Crossing Time Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers

There are a few anime shows that are truly unique. They are following something really unique and presenting it in an intriguing manner. In Crossing Time, one show focuses on the talks that occur at a train crossing. It was a touching presentation that covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. As a result, fans are eagerly anticipating Crossing Time Season 2 in order to see more engaging dialogues. So, when can we expect Tomo and Ai to return to the big screen? Here’s everything you need to know. Fumikiri Jikan, commonly known as Crossing Time, is a Japanese slice-of-life anime television series. It’s an adaption of the same-named Japanese manga series. The first installment of this show was animated by Studio Ekachi Epilka. On April 10, 2018, the first episode aired.

Crossing Time Season 1 Story

Jude Ellis, while not by the sea, discovers a girl who has been nailed to the shore. He turns his head towards the ocean to make sure the infant is still alive and notices a large number of individuals floating on the water’s surface. The man instantly dials 911 to determine the identification of the drowned person. It turns out that people have arrived from the future, but their life stories are so jumbled that their testimony is difficult to piece together. People were tired of the endless fighting and wanted to save their lives.

Crossing Time Season 2 Release Date

Crossing Time Season 2
Crossing Time

Season 1 of Crossing Time premiered on April 10, 2018, and continued until June 26 of the same year, with 12 three-minute episodes. Despite the show’s devoted fanbase’s enthusiasm, no plans for a second season have been announced. However, if you’re looking forward to the second season of the show, there’s no need to be concerned just yet. Because anime programs often take years to renew, Ekachi Epilka still has time to announce a second season. Furthermore, there is no shortage of source material for a second season because fresh chapters of the manga series are continually being produced. Given this, we believe the show has a good probability of being revived for a second season.  This does not, however, rule out the potential of a future English dub being licensed, but we must agree that the possibilities are minimal. However, the quality of the voice acting in the original Japanese version has been acclaimed, and if you wish to see the show, you can locate the Japanese version with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

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Crossing Time Season 2 Characters

Crossing Time Season 2
Crossing Time

Crossing Time includes a defined cast of primary and supporting characters, despite the show’s episodic style. We’ve included some background information for each of the show’s major characters below. Ai is one of the show’s two central characters. Ai is a talkative young girl who spends most of her time at the railroad crossing with a boy named Tomo. She is a schoolgirl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name is Tomo’s senpai. Tomo: The show’s second main character, Tomo is a blue sailor uniformed schoolgirl with bob-cut blue hair. At the railway crossings, she spends a lot of time with Ai. Despite the fact that Tomo has an expressionless face that makes it impossible to deduce what she is feeling, it is inferred that she is a kind person because she cares deeply about Ai, even if they only meet at train crossings. Aside from Ai and Tomo, a number of other supporting characters appear in Season 1’s short episodes. The other main characters are Mashima, Tanishi, Kurobe, Sensei, Misaki Komaba, and Takashi Komaba.

You can watch the whole previous series of this popular and amazing anime story on Crunchyroll.

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