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Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 Release Date Updates

An action comedy horror dark fantasy Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto “Chainsaw Man”. The first part was a periodical from December 3 2018 to December 14 2020 in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. The second part started on July 13 2022 to present in Shueisha’s shonen Jump+ online magazine.

As of July 2021, it has 11 standalone volumes. The English publishers of Chainsaw Man are Viz Media. The manga has spread 15 million copies as of August 2022. Chainsaw Man anime television adaptation premiere will be in October 2022 and it is produced by none other than Mappa.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 Release Date
Chainsaw Man

You can not wait for the next chapter? Are you curious to know about the official release date of Chapter 105? Then let me tell you, The Chainsaw Man chapter 105 will be released on Tuesday, September 27th at midnight (JST).

Name of the ShowChainsaw Man
Chapter NumberChapter 105
Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 Release Date27 September 2022
Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 Overview

Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 Story

You must have noticed in the previous that Denji was trying to make Asa believe that he is the Chainsaw Man but Asa didn’t believe him at all so we can expect to see that Denji will try to make Asa believe that he is the Chainsaw Man and many more things can happen in Chapter 105.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 Characters

Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 Release Date
Chainsaw Man

The overall characters of this Manga are Denji – Protagonist (Chainsaw Man), Makima – Devil hunter, Aki Hayakawa, Hirofumi Yoshida, Power (Devil and Devil hunter ), Asa Mitaka (Host of Yoru), Katana Man, Akane Sawatari, Yuko (Devil hunter), Kishibe, Himeno, Kobeni Higashiyama, Hirokazu Arai, Pochita, Angel Devil, Beam (Shark Devil), Galgali (Violence Devil), Gun Devil, Darkness Devil, Yoru (War Devil ) and many more are there.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 104 Recap

The Title of this chapter is Spoiler.
Yoru punched her pillow and she was angry at the fact that Yoru and Asa were saved by Chainsaw Man. Asa was trying to get some sleep and then she asked Yoru why she hate Chainsaw Man so much.

Yoru replied that she fought with him a long time back but no matter what he will come back for which there is no war now after the first world war took place and now the war is only in video games and movies. During a Fight with Chainsaw man, Yoru was partially consumed which made her weaker. She worries that the world will forget her as there is no major war at present and it is prevented by Chainsaw Man.

Asa asked Yoru if she was afraid of being forgotten but Yoru was already asleep. Asa was grateful that she didn’t die and thanked Chainsaw Man. In the next scene, Denji had become a chair for a girl. Yoshida came and asked Denji why a girl was sitting on her. Denji said that he did it for 10 yen. 10 yen for 10 minutes and he has to give a refund if he doesn’t return within 30 seconds. Yoshida gave him back his student ID card which Denji purposely dropped while fighting with the Cockroach Devil.

He wanted to be found out that he is the Chainsaw Man. But Yoshida will not let it out that Denji is the Chainsaw Man and he wants Denji to live in peace but Denji wants to let everyone know that he is the Chainsaw Man.

Yoshida wanted to chat a little longer with Denji for which he asked him to be his chair Denji denied it at first but for a hundred yen, he became his chair.

Denji wants a girlfriend which justified why he dropped his ID card on the scene and his ideal type is someone desperate for a boyfriend. Yoshida knows a person and takes Denji to introduce her and she turns out to be Asa.

Outside Denji, Yoshida and Asa have a chat. Yoshida asked Asa if it is true that Chainsaw Man saved him, and Asa said yes. Yoshida then introduced Asa to Denji and said Denji is a Chainsaw Man Fan. Asa told Denji that she used to hate Chainsaw Man and presently she is just neutral. Denji asked her why she hate him, Asa stated her reason or answers and the two of them got into a little argument, Denji keep defending Chainsaw Man while Asa just keeps saying about her hate towards Chainsaw Man.

Asa said to Denji how come he knows about what he has done and whatnot that he kept defending him? Denji said out of his second self that he is the Chainsaw Man but Asa didn’t believe and thought him to be a die-hard Chainsaw Man fan and that’s it.

Denji keeps on trying to make her believe that he is Chainsaw Man but no one would believe him until and unless he shows himself and that’s exactly what is said by Yoshida too.

Where To Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 105 Online?

Fans and Readers can read Chainsaw Man chapter 105 on Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service, Shonen Jump+ App, or Viz Media website.

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