Boogiepop Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

It has been two years since the last season of the show “Boogiepop Season 2” came and fans are getting desperate to see their favorite anime series return. It was a psychological drama series that was loved by the fans as it featured many interesting and amazing psychological thrillers with a little bit of horror which is a very rare combination. Due to this, one season of the show was not enough to satisfy the fans of the show and since then they have been demanding a second season of the show. So here are all the details you need to know about the future of the show.

Boogiepoop and Others which is also called Bugīpoppu wa Warawanai is a Japanese horror and dark fantasy thriller. It is based on a light novel of the same name which is written by Kouhei Kadano. Madhouse Studio was the one who produced the show by picking up the source material and adapting the manga into an anime. The show was released in January 2018 and ended after a successful 18 episodes run in march of the same year.

Boogiepop Season 2 Release Date

Psychological horror is one of the most anticipated and loved genres. It is also rare to see shows that are released in this space that is why when a good show comes in this genre fans go berserk about it. Shows in this category are often spine-chilling and keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

All these factors helped in hyping up Boogiepoop and it had a very huge fandom even before the show aired on the television screens. And the fans were not disappointed when the show finally came. Fans had a very good experience. The adaptation of the manga was done perfectly and most of the LN readers found the anime almost as good as the book. This is the reason why there is such a huge demand for the show as both the anime-only fans and the manga readers are eagerly waiting for the second season.

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But the only cause of worry for the viewers and the fans is that the makers of the show have not said a word regarding the second season. They are maintaining their silence which is helping to hype up the show before it comes on our television screens.

The first season of the show also received critical praise. All these factors along with the fact that the Madhouse Studio has a lot of content available at its disposal make it almost certain that we will get to see a second season of the show. Now the question arises when? Well, the fans can expect a renewal of the show later this year and the announcement for the same can be made soon. If this happens then the fans can even expect a few episodes to come before spring next season.

Boogiepop Season 2 Story

The plot of Boogiepoop revolves around the supernatural entity which goes by the same name. Rumour has it that Boogiepoop is a shinigami, which is a spirit that leads humans to their death. The show is set in Shinyo Academy. One important thing about Boogiepoop is that it only targets female students who are at their optimal beauty and kills them before their charm and beauty fade away.

While most of the students fear the spirit of Boogiepoop, very few know the true nature of the spirit which is benevolent. Boogiepoop also has the alter ego of a high school student Touka Miyashita who strives to fend off the” enemies of the world”.

Then suddenly one day, Shinyo Academy starts to witness a lot of disappearances of their female students. Due to this, the students go to the cops who dismiss the possibility of a spirit doing all the kidnappings. However unknown to all of them, there is a sinister spirit present in the school who does all the kidnappings and that’s why Boogiepoop decides to make the return to punish the spirit doing all this.

Boogiepop Season 2 Trailer

As of now, there is no announcement of a season renewal of the show so no new trailer or clip is available for the fans to see. But fans can soon get good news regarding the future of the show. Till then the fans of the show can rewatch the first season of the show and can keep themselves updated with the manga content.

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