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Blood Coast Episode 7 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far!

Blood Coast is a Netflix show that aired recently. All the six episodes of the series aired on the same day. Six episodes were not enough for the fans, and they waited for the Blood Coast Episode 7 release date. So, is there a seventh episode, or is everything just a rumor? Here is everything we know about Blood Coast Episode 7 release date, plot, and more.  

Blood Coast Episode 7 Release Date:

There is no release date for Blood Coast episode 7 because the series’ creators announced six episodes officially. The six episodes of the series were dropped on the same day on Netflix. So, In conclusion, episode 7 of Blood Coast is not coming out. 

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Blood Coast Episode 6 Recap:

The title of the final episode of Blood Coast is The Man Hunt. You might have guessed the plot with the title’s name. The last episode begins with Murillo’s hideout. Things are way more complicated than they thought because Lyes’ daughter is also in the hideout.

A group of police officers join them and start shooting. Meanwhile, Murillo escapes on his motorbike. Lyes and Alice enter the hideout and find Fanny and her daughter alive. There is an international arrest warrant for Fanny. So, he must be arrested.

Lyes tells him how reckless his idea was to bring Zoe to the hideout. Murillo is still in a hideout with Indians. So, Lyes and Alice try to use Ali to bring him out. The team decides to arrest Ali, but he has a master plan to escape. The series ends with the police deciding to keep Ali away from the investigation and set him free, but they are desperate to take Lyes down. In the final scene, we see officers in front of the house of Lyes. 

Blood Coast Series Storyline:

The Blood Coast series begins with the introduction of the police officers. People call them crazies for their unique, unconventional methods. Lyes Benamar is the head of the team. He and his team bust a drug deal with the shady new players.

Commissioner Fabiani is not happy with the team’s performance. A new Interpol agent, Alice Vidal, enters Marseille to join the team. Meanwhile, Miranda is assigned to clean up the precinct mess. She questions Lyes, Alice, and the team.

Ali visits his nephew’s burial and is determined to get answers. Bakari goes missing. Alice and Lyes meet Peretto in the prison and visit Spain for more answers. Fabiani deals with the internal affairs during lunch. She defends herself and her team for their behavior.

Soon, the show reveals the true motives of Alice. Lyes meets with Ali, and Murillo crosses all the boundaries by kidnapping a team member. Miranda tries to find dirt on Lyes and presses Arno and Tatoo. Alice meets someone from her past while being undercover.

Lyes has a risky plan to trap Murillo, but Ali is against it. Whereas Internal Affairs decides on closing down the team, a twist awaits. Watch the series to learn about the twist. 

Blood Coast Cast And Characters:

Blood Coast Episode 7 Release Date

The talented cast of Blood Coast made the series more fascinating. Here is the list of the cast and their characters in Blood Coast.

  • Twefik Jallab as Lyes Benamar
  • Jeanne Goursaud as Alice Vidal
  • Nicholas Duvauchelle as Frank Murillo
  • Moussa Maskri as Terek Hamadi
  • Florence Thomassin as Comissioner Fabiani
  • Samir Boitard as Ali Saidi
  • Gino Montesinos as Terek Haidi

If there is a chance of renewal, the series will continue with the same old cast and their characters. 

Where To Watch Blood Coast:

The French series Blood Coast is available on Netflix. Avoid illegal ways to watch the French web series. Stay updated for more information about series, shows, movies, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is Blood Coast episode 7 coming out?

There is no episode seven of Blood Coast because season 1 has only six episodes. The series might continue with a second season. 

2. Where can I watch Blood Coast episode 7?

The French series Blood Coast is available on Netflix.

3. What is the Blood Coast series about?

The series revolves around a group of police officers who prevent Marseille from bloodbath with their unique methods. 

4. What is the theme of the Blood Coast series?

Blood Coast is a French action crime drama series.

5. Who is the creator of the Blood Coast series?

Kamel Guemra is the creator of the Netflix series. 

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