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Campione Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Characters and Much More!

The animated anime Campione is a direct adaptation of the Jō Taketsuki light novel series, which Sikorsky illustrated on the other hand. Shueisha completed the series’ initial print, which included twenty-one volumes, in May 2008.

However, it took the creators over four years to get the series to our screens. July 2012 saw the premiere of the television version of the series, and September 2012 saw the release of the last episode by Tokyo MX and AT-X.

Campione Season 2

There have been complaints from certain viewers regarding the show’s speed despite its 13-episode structure. The quick tempo, in my opinion, is what truly renders it what it is, despite popular notion. It never makes room for pointless fan service or draggy diversions; instead, it relentlessly delivers story points one after another, creating a situation that keeps you on the tip of your seat. However, this is also a viewer preference, so I won’t really argue with anyone who thought the anime was a letdown.

Campione Season 2

There has been no confirmation from the anime’s studio or production team on the release date of Campione Season 2. Should Campione Season 2 ever come out, it will undoubtedly do so at the end of 2024 or early 2025.

This is a result of the fact that most anime companies have a number of projects scheduled for the remainder of this year and next.

Story of Campione Season 2 

In the next chapter, we will witness Sodou murdering more gods and planting kisses on an increasing number of women, or perhaps he will be slain by a single god or a good spirit.

However, we will also witness Erica’s love for him; perhaps this time, she will express her devotion for him more.

Godou Kusanagi, a former basketball player who became a “Campione”—a god slayer—is the main character of the narrative. He had to deal with difficulties and unanticipated relationships in the first season, one of which included Erica Blandelli. More supernatural encounters and maybe more in-depth character connection studies are promised for season 2.

For a while, there was optimism for a second season of the successful anime, but it appears that the first season was just published to support the Light Novel. We would have known by now if the makers intended to release a second version of it. If “Campione” season 2 is ever released, it will most likely happen in 2020 or 2021 given most anime studios have a number of episodes scheduled for the remainder of the year. Thus, I wouldn’t want you to have big expectations for this one.

Recap of Campione Season 1 

The Campione is centered on the life of Godou Kusanagi, a former basketball player who had to quit due to a bruising. One day, his grandpa assigned him the duty of giving his Sardinian friend Lucrezia Zora, one of his companions, the stone tablet.

Along the way, he encountered Erica Blandelli, a wicked spirit personality, and Verethragna, the God of War, who follows Blandelli.

After Godou kills God, he turns into a Campione, or as we would say, the “murderer of God.” His current major objective is to control the globe and torment the good souls, but the Campione Tag has an inherent drawback in that ladies are drawn to him very quickly.

Erica is another female who had a thing for Sodou, but every time he got close to her, something went wrong and he misread the situation. He gives the young woman he bought with him a kiss after each battle with the supremes. It promises fanservice and ecchi for those who are interested, but it also has some amazing action sequences and a compelling plot. Even while “Campione!” isn’t the greatest anime ever, it is! undoubtedly among the best in its category and takes a novel and delightfully unique approach that hasn’t been seen before. 

Characters of Campione Season 2 

The characters of this anime series are as follows- 

  1. Erica Blandelli
  2. Godou Kusanagi
  3. Yuri Mariya
  4. Liliana Kranjcar
  5. Athena
  6. Ena Seishuuin
  7. Lord salvatore Doni

Where to Watch this Anime Series?

This anime series will be available to watch on the streaming platform, Crunchyroll


Is this animated series worth watching ?

Yes, this animated series is absolute delight and one must watch. 

Is Season 2 of this series coming ?

Season 2 is highly anticipated since the first season was highly appreciated by critics. 

Where to Watch this animated series’ Season 2?

It will be available on the online streaming platform, Crunchyroll.

When will Season 2 come for this series?

Season 2 is anticipated to come in 2024. 

Is the trailer of Season 2 out?

No, the trailer of season 2 is yet not out. 


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