Cedar Cove Season 4 Release Date Updates

Hallmark has been known for making heart-warming romance movies and shows that straightaway hit the soft spot of the viewer’s hearts. Cedar Cove is once such an American-Canadian tv series on the Hallmark network that became trending among the viewers right after its launch. The show has been inspired by the novel of the same name on dramatic romance written by Debbie Macomber. Skillfully developed by Bruce Graham and composed by Mario Vaira this show melted the hearts of the audience with its easy-going and catching yet gripping flow of story portrayal. The filming was done in the picturesque and plot suitable location of Vancouver in British Columbia but the environment set-up was of a different place. Producers Harvey Kahn, Connie Dolphin, and Lisa Towers put in a lot of work to make the show a hit. The show successfully ran for three seasons and received lots of love from the viewers throughout all the seasons. The first season had thirteen episodes and it aired in the year 2013 from July 20 to October 12. The year right after that is 2014 kept continuation by releasing a second season that aired from 20th July to 12th  October. It had twelve episodes. Then they were followed by the third and last season that had eleven episodes as of now which premiered in 2015 from July 18 to September 26. Let’s recap the show and discuss if continuation is a possibility.

Cedar Cove Season 4 Release Date

Cedar Cove Season 4 Release Date
Cedar Cove

The first three seasons of Cedar Cove were a massive hit in the United States that went international later. It was powerful enough to create a fanbase yearning for the next season ever since the show’s last season ended in 2015. It had a rating of 6.9 out of 10 by IMDb. But the viewership decreased in numbers as the seasons increased so to the discontent of the loyal fanbase Hallmark announced the discontinuation of the show itself on 1st December 2015. Many fans expressed their disappointment to see the show end.

Seasons Release Dates
Cedar Cove Season 3 Release Date18 July 2015
Cedar Cove Season 3 End Date26 September 2015
Cedar Cove Season 4 Release DateCanceled
Cedar Cove Season 4 Release Date

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Cedar Cove Season 1 Recap

Cedar Cove with its familiar sense of lifestyle as the ordinary humans has created a warm corner in the hearts of the viewers. It was located on the island in The Puget Sound. The characters create coziness in the environment of the Cedar Cove area. The story revolves around the lovable and hard-working single mother named Olivia Lockhart. Being the Municipal Court judge, she tries to keep the town together by doing her duties diligently in the midst of all the chaos in her personal life. Despite all the shortcomings, Olivia tries to be a good judge and a mom together. She tries her best to protect everyone close to her. Her divorce was an important plot twist in the story. The protagonist through her tactful way of dealing with problems but also embracing heart-felt emotions not only gives hope to everyone around her but also to everyone watching the show.

Cedar Cove Season 4 Cast and Characters

Cedar Cove Season 4 Release Date
Cedar Cove

The main character of Olivia Lockhart who was the judge of Cedar Cover municipal court was played by the very pretty and famous Andie MacDowell. Dylan Neal was cast for the role of Jack Griffith who was the editor of ‘Cedar Cove Chronicle’. He was the male lead opposite to Olivia and paired as a couple together. Olivia’s best friend was named Grace Sherman who was acted by Teryl Rothery. Olivia’s daughter was named Justine Lockhart brilliantly played by Sarah Smyth. She had issues and traumas following her twin brother’s death and the divorce between her parents. The characters included the land developer of that area called Warren Saget then we had Bob and Peggy Beldon as a couple and owner of an eating place called ‘Thyme and Tide’. There were many other characters that one will be familiar with when they watch the series.

Where To Watch Cedar Cove Seasson 4?

The trailer of Cedar Cove is still available on YouTube for the non-viewers to get a quick glimpse and visual sense of the show. All the seasons are available on the OTT platforms – paid and free both. I will look forward to knowing your thoughts on this show or any other similar show that you must have watched. If you are an avid binge-watcher you must check out the other articles on our blog.

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