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Classroom of Elite Season 3: All About the Anime Series

Classroom of The Elite, has portrayed the kids who strived to excel and to rise at the top in a competitive school. The anime series is getting ready to return in 2024 with its third season, having released its previous two to widespread praise among anime lovers. While the release window was known, the television series featuring Kiyotaka Ayanokoji and Class D pupils has revealed the anticipated return date for fans to return to the classroom.

Classroom of the Elite started off as a light book series, just like a lot of other anime properties. The first series of Shogo Kinugasa and Shunsaku Tomose’s writing concluded in 2019. Fortunately, Classroom of The Elite: Year 2, whose manga series has persisted to this day, would bring the creators back to the show. If the anime adaptation decides to go beyond its third season, Studio Lerche, the production company in charge, should have no trouble finding lots of content.

Classroom of Elite Season 3

Classroom of Elite Season 3 

Classroom of The Elite announced on its official social media platforms account that the third season would premiere in Japan on 3 January, 2019. Fortunately, fans in North America aren’t stuck waiting long to see the premiere because Crunchyroll will be broadcasting it.

Crunchyroll is now offering the first two seasons of Classroom of The Elite for streaming if you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the show. The streaming service tells Kiyotaka Ayanokoji’s narrative as follows: As of right now, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is a new student at Tokyo Koudo Ikusei Senior High School, where all of the graduates either go on to college or get jobs. 

But he finds himself in Class 1-D, home to all the troubled kids in the school. Additionally, the school gives out points worth 100,000 yen each month to pupils, and its courses have a lax policy that allows for chatting, napping, and even sabotage. Ayanokoji, Horikita, and the Class D pupils discover the reality of the framework in place within a month.

Story of Classroom of Elite Season 3 

The gripping tale of Classroom of the Elite takes place in Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, which, despite its posh exterior, grades kids from class A to D, with A being the best and D being the least.

Let’s meet Ayanokiji Kiyotaka, a calm and collected person who begins in Class D but has his sights set on getting into Class A while his friends use every trick in the book to win, including undermining other pupils. Even though he makes an effort to blend in with the other students in order to escape attention, unforeseen events constantly put him in the spotlight.

Volumes 8 through 11.5 of Classroom of the Elite are anticipated to be covered in the third season. This will conclude the First Year storyline and probably include a second season-style Special Task. Furthermore, despite Ayanokiji’s obvious superior intelligence and forethought, neither of the prior two seasons actually addressed why he purposefully put himself in Class D. Given that the second season’s implications suggest that Arisu Sakayanagi has some sort of familial connection to Ayanokiji, we might be able to determine his ultimate goal.

Our heroes, under the leadership of Ayanokoji, find themselves to the middle of an exciting school camping trip in Season 3. The introduction of a “mixed training camp”—a novel task that requires students from many classes to work together, mending old rivalries and threatening expulsion if they don’t fulfill the needed standards—turns this trip into a drastically different experience. What was the outcome? A wild third term full with tension and excitement!

Recap of Story of Classroom of Elite Season 2

As “Classroom of the Elite” comes to an end, Kiyotaka deftly prevails in the school’s “Lord of the Flies-style” survival exam by correctly identifying the leaders of each class. But after winning, he finds out that his father has been making concerted efforts to get him kicked out of the school. Naturally, this has something to do with Kiyotaka’s implicit motivation for enrolling in the institution in the first place. Kiyotaka decides to stick with studies there in spite of everything.

“Classroom of the Elite” Season 2 will probably remain, at the very least, mostly loyal to its manga and light novel source materials, if it continues in the same direction as the first season. Lerche has a ton of inspiration since, similar to many other animation adaptations, the show’s original material advances the plot far more than the anime does. The reason Kiyotaka is attending this ruthless institution is still a mystery to viewers. In addition, he hasn’t really moved up the academic success ladder for his class yet, and it’s unclear how the impact of his father will impact this objective. These seem to be storylines that Lerche will inevitably carry out if it decides to produce “Classroom of Elite Season 2.”

