Bloom Into You Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

A beautiful story woven with deep emotion and bonding is what makes Bloom Into You special. A yuri anime that portrays that fact that love is more complicated than it is perceived. It’s like a rose which bears both beauty and thorns. The main characters a walk a path of self-discovery as they navigate though the intricate path of youth love. However the story gets a bit ragged at some point but overall it does a decent job of telling a story than can make someone’s heart melt. The show is available on Netflix to watch.

Here’s what we know about Bloom Into You Season 2 Release Date.

Bloom Into You Season 2 Release Date

The well received, widely popular yuri romance anime Bloom Into You has only 1 season with 13 episodes only. However despite being popular, there is no announcement made regarding the second season of the anime series. It is expected that a second season will be released soon but nothing can be said as of now.

Bloom Into You Season 2 Story

Bloom Into You tells s heart warming story about love and how people sometimes fail to perceive it. The plot allows us to take a deep dive into the life of Yuu Koito, a first year high school student as she navigates through her life and discovers different aspects of youth specially the aspect of love. Her family has book store of their own. Yuu has always been an enthusiastic person even when she was just a child. As a kid she used to imagine and think about the feeling of falling in love. She had high expectations and fascination regarding how it’s like to fall in love with someone special. All confused and intrigued to see what happens with her life she steps in the life of a high schooler. Yuu has always been deeply influenced by shoujo mangas. Shoujo mangas heightened her expectations even more turning her more eager to see how it’s like to be in love, the warmth of young love, the comfort it provides, the restlessness all of it fascinates her. Not only shoujo manga, romantic heat tingling music with impactful lyrics also melted her heart making her imagines grow wider and higher. However she was just living her life with all these expectations but things kinda got gloomy when she finally got the chance to experience young love.

She receives a confession from a classmate of her. She was in junior high when she received the confession however things didn’t play out the actual way she thought it would. She had various expectations and imaginations in her mind and had high fascinations but when she recived the confession she kind of felt numb as if she is nothing but a hollow shell, there was no extraordinary feelings, no heart throbbing moment, she felt absolutely nothing which brought her to her earth-shattering realisation.

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She realised that she might know about love but her knowledge is limited to as a form of concept only but feeling it in real life and getting to experience love in first hand is a different scenario altogether. In high school she was in the middle of a conflict regarding her believes in the field of love, she was confused as to how to perceive love and was even questioning what is love all of these was just going through her head when she came across Touko Nanami and her life faced a drastic change.

Touko Nanami was at first a member of the student council of her school and later she became the student council president. Yuu got mesmerized by the elegance and beauty of Touko and approached her for advice. However things took a dramatic shift when Touko in turn confessed her feelings towards Yuu. We get to see the beautiful journey of Touko and Yuu as their bonds get deeper and they slowly open up to each other. Touko who appears to be flawless in front of the whole world discloses her insecurities to Yuu. Yuu finally get to set off on a path that might help her to finally find the deep emotion she has been looking for.

Bloom Into You Season 2 Characters

Yuu Koito- Yuuki Takada from Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan provides the Japanese voice for Yuu in the anime series. She is a Japanese voice actress well known for her role as Elma from the anime series Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. She was born on Mar 16, 1993.

Touko Nanami- Touko Namami’s Japanese voice in the series is provided by Minako Kotobuki. She is a Japanese voice actress from Nagata Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Her birthday is on Sep 17, 1991. Some of her well known roles are as IsabelIa from Violet Evergarden, Tsumugi from K-On series and lot more. Trailer-No trailer or teaser for the second season of the anime Bloom Into You is available as of now.

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