Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 6 Release Date Updates!

Created by Loren Bouchard, Bob’s Burger is an American sitcom with 12 seasons and 221 episodes in total as of now. When the series kicked off it received more or less mixed opinions which improved gradually as the series proceeded. The series was successful in drawing the attention of a mass majority and gained a substantial fan base. Interesting unique characters laid-back plot set-up, musical aspects all played a vital role in the success of the series.

Even the storyline remains the same more or less, almost every episode utilizes the world set up quite properly providing its audience with a distinct and entertaining treat. Bob’s Burger was first aired in 2011. The series back in 2020 was renewed for a twelfth installment. Till now, a total of five episodes have been released and here we will tell you everything about Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 6.

Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 6 Release Date

Bob's Burger
Bob’s Burger

The Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 6 is set to release on 7th November 2021 if everything goes according to schedule without any delay. It will go on air.

Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 6 Plot

The animated series follows a single storyline and revolves around the Belchers family. Each episode holds something distinct sometimes involving new characters. The Belchers family of the series consists of Bob, Lida who is Bob’s wife, and their children Gene, Tina, and Louise. The series follows this family as they navigate through their not so simple daily life which is accompanied by hilarious interaction with other people, issues to deal with, and sometimes exhilarating or problematic adventures.

Bob owns a burger restaurant and the main plot revolves around this very restaurant, the family members, their neighbors, customers, and even business rivals. However, the plot isn’t only fixed around the restaurant, it goes out of its way to take a deep dive into the lives of the main characters individually as well giving the series a change of taste, plot set up, and distinction among each episode. Bob’s Burgers is located in a building two-story.

The burger restaurant is on the ground floor and the second or top floor is the apartment where the Belchers family resides. However, Bob’s Burger isn’t the only business enterprise in the locality, just beside Bob’s Burgers there is “It’s Your Funeral Home and Crematorium”. There is another commercial building beside Bob’s burgers which changes its name in the opening credits of every episode and the name of the building has always had an intentional pun behind it which gives a unique and hilarious edge to every episode of the series.

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The series Bob’s Burger doesn’t only involve the Belchers family, we also get to see regular customers of Belchers and their entanglement with the burger restaurant and as well as with Belchers family altogether. Mort, from the neighboring business enterprise of “It’s Your Funeral Home and Crematorium” and Handyman Teddy. Both of them visit the restaurant regularly and each interaction is distinct.

However, Bob’s Burger isn’t the only food business in his place, Bob has to deal with competition as well which is against an Italian pizza restaurant known as”Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria” which is owned by Jimmy Pesto, Bob’s biggest business rival. Jimmy’s pizza place is located just the opposite of the same street as Bob’s place. Jimmy’s restaurant usually happens to have more customers than Bob’s restaurant and is more successful in general, this situation creates a conflicting tension and constant competition between these two.

All children of the Belchers family attend the Wagstaff School. Some of the episodes deal with these children and their different endeavors which are unique and distinct from one another just like their personality and interests, sometimes all of them together and sometimes individually.

Tina who is a thirteen-year-old adolescent girl has her issues which she deals with such as her complications regarding how she gets attracted towards boys. Her situation is more perplexed since she is attracted to Jimmy Junior who is Pesto’s eldest son. Gene who is eleven years old holds a deep passion for music and is often seen to carry around a keyboard and play music. Then there is Louise, who is always up to something mischievous, just to have fun. Either for riches, for an act of revenge, or just an adventure, Louise is always out there living up to her potential and sometimes she draws in her siblings as well in her endeavors. 

You can watch the whole series here on the official website of the show.

Bob’s Burger Season 12 Episode 6 Cast

Bob's Burger
Bob’s Burger

Bob Belcher- American actor and comedian Harry Jon Benjamin provides the voice for Bob Belcher in the series. He is also famous for his role as Carl in the widely popular animated series Family Guy. He is from Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S., and was born on May 23, 1966.

Linda Belchers- John Roberts, the American actor provides the voice for Linda Belchers in the series. He is from Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

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