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Boruto Episode 249 Release Date Updates

Boruto the series is also known by the name Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. It is one of the recent animated series that arrived in the industry with a bunch of next-generation characters. Therefore, the series was accepted by the people within a very short time. It was one year back before the release of its animated television version that the manga version was released. Being in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine the show gradually got recognized and managed to gain its reputation. Shueisha was the publisher of the series and the name itself shows the quality of the work for being selected by such a company. However, after some years of publishing, they had decided to go back to V Jump magazine while they terminated the contract for its English dubbed version.

Furthermore, the animated television version of Boruto was premiered on April 5, 2017, under the developmental control of Pierrot Studios. While there appeared to be some criticism for the series, the show managed to be at the top of the rankings throughout its journey. At the same time, the show was linked with other shows that were in existence, comparing its story and characters to one another. But gradually this all went down emerging Baruto as the most competitive one in terms of its genre. Even though the producers expected much better positions compared to other anime, they had decided to renew the series for a long run hoping to overcome all the problems. Over time, the franchise grew exponentially giving slots for some films and video games related to the concept. However, they had to alter the story to make it financially profitable. 

Boruto Episode 249 Release Date    

Boruto Episode 249 Release Date
Boruto Episode 249 Release Date

The release dates of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have been set before other episodes. By the start of a season, the release dates are disclosed leaving space for some extensions if possible. The extent to which the series will be running is not yet finalized by the production team. However, veterans believe that there are enough elements left for the storyline as the manga is still moving through the parallel side. The two hundred and forty-ninth episode of Boruto will be released on 15 May 2022. While Kyoko Katsuya is in charge of the screenplay Shigetaka Ikeda had directed the episode. Moreover, all the episodes are currently aired every week on the Tokyo TV Network.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Boruto Episode 1 Release Date5 April 2017
Boruto Episode 248 Release Date8 May 2022
Boruto Episode 249 Release Date15 May 2022
Boruto Episode 249 Release Date

Boruto Episode 248 Recap

The two hundred and forty-eight episodes were definitely on the emotional side which may play a huge part in determining the future of the series. It was all about Funato trying to reach his goal but his inability to find the target got things complicated. The episode witnessed the death of Heibiichigo as a result of the attack from Funamushi at the battle to protect the village. Metal and Boruto were unable to save her as Funamushi was strong due to the water attack he performed. However, in the end, they won against the Funato army but on the flip side lost some close teammates. Boruto was helpless during the entire battle because of the huge pressure exerted by Funamushi. As they have lost the major powerhouse in their team, it will be even hard for Boruto to restrict the Funato in the upcoming battles.

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Boruto Characters

Boruto Episode 249 Release Date
Boruto Episode 249 Release Date

Boruto Uzumaki: Yuko Sanpei

He is one of the strongest people and is sensible in all the work he does in his life. Boruto belongs to the Uzumaki Clan and is also the son of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Uzumaki. He is asked to protect the village at any cost regardless of his life and also works as a guard in a group consisting of seven members. Furthermore, he is energetic yet calm and does know how to adapt to situations real fast and therefore was able to emerge as a true warrior leader.

Boruto Trailer

The official trailer of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was released on April 11, 2019, on the YouTube channel of VIZ Media. There are related trailers and teasers available based on the movies of the same franchise.

Where to Watch Boruto? 

All the episodes of Boruto can be streamed online on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and HULU. Even though it is also available through some unauthorized online platforms it is considered illegal to view it from those spaces. In addition, ABCC and Toonami had been licensed to stream the show in the United States and Australia.

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