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Clickbait Season 2 release date: Has The Show Renewed?

Before coming straight to the point, let me ask you a genuine question. Would you prefer to watch a series with many episodes having a long-running time or like to go for a mini-series? If the public would answer this, it is for sure that the mini-series will be getting a higher number of votes. The former only gets attention if it proves itself to be engaging and engrossing. Not only this, nowadays we have a lack of time and every chore needs to be completed shortly.

That’s the reason, we need to choose a specific mini-series from a huge collection of web shows. In a few more years, this catalog will increase providing us the option to choose from several thousand. You must be thinking, how are we here to discuss the pros and cons of a mini-series? Definitely not, but yes! We will be providing you with great news about an American-Australian drama series, Clickbait.

Season 1 premiered recently on Netflix. Even though it is an American show most of the parts of Clickbait have been filmed in Australia. The first season performed well and was able to convince the audience. All of the fans are curious about the next season and they want to come across the release date as well. Have the makers renewed the series for season 2? Will 2022 be releasing the year of the next installment? These are some common questions for which fans need clarification. Hence, we have taken into account every detail about the Clickbait season 2 release date.

Clickbait Season 2 Release Date

Clickbait Season 2 release date

Created by Tony Ayres and Christian White, Clickbait was released on 25th August 2021 on Netflix. It is an eight-episode-long series that was released on the same day. Originally it premiered in the English language and is available across different parts of the world. The first season managed to grab the attention of many viewers and the expectations are high for the second installment. Presently, the creators haven’t made their way to the media to announce season 2.

At the moment, the level of uncertainty regarding restoring the series or canceling further seasons of Clickbait isn’t pursuing a great difference. However, an incredible IMDb rating of 8.8 out of 10 is pointing toward a greater possibility for us to hear a positive piece of news. Apart from the reception that plays an important role whenever a network or the creators plan for the series’ future, the story is also vital to decide whether expecting the next season is worth it or not.

Coming to the present scenario, the cases of coronavirus are not much prevalent and therefore, the circumstances are favorable for the filming and pre-production of Clickbait season 2, if planning is executed in the near future. Even though everything goes smoothly, the chances for it to release by the end of 2022 are less as there will be work to be done on the script, cast, and filming. Season 1 has delivered its best and we expect more from the second part. The fans can get to hear official word on Clickbait season 2 soon. Moreover, our speculations say that it might release by late 2023.

Name Of The ShowClickbait
Season NumberSeason 2
Genredrama, thriller
Clickbait Season 1 Release Date25 august 2021
Clickbait Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Clickbait Season 2 Cast

The central character is Nick Brewer played by Adrian Grenier. The role of Sophie Brewer and Pia Brewer has been played by Betty Gabriel and Zoe Kazan respectively. In the series, you will also find Jessie Collins as Emma Beesley, Ian Meadows portraying the character of Matt Aldin, and Phoenix Raei as Roshan Amir. Elizabeth Alexander appeared as Andrea Brewer while the character of Ben Pak was amazingly acted by Abraham Lim.
Further, Clickbait is starring Daviel Henshall, Cameron Eagles, Steve Mauzakis, Motell Foster, and Jaylin Fletcher. Some more actors were part of the cast too.

When it comes to the cast of Clickbait season 2 it is unlikely for the previous cast to return. Most probably, few actors will be returning but it would be there to see the entire cast in the next season.

Clickbait Season 2 Plot

The story of this series is very interesting and after going through it you will find that this concept is entirely new and unique. Nick Brewer has been kidnapped which is making his wife, children, and sister worried. The kidnappers have not opted for the usual path. The kidnappers are using social media platforms to make the entire case different.

Everybody is chasing behind Nick’s kidnapping case where the kidnappers have stated that if a video of Nick that would have been posted on social media, gets 5 million views, he will be immediately killed. The family members of Nick Brewer are doing every possible effort to find the culprit behind this case. Every day is crucial for them to find him as the chances of finding him alive decrease every minute. Not only this, the videos on social media platforms remain trending and that’s why the dangers are more prominent.

Clickbait season 2 might have a different story with a different theme. But it is bound to have mystery, crime, thriller, and drama to the fullest.

Clickbait Season 2 Ratings

This show has received average ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and even the viewership level was great at the time when it was first released. The ratings and reviews of the series are favorable enough to encourage the happening of season 2. Overall Clickbait garnered satisfying critical reception as well as the audience’s response but even though everything is pretty well, the second installment seems to be in danger.

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