The news of a new Special Test for Season 1 broke just as the pupils were getting comfortable following the Island Special Test. There was a policy against tardiness, and every pupil received an email with the hours and locations of meetings. Eight groups, each designated for a different planet and with members unknown to other groups’ members, will be formed from the pupils. Each group has 14 individuals overall, drawn from each of the four classes (1-A through 1-D).

But, Ayanokoji stated in a menacing inner monologue at the end of Season 1’s finale that none of these people—not even Horikita—mean anything to him and that he will stop at nothing to maintain his independence. 

There will be four days in the Special Test, with a rest day on the third. Twice a day, the groups will get together to try to identify the VIP, who is a member of each group that the school has secretly assigned the title of. The VIP cannot guess, and guesses from students in the VIP’s class are not eligible. Following six conversations, the group will submit their own guesses as to who the VIP is. For instance, a guess from Class 1-D is invalid if the participant accurately predicts that the VIP is a member of Class 1-D. Since each of the eight groups is working on an own project for this Special Test, none of them is competing with the others.

Cases 1-4 denote the four results of the Special Test. In Case 1, each participant receives 500,000 Private Points, and the VIP receives an additional 500,000 if everyone guesses the identity of the VIP correctly (apart from the VIP and anybody in their class). Case 2 is when at least an individual guesses wrong, except the VIP and their classmates, giving the VIP 500,000 PP and leaving everyone else empty-handed.

In Case 3, the exam for that group ends if a student from a different class successfully guesses the identity of the VIP before the deadline on Day 4; the student’s class earns 50 Class Points; the accurate guesser receives 500,000 PP. In Case 4, the test concludes, the VIP receives 500,000 PP while the class receives 50 CP, and the participant’s class loses 50 CP for submitting an erroneous guess within the Day 4 deadline.

Ayanokoji: A Master Manipulator 

Ayanokoji exposes his objectives just before the episode concludes, displaying his ominously cunning demeanor. Ayanokoji claims that Ryuen’s bullying and his request in episode 10 to sever ties with Karuizawa were all components of his scheme to win Karuizawa’s whole confidence. It seems that his strategy worked, as Karuizawa turned into the ideal pawn for Ayanokoji to manipulate. Notwithstanding his accomplishments, Ayanokoji acknowledged that his education in the White Room—the very education that shaped who he is—remains a prisoner. With a connection to Ayanokoji’s history, the White Room is a pivotal storyline element in Classroom of the Elite. Future seasons of Classroom of the Elite will revolve around this questionable academy that gave birth to a genius.

Classroom of the Elite hinted at the confrontation between Arisu Sakanayagi and Ayanokoji in the closing moments of episode 13. She says she knew Ayanokoji, but based on his responses, it seems he doesn’t recall seeing Sakanayagi. That, however, does nothing to conceal the threats that these two characters are exchanging. After Ryuen’s defeat, Ayanokoji’s next challenger is obvious; but can Ayanokoji defeat the extravagant representative of Class A, Sakanayagi?

Characters of Classroom of Elite Season 3 ?

The characters of Classroom of Elite Season 3 are- 

  1. Kiyotaka Ayanokōji – Shōya Chiba
  2. Suzune Horikita – Akari Kitō
  3. Kei Karuizawa – Ayana Taketatsu
  4. Kakeru Ryūen – Masaaki Mizunaka
  5. Kikyō Kushida – Yurika Kubo
  6. Arisu Sakayanagi – Rina Hidaka

Where to Watch Classroom of Elite Season 3 ?

Season 3 of Classroom of the Elite will only be available to stream in both English dub and subtitled versions on Crunchyroll, with global availability.For fans in Southeast Asia, the most recent episodes of the third season may be accessible on Muse Aisa’s specialized YouTube channel, Muse Communication.


Where to watch Season 3 of this anime series?

Season 3 shall be available on Crunchyroll. 

Will there be season 3 of Classroom of Elite?

Yes, there will be season 3 of Classroom of Elite. 

What is the official date for season 3 of this comic series?

There are no official dates announced however it is expected to release in 2024.

How many episodes are there in season 2 ?

There are total 13 episodes in season 2.

Is the trailer of season 3 released?

Yes, the trailer of season 3 has been released. 


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