Cody Rigsby Net Worth: How Much He Makes?

Do you know Cody Rigsby? Not that much? Curious to know? Well, worry not because we have got you covered. In this article, we have included all the latest details about the personality. So, what you got to do is just stick with us till the end.

Cody Rigsby was born on June 8, 1987, in California and was raised by his mother Cindy Rigsby. He is not just a fitness trainer but a dancer, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and TV celebrity. He is quite a famous name in the fitness industry and shares his exercise tips and advice on lifestyle and fitness on his Instagram. He is also a famous personality on Tik Tok. He definitely is a great dancer but then changed his career to fitness training in which he undoubtedly succeeded grabbing a huge fan base and fame for himself. He is one of the famous fitness trainers in the US who has garnered a lot of love from his huge fan base for his advice, tips, and exercise videos which gain a lot of attention. In fact, his hard work has got him a lot of praise and stardom helped him to gain even more popularity. He lives his life as a trainer but also continues dancing. His fitness fame has got him a lot of work which has made him more visible in the eyes of the public leading to him receiving lots of love from his fans.

Want to know more, then just keep reading because we have included quite a lot of details for you to know about Rigsby more closely.

Cody Rigsby Net Worth

Cody Rigsby Net Worth
Cody Rigsby

The American fitness instructor and social media influencer as per 2022 reports have a whopping net worth of $4 Million. His net worth is estimated to grow even further as his fame is growing widely and many big brands are already working with him and many are looking forward to working with him. His main source of income happens to be a trainer fitness at Peloton where he earns $700 per class apart from this, he is also a media influencer and has appeared in several advertisements too. His annual income is over $300,000 considering his fame, work, and presence. He earns from his videos, collaborations, sponsorships, and his classes. As per reports he currently owns a beautiful and expensive penthouse which he bought in 2021 which is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The house costs more than $1.46 million. It is said that he also owns an exercise club.

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Cody Rigsby Early Life

The fitness enthusiast and personality Cody were brought up in Greensboro, North Carolina. His fame did not come to him as easily as you might think and had to go through a lot of ups and downs to finally reach where he is today. He started learning ballet at a community theatre when he was in his freshman year. He then took a flight to New York City for an internship at a dance school which was informed by his friend. After that, he returned to North Carolina where he was brought up followed by his coming out as gay to all his near and dear ones. In 2009, he took the step to move permanently to New York.  He has learned dance from the prestigious Broadway Dance Center in New York.

Cody Rigsby Personal Life

Cody Rigsby has kept his personal life quite open in front of the public. He is in a relationship with Andres Alfaro. Apart from this, he does not seem to share a lot about his family.

Cody Rigsby Career

Cody Rigsby Net Worth
Cody Rigsby

In terms of career, before working at Peloton, Cody worked as a dancer in nightclubs. He worked for Roar singer Katy Perry, and other famous celebrities like Pitbull, and Nicki Minaj. He in fact worked for Nicki Minaj as a backup dancer in the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. In 2021 he appeared Dancing With The Stars season 30 and performed with her partner in the show, professional and renowned dancer Cheryl Burke. Both of them won third place in the show. He also worked on projects for Elle Magazine, SNL, and many more. He even works with renowned brands like Adidas, Wonderworks Keto-Friendly cereals, Primal Kitchen, and many more. He is also a member as a teacher of Barry’s Bootcamp team.

Cody Rigsby Height

Cody Rigsby’s height is nearly about 5 feet and 11 inches and his quite well built which is obvious as he is a fitness trainer and thus works out a lot to keep himself healthy and fit.

Cody Rigsby Age

The fitness trainer Cody Rigsby is 34 years old.

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