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Boarding School Juliet Season 2 Latest Updates And Spoilers!

Boarding School Juliet Season 2 has been quiet since last season was released, and like you, I am also eagerly anticipating its arrival. Then we will all be amazed as the second season begins. Let me first clear up any doubts as to what the plot of Boarding School Season 1 really is before we move on to the news about season 2.
Students from the two rival nations, the “Nation of Touwa” and the “Princedom of West,” attend Dahlia Academy Boarding School in Boarding School Juliet.

Student bodies at the academy are divided into two dormitories reflecting their nationalities: “Black Dogs” houses students from Touwa, and “White Cats” houses students from the West. The story focuses on Romeo Inuzuka, the Black Dog Dormitory’s first-year leader. Throughout Romio’s childhood, he has had an unrequited love for Juliet Persia, the leader of the “White Cat Dormitory”. Romaine is initially hesitant about confessing her love, but he eventually decides that he will stay by Juliet’s side if that means changing the world for the better. The determined Romeo convinces Juliet to accept his love. In order to stay out of trouble, Romeo, as well as Juliet, must both work hard to maintain their secret relationship.

Boarding school Juliet Season 2 Release Date

There is a lot of manga series out there, but Boarding School Juliet might be the most popular. Season one concluded in 2018 and season two will begin in 2019. Your second season will be released soon. There haven’t been any official announcements about the release of season 2 of Boarding School Juliet. It is noted that only fourteen tankabon volumes were adapted to anime, so hopefully, season 2 will arrive sooner rather than later. There is a Japanese dub for the series, but don’t worry, this series is also available on Amazon Prime Video with English subtitles.

Boarding school Juliet Season 2 Story

The Japanese name for Juliet has the same meaning as “Kishuku Gakkō no Jurietto”. Author and illustrator Yosuke Kaneda worked together on this series. The manga series is Japanese. The series was serialized by Shonen Magazine in the year 2015, then moved to Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2017, and was serialized until 2019. Sixteen volumes of Tankabon were released. Kodansha Comics has begun publishing the manga series in English starting 10 April 2018. From October 6 to December 22, 2018, an anime television series was aired. 20th Century Fox distributed the series, adapted by DreamWorks Animation.

Based on the famous Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, this Animation series follows the storyline of the play. So this anime series has a Romio and Juliet plotline, just like the Romeo and Juliet play. There are students from two rival countries studying at Dahlia Academy Boarding School. They are from two different countries, the “Nation of Touwa” and the “Princedom of West”.

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In the academy, students are separated into two groups called Beiwa (West) and Touwa (Black dogs). The Black Dog Dormitory is led by Romeo Inuzuka and the White Cat Dormitory by Juliet Persia. The unrequited love Romeo had for Juliet since childhood has never been reciprocated. Romio finally confesses to Juliet after so many years and ends the rivalry between the two nations by confessing his love to her. Romio’s determination greatly impressed Juliet and she was so happy to see him. Her love is accepted by him. We will learn the way Romio and Juliet will be able to keep their relationship secret from their roommates throughout the series. While on their unhidden love journey, they face a lot of difficulties.

Boarding school Juliet Season 2 Cast

Romio Inuzuka is played by Yuki Ono, Juliet Persia is played by Kai Kayano, Hasuki Komai as played by Ayane Sakura, Chartreux Westia as Yu Shimamura As a student, Shogo Yano, The role of Scott Fold is played by Hiroshi Kamiya

Kento Tosa as Yoshimasa Hosoya, Taking on the role of Chizuru Maru is Tomokazu Sugita, Shizuka Shishi as Riho Iida, As a student, Miyuri Shimabukuro, Teria Wang played by Yui OguraIn the role of Pomera Nia, Kaede Hondo. Aoi Koga in the role of a student, The character of Cait Sith is played by Kazuki Okitsu.

Boarding school Juliet Season 2 Trailer

Trailers for movies and web series are always popular. The project will gain more attention. As short, standalone clips, they create a sense of cinematic excitement for crowds. The right trailer can even lead to funding if Boarding school Juliet Season 2 hasn’t even been made yet. But producing an engaging trailer for the project that explains the story and engages the viewer is no easy feat. A trailer’s storytelling elements and techniques must also hit all the marks to engage audiences – and even more so because in trailers every split second is watched. Here’s the most awaited Boarding school Juliet Season 2 trailer.

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