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Burning Kabaddi Season 2: Release Date, Plot!

The sports comedy anime “Burning Kabaddi,” also known as “Shakunetsu Kabaddi” in Japanese. It has captured the attention of otakus with its unique focus on the lesser-known sport of Kabaddi. TMS Entertainment animated the first twelve-episode installment, which premiered on April 3, 2021, and concluded on June 19 of the same year. The series concluded its twelfth episode, aligning with the final chapter of Volume 4 of the manga. This leaves TMS Entertainment with 15 additional volumes for Burning Kabaddi Season 2. With this surplus of source material, the studio can potentially produce four more seasons of Shakunetsu Kabaddi.

While there’s no official confirmation about a second season. The prevailing trend of anime sequels fuels optimism for a potential release in 2025. Fans eagerly await more action and comedy centered around the dynamic game of Kabaddi.

Burning Kabaddi Season 2: What to Expect?

The first season of the anime concluded on June 19, 2021, and while it might be early for a new season. No renewal from TMS Entertainment or any related company has been announced. Several main factors contribute to predicting the likelihood of a new season, with manga source material availability being crucial.

Hajime Musashino’s manga, ongoing since July 2015 and published by Shogakukan. It has a substantial amount of material, with only the first 4 volumes adapted for the initial season out of a total of 19 volumes. This abundance of source material suggests the availability of a second season or potentially more.

The first season left off with Noukin High School’s intense match against Saitama Kyouyou High, featuring Yoigoshi’s remarkable performance. The episode hinted at future encounters, especially in tournaments, promising continued excitement in season 2. Hiramoto teased a new player in the finale, possibly a foreigner, opening avenues to explore their background, sports prowess, and contribution to the team. Season 2 will also introduce three new characters, adding further intrigue to Noukin High’s journey.

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Burning Kabaddi Season 2 Prospects

Hajime Musashino initiated the manga series serialization in July 2015, producing a total of nineteen volumes, with ongoing releases indicating future additions. The anime’s inaugural twelve-episode season stayed faithful to the source material, effectively capturing the essence of the sport and the protagonist’s narrative.

The anime’s twelfth episode aligned with the conclusion of Volume 4 of the manga, leaving TMS Entertainment with 15 additional volumes for Burning Kabaddi Season 2. This abundance of source material allows for the creation of four more seasons of Shakunetsu Kabaddi. The series garnered acclaim for its intriguing storyline, commendable character development, and the exhilaration typical of a sports show, reflected in its positive critical reception and viewer praise. With a MyAnimeList score of 7.10

Stellar cast

Yūma Uchida takes on the role of Tatsuya Hoigoshi, while Nobuhiko Okamoto portrays Masato Ohjyo in the anime. Other cast members include Gen Sato as Sōma Azemachi, Makoto Furukawa as Kei Iura, Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Kyōhei Misumi, Shunsuke Takeuchi as Shinji Date, Shin’ichirō Kamio as Nobutaka Ban, Wataru Komada as Ryuta Seki, Ayumu Murase as Yūki Hitomi.

Kazuya Ichikawa directs the anime at TMS Entertainment in collaboration with Domerica. Yuuko Kakihara oversees the series scripts, bringing her expertise from the Aikatsu! franchise, Digimon Adventure tri., and Cells at Work! Midori Gotou, is known for works like Otogi Zoshi and Hozuki’s. With this talented team both behind the scenes and in the voice booth. Burning Kabaddi not only captures the essence of the manga but also adds a dynamic visual and auditory dimension to the narrative.

Where to Stream Burning Kabaddi Online?

In the USA and Canada, viewers can actively watch the show on Crunchyroll and VRV. Enjoying the original Japanese dub with embedded English subtitles. For most South-East Asian countries, Ani-One provides access to the anime. However, it’s worth noting that as of now, the series is not available on Netflix. There’s optimism that Netflix may license the show once it completes its broadcasting run.

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