Blue Box Chapter 56 Release Date Updates

An amazingly popular Japanese Manga series that is light-hearted and covers Romantic comedy and is known to be a sports manga this was initially released on April 21, 2021. The manga series which was a huge talk of the anime town for a long time now has published its 55th chapter and fans of Blue Box are eagerly waiting for the 56th chapter to get released. This popular manga was written and illustrated by Koji Miura and published by Shueisha. The corresponding English publisher for this manga series is VIZ media. This Manga had begun its serialization in Shueisha’s Shonen Manga Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump and with the 19th publication on 12th April, 2021This manga series has been licensed by several North American publications and gets a digital launch via VIZ Media.

Blue Box Chapter 56 Release Date

Blue Box Chapter 56

As of June 2022, there have been 55 chapters released for this very popular and amazing manga series Blue Box, as mentioned earlier, fans have been eagerly speculating about the release of the new chapter of this series which is chapter 56th. Well, yes, you just have to wait for two more days, as this particular chapter is getting released on 12th June 2022. Yes, you heard and read that right. 12th June is when the anticipated chapter 56 is getting released.

ChaptersRelease Dates
Blue Box Chapter 1 Release Date4 August 2021
Blue Box Chapter 56 Release Date12 June 2022
Blue Box Chapter 56 Release Date

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Blue Box Story

The series focuses on the protagonist whose character name is Taiki Inomata. He is a student at Eimei Junior and Senior High. He is even a member of the boy’s badminton team and he is someone who wakes up every morning to train alongside his crush Chinatsu Kano. Chinatsu is a very chic and popular upper-class woman who plays for the girls’ basketball team. Fate takes major cupid twists when Chinatsu’s parents move out of Japan and she comes and starts staying with Taiki. Now with his crush leaving with him, Taiki’s sole focus was to evolve their relationship and develop a bonding with his forever crush. At the very same time, they both are struggling to make a name and become national champions with their respective teams. Well, how well Taiki develop his fondness into a romantic relationship with his all-time crush is going to be a very sweet journey and can only be known if you truly read through the chapters.

Blue Box Chapter 55 Recap

Blue Box Chapter 56 Release Date
Blue Box Chapter 56

The last chapter of this trending manga series was centered on Taiki’s long-term friend Hina and his conversation with her. After finding out that Taiki was staying together with Chinatsu, she was very disappointed but seemed to handle it well. In place of losing her calm, she took it well and in this process, it was seen that Chinatsu was overhearing the conversation which Taiki was having with Hina. Now, this turn of events and Chinatsu overhearing the other two without their knowledge leads to several circumstances which shall only be answered in the upcoming chapters of the series. However, we cannot help but wonder if this conversation and triangle are going to cause trouble and a colder demeanor by Chinatsu towards Taiki.

Blue Box Chapter 56 Spoilers

Normally a chapter’s raw scans and spoilers are made available a few days before the official release dates and these few days usually span 3-4 days. After observing the pattern, we expect a spoiler alert and raw scan for the upcoming chapter 56 by the 17th Of June 2022. As of now, there is no assurance and Sureshot release of raw scans and spoilers of Chapter 56 or any detail about what the Chapter has to unfold for us. But we assure you that we shall collect details regarding the raw scans and help them reach you in due time.

Where to Watch Blue Box Chapter 56?

All the chapters of the manga series Blue Box are available on the official website of VIZ website and can also be availed from Shueisha’s English Manga. For those facing challenges regarding the use of Websites n their Android and IOS devices, one can even download the application of Mangaplus or Viz’s ShonenJump Application to read the already released chapters of Blue Box. We assure you that chapter 56 can also be read on the respective release dates over these very websites.

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