Blue Exorcist Chapter 134 Release Date Updates

Blue Exorcist is a Japanese manga that is written by Kazue Kato who is credible for both story writing and illustration. The manga series was first released in April 2009 and is still ongoing. This manga holds the dark fantasy genre and has proved itself to be the best on their list.

The story tells us how Rin finds out that he and his twin brother, Yukio are Satan born, and are now living under the care of their guardian, Shiro Fujimoto. After witnessing their guardian’s death, they turn to their motive to defeat their demonic father once and for all.

The story is interesting and thrilling which keeps the fans invested in the plot that holds so much fun and action.  There is also an anime and a movie adaptation that adds up to the franchise.

Blue Exorcist Chapter 134 Release Date

Blue Exorcist Chapter 134 Release Date
Blue Exorcist Chapter 134

Blue Exorcist has been making fans very curious about its mysterious plot as they proceed into the series even more. The series keeps these fans invested and give them all the fun that they have asked for. However, the fans keep questioning the next chapter that is yet to be released. This chapter holds some of the key points of the main plot and now it is time to reveal the dates.

The 134th chapter of Blue Exorcist is scheduled to be released on 3rd July 2022. The raw scans and spoilers can be seen all over the internet after the official release of the chapter. This chapter is about to reveal some amusing points that fans are going to love a lot.

ChaptersRelease Dates
Blue Exorcist Chapter 1 Release Date 4 August 2008
Blue Exorcist Chapter 134 Release Date 3 July 2022
Blue Exorcist Chapter 134 Release Date

Blue Exorcist Chapter 134 Story

The plot is set in a world that has two dimensions, it is the mirror and its reflection. The mirror is said to be the real world, the world of humans and the reflection is referred to be the death realm, a realm that is ruled by Satan.

In the real world, we get to see that a boy named, Rin Okumura lives a peaceful life until it wasn’t. One day he gets to find out about his true identity, and how he is the son of Satan. His demonic power comes back to his body which was once trapped in a powerful blade. After seeing his adopted father, Shiro Fujimoto dead, he wishes to use these powers to defeat Satan and bring back peace to his family.

He unrolls into the True Cross Academy, where he starts to learn to become an exorcist and finds his twin brother, Yukio is already one of the most powerful exorcists there who would be teaching him the art of exorcism. He makes friends and allies who are willing to fight against the demon king to bring back peace to their realm.

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Blue Exorcist Chapter 134 Characters

Blue Exorcist Chapter 134 Release Date
Blue Exorcist Chapter 134

Rin Okumura: Rin is the main protagonist of the story. The plot heavily revolves around him as he is the son of Satan. Despite having a mortal mother, he also has Satan’s power that is very strong to be contained. Yet the power was suppressed and contained in a blade named Kurikara by the principal of True Cross Academy, Mephisto Pheles.

However, the blade failed to contain the powers. Rin was able to learn about his true identity on his 16th birthday. After regaining his identity, Satan tries to drag him back to the death realm and keep him there forever. Yet Rin decides to join the True Cross Academy and learn how to be an exorcist.

Yukio Okumura: Yukio is the fraternal twin brother of Rin. Despite being Satan’s son, he could not inherit the powers because of his weak body. However, he was able to sense the demons and other supernatural beings around him and his brother. Yukio spends his life training as an exorcist to save his brother, Rin from all the harm. He was also seen to be a teacher in the True Cross Cram School.

Shiemi Moriyama: Shiemi is the daughter of the woman who ran a shop that was only for exorcists. However, she wasn’t able to lead a peaceful life when demons started to leech onto her and in the situation, her grandmother was found dead. After being rescued by Rin and Yukio, she becomes an exorcist herself.

Ryuji Suguro: Ruji is a hardworking student at the academy. He is also known to be a loyal heir to the cursed temple in Kyoto. But after the destruction of the temple, he swore to defeat Satan at all cost and build up his temple once again. Initially, after knowing Rin’s true identity he starts to treat him rudely, but as he finds out the relationship between the father and son is off, he helps Rin in defeating Satan’s will.

Where to Read Blue Exorcist Chapter 134?

The manga can be read on the official website of Viz. You can read all the previous chapters of this manga on these websites. The chapters are translated into English and uploaded there. You can find the upcoming chapters to uploaded there.

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