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Deadpool 4 Release Date, Cast, and Story

Deadpool 2016 is an American superhero film, highly inspired by Marvel Comics. Deadpool 2016 directed by Tim Miller from the screenplay of Rhett Reese and Paul Wenrick. It was produced by Simon Kinberg, Ryan Reynolds, and Lauren Shuker Donner.  

Deadpool is highly based on “Deadpool by Fabian Nicieza, and Rob Liefeld”. Both are popular comic book writers. Fabian Nicieza is best known for his work on Marvel names such as X-Men, X-Force, New Warriors, Cable, Deadpool, etc. Whereas Rob Liefeld is best known for his work on Marvel Comics’ The New Mutants and X-Force.  

As in Deadpool 2016 film, the film was based on the life of  “Wade Wilson” born in Canada city, he in his childhood faced numerous struggles, his childhood fraught with up with hurdles, later he joined the military but he got fired because of his savage and disrespectful behavior. Then he became a hooligan, he was enjoying his professional but then he got to know he has cancer and he is in the last stage, which broke him down. He joined the weapon x program to kill this cancer, a antidote was injected into his body, which gave him mutant abilities and also a horrific physical appearance. Later wade started to help people, though he became the antihero.  

Deadpool was released in the USA on February 12, 2016. The film earned both financial and critical success. Financially it earned over 782 million dollars, against a 58 million dollar budget, by breaking several records and becoming the ninth-highest-growing film of 2016. 

Deadpool 4 Release Date 

As you guys are waiting for this juicy information, here we are. As there is no firm declaration on the releasing date for the upcoming movie, though it is expected that Deadpool 3, will release in 2023 more likely. It is not clear whether Deadpool 4 will be a continuation of Deadpool 3 or a conclusion.  

To find out this, we have to wait for Deadpool 3 to release as per Marvel’s official tweet, aa Deadpools’ shooting is likely to begin in November 2022. 

PartsRelease Dates
Deadpool 1 Release Date12 February 2016
Deadpool 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Deadpool 4 Release Date

Deadpool 3 Story 

As Deadpool 3’s plot is still a mystery for us. We can only predict that season 3 would be the continuation of Deadpool 2. In the ending of Deadpool 2, we got a hint about the next part. Though everything would be cleared after the official announcement by Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

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Deadpool 2 Recap 

Deadpool 4 Release Date
Deadpool 4 Release Date

As Deadpool 2 was based on the love life of Deadpool, while fighting with his enemies, he spared one of them, who later attacked Deadpool, when he was planning about a family with his girlfriend, during attack Deadpool’s girlfriend got bullet shot and she died on the spot. Deadpool killed all his enemies and he thought of the killer of his girlfriend and tried to kill himself, as the movie shifted to the present Deadpool was trying to kill himself by setting fire to his house, though he is immortal his all attempt got failed. Due to fire, his body was scattered in pieces and Colossus took him to a mutant hospital to get well. There in mutant school, a child came and got tortured a lot along with another child. Later Deadpool killed and attacked the principal as he tortured children in school. Both Deadpool and the child got to mutant prison, there we saw Cable, who came future to kill that child, as Cable attacked in mutant prison, though Deadpool saved that child and Successfully came out from prison.

Deadpool planned to save that child from Cable and made a team. While that child became a good friend of the most dangerous giant mutant in prison as prisoners were shifting to new prisons. Deadpool took advantage and executed his plan to save that child, Domino attacked the bus to save the child, there Cable also came and started killing Domino, but Deadpool saved her in a while that child came up with a giant mutant and he created too much destruction. Then Cable told about the future and warned Deadpool that if he got succeed to kill the principal, he would end up creating destruction. Deadpool and Cable, both went on the mission to stop a child from killing the principal on one condition Cable would give that child a second chance. A child was about to kill the principal but at right time Deadpool prevented him by getting shot on his body, which made that child understand and he stopped himself. As Cable used his time watch to save Deadpool’s life and he got succeeded, later Deadpool got that watch fixed and saved his girlfriend also. Here we saw the happy ending. During the ending, we got a hint about Deadpool 3s’ plot as Vanessa told Wilson to go back to his life as X-Men need him.  

Now we have to wait for official information from Marvel itself.  

Deadpool 3 Cast 

Deadpool 4 Release Date
Deadpool 2

As Deadpool is based on a single character, which is suggested by its title. Ryan Reynolds has played the role of Wade Wilson, which has given life to Wade Wilson’s character in the movie, as Deadpool becomes a mutant due to injected antidote in their body, though Deadpool is pretty hilarious in behavior and becomes an antihero. Then we have Morena Baccarin, who has played the role of Vanessa, she is a bar dancer and girlfriend of Deadpool. In the upcoming series, we are expected to see the entry of new characters. 

Where To Watch Deadpool Season 3 

As fans are curious to know, where to watch the upcoming Deadpool 3, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Deadpool 3 will be exclusive to Disney Plus after 45 days of being released in theatre. It won’t be available on any other platform such as HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other platforms.  

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