Campione Season 2 release date possibilities and Spoilers

The Series Campione Season 2 is one of the reasons why ecchi anime are becoming famous day by day is that they have an Amazing Storyline. Along with this, they also offer excellent character development, and mind-bending storylines and twists. But every once in a while there comes an anime that breaks all these norms and designated styles of the ecchi anime. One such show is Campione.

Campione is one such anime that not only offers some good motion but also it also offers you the core of an ecchi anime. Many may not like Campione and may not be the best anime ever that but it is one of the best-executed ones for sure especially considering that it breaks the norms and tries something different. It does a pretty good job of portraying a completely new strategy.

One thing that can be said about the anime is that it has not so different storylines. It will not make you feel motivated or make you cry for the characters of the show. But its appreciation comes from the fact that it can be compared to all the anime tales of these kinds of anime. This is what makes it unique. Fan service of the show is well done and it is in no way distracting.

Some of the viewers had the problem that the anime was very slow-paced. It is a 13 episode long series. But differing from the common belief that the pacing of the story is slow, I think the major reason why the fan service of the show does not feel boring is that it is paced perfectly and this does not leave room for any unnecessary distractions. But ultimately this is a very subjective topic so it is okay if you didn’t feel the way I did.

So giving my final verdict on the fan service and the story, it is actually enjoyable and provides you with the things like good character development and a very likable plot.  So if you are someone who likes something more relatable to life, this anime may not be for you but otherwise, this is quite an entertaining series that you can give a try especially if you like ecchi anime and an anime with action, magic, and other emotions.

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Campione Season 2 Release date

The first season of the show was released back in 2012. It was 13 episodes long series and it finally ended in the same year in September. Each of the episodes was of 24 minutes long. Most of the viewers were impressed by the show and since then they have demanded a second season of the show. But talking about the possibilities of a second season of the show, we have nothing that can cheer up the fans. The light novel from which the show was being adapted, has ended three years ago in 2017 and it has been more than 8 years since the initial release of the anime. This is something that makes it very less likely that the second season of the show will come anytime soon.

Due to such a gap between the initial release and the second season of the show, all the hype that the show was able to generate back in the day has dried out and currently, there is not much demand for a season renewal of the show. Also back in 2017 when the light anime of the show ended, several reports emerged that the anime may come in 2020 or 2021 but still there is no news of the anime and whether it will be renewed or not.

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So if you were one of the fans of the show then maybe getting your hopes as of now will not help you out as the anime will not be coming anytime soon. If by any chance the show is renewed, we will update this space right here so keep checking this out.

Campione Season 2 Story

The dub of the first season of the show is out for you to watch on Amazon and you can watch it on Crunchyroll and Hulu also. The plot of the first season is very interesting. Generally, people wander in search of religion and god but in this case, it is completely opposite. Kasunagi Godou is a 16-year-old boy who manages to defeat the god of war and thus gets the name Campione. His main job in life is to fight the gods who try to change the symmetry in his area at the cost of the local area

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