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Damian Hardung Partner: Who Is The German Actor Dating?

Damian Hardung is a German actor who is from Cologne. He won a gifted scholarship in a private school in New York. He is an amazing football player and played at Fortuna Cologne up to the A-Jugend.  But to pursue his other passion acting he gave up football and is now a professional actor.

He also played soccer representing Koln in the German Football Association. He graduated high school in the year 2016. He has been working since the year 2010. He is known for various great roles. He is very well known for the series Club of the Red Ribbons. The series was launched on the Vox network. He also gained a lot of prominence for his powerful performance in The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. Another show that is bringing attention to its actors including Damian is How to sell drugs online.

This is a Netflix original series. He plays the role of Daniel Riffert, presumptive boyfriend of the female lead Lisa and rival to Lisa’s ex Moritz. He later becomes a part of Moritz’s drug company in the logistics team.

As for his family, his father’s name is Alex Hardung and his mother’s name is Marika Hardung. He has two other brothers. The actor has an active Instagram account with about 2,38,000 followers and uploads not just movie posters or set images but also images from his day-to-day life. Actors do a lot of photoshoots and upload both shoot and candid images. Here are all the details we know about Damian Hardung Partner.

All About Damian Hardung

Damian Hardung is a 22-year-old Virgo born in September of the year 1998. He has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches and has a net worth of about 1 million dollars. He gained a lot of popularity for playing Jonas for the series the Red Band Society. He was a part of the acting ensemble Club der Roten Bander. This also led him to win the German Actors award.

But that’s not exactly the information you are here for, right? I understand. Read along to know how is this heartthrob in real life at romance and relationships and if he really has one.

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Damian Hardung Partner

Every time we see a cute actor/actress in tv series we rush to the internet to get to know them better. A weird question arises in our head that if this person is the same, they are on the show? Do they have a girlfriend/boyfriend? If yes then we spend hours looking at their cute pictures and thus increasing our expectations from the people around us. Huh.

Well as for this actor there has never been an update as to who he was or is dating. Strange right? Cause with those looks and eyes we should have had a list yet. Just JOKING. But to tell you the truth the actor has neither publicly informed about a relationship nor has his agency. He also has never had a fiancé.

So, I think it is safe to assume that Damian just is not dating or he is a super private person. But even if an actor is private do you think they can save themselves from the media and photographers hidden under every tree or road corner and capturing beautiful day-to-day life moments of our beloved actors for us? I don’t really think so.

Even if we look into the actors’ past girlfriends, we do not find a name. There is no mention of any date, hookup, or fling.  So, I guess this story is yet to get a queen or a princess.

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