Burn Notice Season 8 Release Date: Renewed? Canceled?

Burn Notice Season 8 is Created by Matt Nix this tv series aired on the USA Network in the year 2007. The series had 7 successful seasons. The last season of the series aired in the year 2013. The series is based on the burn notice that is sent for an agent by intelligence agencies proclaiming the regarded agent as not reliable for spy services for the country or organization anymore.

This just does not stop here, after a spy is burned or is sent a burn notice the spy no longer has any connection to his cash, influence, or contacts. With the cash no more available to cherry it they also take away the past identity as a spy so now the life of this gent is simply missing the middle few years and show him as being idle and thus having no identity or money or connections.

The series very tastefully has used narratives and voiceovers at several places which make it more clear and engaging. Here are all the details we know about Burn Notice Season 8 Release Date.

Burn Notice Season 8 Release Date

Don’t we just love to see such crime drama thrillers? It’s one of those genres that never get old and you would gladly give them many hours of your life. Well, burn notice is just one of those series. The more interesting part is that the whole issue that this series is based on that is the issuing of a burn notice is very sensitive and the viewers really felt the plight of the agent who get this under false pretext. Life for them is really hard.

Do you too want to know if your favorite cast and couple are returning to the screen? Well, then keep reading and see what we have collected to offer you.

The series currently is not canceled as it is said by certain sources that the USA network is not shutting down this project and would maybe adapt the show some time with some changes. As for the current story that was running, we don’t have strong hopes as the storyline of all the characters are so nicely wrapped up in the nail-biting finale episode with everyone somewhat settled in their own lives and things all set and proper that does not make much sense for it to return for another season. 

Fans are disappointed we understand and so do the show’s creators but it shall not be justice to the current beautiful endings that we unravel them to create more about the same people. The major two storylines we see continuing are the mysteries the lead solves and the other is the quest to trail back to the person or group of people responsible for him getting the burn notice.

The series is known to have maintained a stable viewers list. Through the run of 7 seasons, it maintained a good rating from both the 18-49 and 25-54 age groups. This is a commendable response to the great work of both the actors on the screen, the creators, and the crew. So as of now, we do not see another season of the show coming anytime soon or at all.

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Burn notice Season 8 Cast

The male lead of the character Michael Weston who is a spy that gets the burn notice and is eventually beaten kidnapped then dumped in his hometown of Miami is played by the charismatic actor Jeffrey Donovan. Michael had a troubled childhood and hence is good at covert operations. He also has the skills to get into the skins of multiple identities and use various dialects to fit in with any undercover personality he needs at the moment.

He has a romantic relationship with Fiona but due to a troubled relationship with his abusive father, he finds it hard to get into a serious relationship. He was amazing at his job and has the ability to use day-to-day items in the most innovative ways in order to solve his cases.

He also has a younger brother Nate played by Seth Peterson. Nate is killed in season 6 and his son Charlie is then raised by Michael and Fiona. Yogurt being his favorite food he is shown to be strong and nonchalant but is also sometimes shown to have a vulnerable side.

Jefferey’s romantic interest on the show is Fiona who is played by Gabrielle Anwar. Fiona used to work like an IRA fighter and help Michael on his cases with firepower. She likes Michael and her emotion are reciprocated as well but due to certain differences it gets complicated and they part ways in the past. But by the end of season 7’s last episode, they are shown together with Charlie as one sweet family living in Ireland.

To assist on his case Michael asks for the help of his old friend Sam ax who is played by Bruce Campbell. With little or no money, he is shown as a lady’s man who keeps getting expensive cars or dinner from them. He is also the reliable one in Jefferey’s life with an amazing list of contacts in almost every circle thus helping Michael in several ways.

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