Date A Live Season 5 Release Date Updates

Date A live is one of the oldest anime that has been running since 2013. It has still currently releasing episodes. As you can guess, an anime that has withstood this whole time will be very good and successful. It also gained a lot of popularity and fans over time. Anime is so addicting once you hook on something to watch you want to continue watching. Date A Live Season 4 has been airing recently and of course, as soon it ends you want to know when will the next time you can see the anime with new episodes. In the article, we are going to discuss Date A live Season 5 release date, cast, and everything related to it.

Date A Live Season 5 Release Date

Date A Live Season 5 Release Date
Date A Live

Date A life was first aired in March of 2013 with 12 episodes. Then slowly gaining popularity, it was renewed for another season in 2014 and third season in 2019, and of course 4th season in 2022. The anime was adapted from a Japanese light novel written by Koshi Tachibana and art by Tsunako. Till now 22 volumes are published. The genre that the anime and light novels are explained are Harem, Romantic comedy, and Science fiction.  The light novel published in English is Yen press so if you want to read it use the legal ways.

The first episode was streamed on March 31 2013 and started its TV broadcast in April of 2013. Later the second season renewal was announced at end of the first season and started airing in April of 2014.  Then the 3rd season was announced on Twitter by the producer and started airing on March 29, 2019. Then season 4 was announced on their official site and started airing.

There hasn’t been an official announcement about Date Alive Season 5. As you see there is no consistency in where and when will be the announcement made. So we can’t even guess when the anime will get the season 5 but also when will the announcement be done. But for sure there will be another season because the success of this anime has been skyrocketing recently so there would be beneficial to the producer and also fans to get another season.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Date A Live Season 1 Release Date6 April 2013
Date A Live Season 4 Release Date8 April 2022
Date A Live Season 5 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Date A Live Season 5 Release Date

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Date A Live Season 5 Story

Date A Live Season 5 Release Date
Date A Live

The story starts with a mysterious phenomenon which is called Spatial Quake which results in 150 million casualties. The main character who is an ordinary high school student, Shido Itsuka gets to talk to some strange girl from ground zero. Later he gets to know from his sister that the girl was on the sprits from another dimension and was the real reason for all the earthquakes. She provides him with information about the special creators and girls and how they cause these quakes by manifesting them into the real world from another dimension.

Later he gets recruited by Ratatoskr who uses his special abilities to seal the powers of spirits powers that stop him from being a threat to mankind.  To seal this power he has to make the spirit fall in love with him and make her kiss him. This story has the best way of expressing love and lets us journey with him to see how he seals the spirit’s powers.

As there haven’t been any real announcements about the Date Alive Season 5 so we cant guess from which light novel will the next season be adapted from.

Date A Live Season 5 Characters

Date A Live Season 5 Release Date
Date A Live

Date A life has a wonderful voice actor which makes the viewing more pleasurable. These voice actors are Shidō Itsuka       – Nobunaga Shimazaki; Tōka Yatogami – Marina Inoue; Origami Tobiichi- Misuzu Togashi; Kotori Itsuka – Ayana Taketatsu; Dr. Reine Murasame – Aya Endō; Kyōhei Kannazuki -Takehito Koyasu; Yoshino – Iori Nomizu; Kurumi Tokisaki – Asami Sanada; Mana Takamiya – Misato; Ryouko Kusakabe – Ao Takahashi; Mai Hazakura            – Kayoko Tsumita; Ai Yamabuki – Risako Murai; Mii Fujibakama – Midori Tsukimiya; Hiroto Tonomachi – Anri Katsu; Kaguya Yamai – Maaya Uchida; Yuzuru Yamai – Sarah Emi Bridcutt; Miku Izayoi – Minori Chihara. The thing to be remembered is that these all are Japanese voice dub artists.

Where to Watch Date A Live Season 5?

The first two seasons are licensed by Funimation to watch. Later the other season was licensed by sony. Now you can watch the other season on Crunchyroll. SO it would be safe to assume that season 5 would be released on Crunchyroll.

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