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Bucchigire Anime Release Date Announced?

Much new anime are being introduced but this has gained many fans. After the new trailer release, fans want to know the release date, plot, and all other juicy things about the series. As anime fans, we read all the details of the anime and manga series to see the anime. So it’s common to be curious about the series and want to know anything about Bucchigire anime.

The genre that explains the anime is action Historical and drama. From the poster and trailer, we can guess this anime is action-filled. It is said to be Tv Anime Series and the studio is Geno studios.

Bucchigire Anime Release Date

Bucchigire Anime Release Date
Bucchigire anime release date

Bucchigire anime trailer was released by JP Anime’s official channel on March 24, 2022. The trailer was so action-filled talking about the emotional things about how the world has changed. In the trailer, it is explained that the world has changed into a shitshow that cant is changed. From the trailer, we can expect that the main lead is taken under a leader from whom he will learn an art form and try to eradicate evil from the world.

In the Trailer, we can see that the release date was mentioned as 2022. As a specific month isn’t mentioned. Fans can’t wait for the anime to release. All the YouTube comments were filled with the wishes of the viewers looking forward to the anime.

As the trailer was released in March, we can at least expect 3-4 months for the anime to be released. The release date is said to be July 8, 2022. From an interview by ANITV.

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Bucchigire Anime Story

In the trailer, there was a synopsis given which is giving us a brief idea about what can be the plot of the anime. Even -though we know the basic WWE still don’t know what will be the detailed plot as there is no adaptation material or a base manga story for the anime. So there is more curiosity about the plot line now and can be many assumptions about the plot. It can also elevate the expectations of the viewers as there is no base story and anything can happen.

This anime is set up during the reign of the samurai in Japan. During this period, because of the foe, the Shinsengumi Police force is swept out fully except only a lone survivor. As a consequence of this wiping out of the whole police force, the government takes up a decision to choose seven criminals to help them fight with enemies. These Seven Criminal will be given the status to serve as Shinsengumi’s spares. As the criminals are involved, so it’s a risky task to maintain them in order. To do this job of maintaining the law and order, a top-secret replacement program is about to begin.

As there was no prior manga, there also started an official four-framed manga Bucchigire! And the serialization.  

Bucchigire Anime Characters

Bucchigire Anime Release Date
Bucchigire anime release date

The main cast consists of, Hajime Sato as Isamu Kondo, Sakuya as Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Heisuke Todo, Sumire Uesaka as Akira, Soji Okita’s double, Hajime Sato as Isamu Kondo’s double, and the only survivor of the Shinsengumi, Shinichiro Miki plays Sougen; Yusho Kamimura plays Suzuran, Wataru Takagi plays Gataro, the double of Shinpachi Nagakura; and Fukutsugu Ochiai plays Bou, the double of Sanosuke Harada, the double of Hajime Saito, the double of Keisuke Yamanami.

The explanation of some characters is here

Sakuya is the replacement for Toshizo Hijikata who is the Deputy Chief. He was an ex-assassin that belonged to a dark killer. Ichibanboshi acts as a replacement for the director named Isami Kondo. He is known to hate samurai as he was killed by samurai in his family. He is known to have an unconventional way of thinking. Akira is a replacement for Soji Okita. He has a high level of swordsmanship and is also known for discipline. Often dressed as a man. Heisuke Todo is the lone survivor of the police force. He is particular about Makoto and Bushido. He can be seen with the most passion as he lost his colleagues.

Where to Watch Bucchigire Anime?

The next that arises after knowing the plot, release date, and characters is where to watch? Bucchigire anime is said to be broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS11. We still don’t if subtitles or dubbing will be available for the Bucchigire anime.

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