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Covert Affairs Season 6 Release Date Has Been Cancelled!

As the words suggest Covert Affairs Season 6 is a tv series based on Central Intelligence agency (CIA) executives working as a spy to save the country and manage their family lives. The series aired its first season in July of 2010 and ran for a total of 11 episodes with a run time of 1 hour for each. The series used to air on USA Network and has now been telecasted for five seasons. Covert Affairs is an American activity show TV series recorded in Toronto, Canada, featuring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham that debuted on Tuesday, July 13, 2010. On January 6, 2015, USA Network dropped Covert Affairs after five seasons.

The fifth season premiered in June 2014. Created by Matt Corman and Chris Ord, this drama series has many major actors as its cast and is filmed in Toronto, Canada. The lead female character Annie Walker is played by beautiful and talented Piper Perabo and the role of her sister Danielle Brooks is played by Anne Dudak, while the male lead August Anderson also known as Auggie, is played by Christopher Gorham.

Annie is shown to be living in her sister’s guest house. Her actual job as a spy for the CIA is hidden even from her sister. The series also introduced some news in season 5, like Ryan McQuaid, played by Nic Bishop, who is the owner of a security company working alongside Annie. Here are all the details we know about Covert Affairs Season 6 release date.

Covert Affairs Season 6 Release Date

Covert Affairs Season 6 Release Date

If you too are waiting to get some information about season 6 of Covert Affairs and desperately want to see your favorite characters return to the screen, keep reading and find out more about the show.

The main reason we are looking forward is that at the end of season 5, we see that Annie has the marriage proposal from Ryan on the one hand, and on the other hand she has the opportunity given by Joan to join the CIA task force and she has ended the episode by indicating that she has figured it out. But as per the details shared by the producers, they are still hopeful for the show’s return but it is the network that canceled the show. So, it seems the show shall not be returning for season six. We are, though, really hoping for the creators to share Annie’s decision.

As per our understanding, it was the cost of the show’s creation that led to its ultimate cancellation. After the first few seasons, the show was shot only in Tronto, Canada began to film in places all around the world. Also, as the cast gained prominence and more work the cost of their talent increased as well. Hence maybe it was the financial issue that prevented the show from returning.

Not only this but the show’s rating can also be held responsible for the show not returning. The show earlier had a fan following and viewer count about 32% higher than in season 5, while the views of season 5 were lower than about 48% from season 4.

Although this move did come as a surprise to a lot of people as the network USA was indicating a significant shift in its shows from half our comedy shows to series filled with drama and thrill, much like Covert Affairs. Hence naturally, people were expecting it to renew all its drama series on hold, which it even did to some extent. Shows like Suits, Royal Pains, and Grace land have been picked up, but it was only this show which was an old established series that had the complete support of its creators regarding content, receiving, and actors.

Other than this network also canceled another drama called Rush while it renewed Satisfaction. So it seems from this information, maybe money was the main reason. Not saying that the USA is a cheap network, but maybe the cost of shooting all around the world and the actor charges were too high for the ratings that the show was building up. All we are waiting for is honestly to know what did Annie decide. Is she willing to get married, or will she give up on that and go ahead with her career with the CIA?

Name of the ShowCovert Affairs
Season NumberSeason 6
GenreAction Drama
Covert Affairs Season 1 Release Date13 July 2010
Covert Affairs Season 6 Release DateCanceled
Covert Affairs Season 6 Overview

Covert Affairs Season 6 Story

Season 1 of the series has about 11 episodes but with great success, it was the series then started to appear for 16 episodes per season till season 5. Over the 5 seasons, we can see some significant improvement in the characters specially in that was our lead, Annie. She changed from a person who was new to things and was a little hesitant to this strong and assertive CIA spy. She was shown a little apprehensive of her allotment before as she thought it was somehow related to her old boyfriend. We currently, don’t know the story of the next season, as the show has been canceled, so, we cannot predict the story for the canceled season.

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Covert Affairs Season 6 Cast

Covert Affairs Season 6 Release Date

Covert Affairs Season 6 has been canceled, so we cannot say anything regarding the cast of the next season, as it is not coming. But if you want to know, we can tell you the names of the cast members who have worked in the previous seasons of Covert Affairs. So, they are, Christopher Gorham as August Anderson, Piper Perabo as Anne Catherine, Anne Dudek as Danielle Brooks, Peter Gallagher as Arthur Campbell, Hill Harper as Calder Michaels, Nick Bishop as Ryan McQuaid, Sendhil Ramamurthy as Jai Wilcox, and many more.

Covert Affairs Ratings

Well, IMDb rated this show 7.3/10 and if we talk about the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, then the show stands average as it got a 3.5/5 or 77% audience score.

Covert AffairsRatings
Rotten Tomatoes3.5/5 (season 1)

Covert Affairs Season 6 Trailer

There will be no Covert Affairs Season 6, so there will be no Covert Affairs Season 6 trailer as well. You can watch the trailers for all the previous seasons on YouTube.

Where To Watch Covert Affairs Season 6 Online?

You can watch all the previous seasons of Covert Affairs on Peacock.

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