Can I Make Your Ears Happy In 180 Seconds Release Date Announced!

The official announcement of Can I Make Your Ears Happy In 180 Seconds release date has been revealed. The ASMR-themed anime is going to make its debut in October 2021. This movie is also titled as 180-Byou de Kimi no Mimi Wo Shiawase ni Dekiru ka. Well, actually this type of ASMR anime made viewers entertainment for 180 seconds. Under the direction of Demon Lord and Yoshinobu Kasai. The production department was handled by Indivision and Ekachi Epilka. The characters designing was done by the very famous Takayuki Noguchi. Well, the story is basically based on an actress who competed with her fellow classmates and challenged them regarding her recording passion in ASMR working. Here we have covered all the latest updates about the debut of the Can I Make your ear happy in 180 seconds.

Can I Make Your Ears Happy In 180 Seconds Release Date

Can I Make your ears happy in 180 seconds release date was officially announced and is going to premiere in October 2021 on its official website and Twitter handle? The whole anime will be released after the debut session of 5 minutes or the day after It is not confirmed officially yet. We are tracking all the social media handles and websites to this anime and will update this section if any other latest news is out. Well, it is not revealed yet about the total episodes the anime is going to comprise.

Can I Make Your Ears Happy in 180 seconds is something very unusual if we focus on the title Well let me explain first of all ASMR stand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response that is some senses to our stimuli? This is some sort of relaxing our audio and visual senses. This anime is focusing on how to relax our minds in just 180 seconds.

Can I Make Your Ears Happy In 180 Seconds Plot

The plot is basically in which all the characters share their hobbies with their classmates which comprises their 180 seconds as the title suggests.ASMR working procedure followed by all the classmates and they start enjoying it. The basic target audience of this anime is youngsters and teenagers. We are sure that this anime is going to break all the records because of its different and unique genres. Anime fans will watch this and should add this anime to their watchlist and should set an October reminder too. We are tracking every latest update and will surely update this section more. The official synopsis of this anime hasn’t been released We will update this section soon.

Can I Make Your Ears Happy In 180 Seconds Characters

The anime industry is growing at a faster pace . Due to pandemics, the OTT platforms benefitted a lot The youth is getting attracted to this genre after 2020. There have been so many voice actors have been appointed. Yoshinobu Kasai and Demon Lord direct this anime series and the character designing was done by Takayuki Noguchi and Queen’s Blade. The characters include Sawake Akari, Kagami Shuusui, Sawake Hikari, Nanako, Jirou, and Sawako Sudoku.

Can I Make Your Ears Happy In 180 Seconds Trailer

Only the release date month has been official announced. All the above information has been revealed by Crunchyroll and Comic Natalie . The trailer will be out soon mos probably in September.

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