decoded the emojis that were shared between the girls.

Lisa and Mitchell run in order to stop their kids but Hunter tries to stop them as he has a feeling that his daughter Sam is gay and when he sees that she is uncomfortably kissing her partner, he decides to join the other parents in order to help Sam to not do something that she does not want to. Now, the parents come to know that, there is an after-part taking place at Austin’s house and as they reach, they find his parents having their own intimate moment and inform the three parents that the party is at their Lake House but they would not share the address. At this moment the parents try to get they retrieve the address.

Each of the parents has something behind their actions Mitchell cannot believe that his daughter grew up to be like this, Lisa is against the idea to leave her daughter and is offended as she wants to leave for UCLA to stay alone, and Hunter is guilty of his neglected behavior towards her daughter because of his separation from his wife. Want to know more? Well, we would keep it till here because if we share the whole story here then you will not have fun watching the film.

So, in order to find out whether the parents get hold of their daughters or not, what do they find when they reach, whether the daughter’s plans go as planned and what will be happening after they get caught, and what will happen with the parents and will Sam open up about her sexuality to live the way she wants, watch the film and trust me you will have a good laughing moment for sure. And just to give you a heads up, there is a post-credit scene as well, so, do not miss the post-credit scene because it is fun.

In terms of Blockers 2 as we shared that there is no information on the release or renewal, which also goes for the story of the film which has not been shared by the team or the makers. But whenever the decision or the announcement will be made live or available, we will make sure to give you all the updates. Therefore, stay connected with us to get all the latest information because we are keeping a close eye on everything so that you do not have to and you can enjoy watching and streaming as much as you want.

Blockers 2 Cast

Blockers 2 Release Date

The cast of the adult comedy film Blockers who made the film so much more interesting and demanding for the second season includes Leslie Mann playing Lisa Decker, John Cena playing the role of Mitchell Mannes, Ike Barinholtz playing the role of Hunter Lockwood, Kathryn Newton playing Julie Decker, Anniston Almond and Audrey Casson playing the young-self of Julie.

It also includes Geraldine Viswanathan playing the role of Kayla Mannes, Noor Anna Maher, Madeline Paris Erwing playing the role of young Kayla, Gideon Adlon playing the role of Sam Lockwood, Hannah Goergen and Aubrey Michele playing young Sam, Ramona Young playing the role of Angelica, Miles Robbins playing the role of Connor Aldrich and Graham Philips playing the role of Austin. It also includes Jimmy Bellinger playing Chad, Colton Dunn playing the role of Rudy, Sarayu Blue playing the role of Marcie Mannes, Gary Cole playing Ron, Gina Gershon playing Cathy, June Diane Raphael playing Brenda Lockwood, Hannibal Buress playing Frank, Andrew Lopez playing Jake Donahue, Jake Picking playing Kyler and T.C Carter playing Jayden.

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Blockers 2 Trailer

Since there is no information on the second sequel of the film, nor anything has been announced on the development, thus there is no availability of any trailer as well. However, if you are yet to see the film then we can give you the leads for the trailer of the film. The trailer of the film is available on the official YouTube channel of Universal Pictures UK. If you are new to the film, then we can guarantee you that the trailer will give you all the idea that what the movie is about and what you are going to see, if you are yet to watch which in turn will help you make your decision.

Where To Watch Blockers 2 Online?

Blockers 2 Release Date

If you have decided to watch the first film or re-watch it then let me tell you that we have a list of options for you to choose from to get access to the film. The film is available on YouTube for rent, Google Play Movie, Amazon Prime Videos, and Apple TV. The film runs for 1 hour and 42 minutes. Since we still do not have any information on the sequel of this comedy movie, we cannot tell you all where you can get access to the movie. But as soon as anything is announced, we will update you all, so till then enjoy the film.

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