Blue Mountain State Season 4 Release Date!

Sitcom series is watched by a great number of audiences. Unlike all other boring sitcom series, Blue Mountain State is surely different and it will make you laugh until your eyes become teary. At first, you will think it is weird but once you start watching it you would be unable to refrain from watching its hilarious moments. Blue Mountain State is a highly recommended series and you are surely going to love it. Let’s read something more about the Blue Mountain State!

An American sitcom television series, created by Eric Falconer and Chris Romano whereas the executive producer of the series is Seth Peake. The series Blue Mountain State was produced by Falconer/Romanski Logo, Varsity Pictures, SGF Entertainment Inc., and Lionsgate Television. The series starts with actors Darin Brooks, James Cade, Omari Newton, Frankie Shaw, Kwasi Songui, Sam Jones III, Page Kennedy, Gabrielle Dennis, Meghan Heffern, Ed Marinaro, Alan Ritchson, Denise Richards, Rob Ramsay, and Chris Romano. In early 2010, Blue Mountain State series was broadcasted on Spike on January 11. The Blue Mountain States has a total of three seasons which comprise 39 episodes and each season has 13 episodes. The running time of each episode is almost around 20 minutes. However, if you are also waiting for the season 4 release date then continue reading this article to know everything about season 4!

Blue Mountain State Season 4 Release Date

Blue Mountain State sitcom series is highly appreciated by viewers but despite its reviews, the series got a below-average rating of 13% by Rotten Tomatoes whereas IMDb rated the series with 8.3 out of 10 and it got 38% by Metacritic. Over a decade has passed since we got to season 3 of Blue Mountain State, and audiences are craving for further seasons of the series but the question is will there be any season of Blue Mountain State? So we have got something for you about season 4 of Blue Mountain State! So unfortunately there will be no renewal of the series for season 4. In February 2012, it was announced that Blue Mountain State will not be renewed for season 4.

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Blue Mountain State Season 4 Story

Blue Mountain State Season 4 Release Date
Blue Mountain State

The refreshing storyline of Blue Mountain State was about a boy named Alex Moran, who was the backup quarterback of a college football program, along with his awkward but best friend named Sammy. Blue Mountain State shows how they try to balance their life between occasional school, partying, girls and football. However, if you’re curious to know about the season 4 storyline, as back in 2012 it was already announced that Blue Mountain State will not be renewed for season 4, so there will be no season 4.

Blue Mountain State Season 4 Cast

Blue Mountain State Season 4 Release Date
Blue Mountain State

There will be no cast list for season 4 as the series is already canceled. So for now let’s read out the cast list of previous seasons, the cast is as Alex Moran by Darin Brooks; Kevin “Thad” Devlin Castle by Alan Ritchson; Sampson “Sammy” Cacciatore by Chris Romano; Radon Randell by Page Kennedy; Craig Shilo by Sam Jones III; Mary Jo Cacciatore by Frankie Shaw; Denise Roy by Gabrielle Dennis; Debra Simon by Denise Richards; Martin “Marty” Daniels by Ed Marinaro; Larry Summers by Omari Newton; Jonathan “Jon Jon” Hendricks by Kwasi Songui; Marcus Gilday by Anthony Lemke; Travis McKenna by Stephen Amell and many more.

Blue Mountain State Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 of Blue Mountain state has already been canceled. So there will be no trailer for season 4. If you haven’t watched previous seasons of Blue Mountain State, what are you waiting for? Go watch it right away on Amazon Prime Video.

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