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Deadwind Season 4 Release Date Latest Information and News

What comes to your mind when you think about a Body wrapped up in plastic, holding a flower Bouquet?

Ain’t that screw your mind? Imagine she is in front of you. What you are going to do? Well, this is the situation of the famous Crime series the ‘Deadwind’. This nerve-wracking series is actually on its way to making you feel haunted but curious. This series is based on the murders that can vanish your heartbeat. And if you like something like this, Deadwind will not disappoint you.

Deadwind is a crime-based Nordic series. This is a Scandinavian noir drama. It is directed by Rike Jokela. Deadwind creators are Rike Jokela, Jari Olavi Rantala, and Kirsi Porkka.

It is prpduced by Riina Hyytia and Jojo Uimonen. The Deadwind composer was Juri Seppa and the production company was Dionysos Films H&V Production.

It is a Finland Crime drama that was networked by Yle TV2.

Its original season was released in Finland on March 14, 2018, and it received high criticism because everyone said that it is a copied version of ‘The Killing’ and ‘The bridge’ which was a Swedish show. Season 2 was published by Netflix on July 1, 2020, and it was released in Finland on 5 April 2020. Deadwind has a total of three seasons, each season has 20+ episodes and every episode is 45 minutes long, enough to keep you engaged.

This series IMDb rating is 7.5/10 and it received a 65% positive review from crime enthusiasts.

Deadwind Season 4 Release Date

Deadwind Season 3 is released on 29 October 2022 on Netflix. It’s next season, season 4 has no clue.

As per the sources season 3, is the last season of Deadwind and no further season of this show will be presented. Well, this news has how much base, we cannot simply predict. There is no official statement regarding the next season from the creators. But there is an assumption that it all depends on the success of season 3, if season 3 will get a solid response as the old seasons, we can expect its next season. Season 4 can be anywhere released in 2023 or 2024 on Netflix.

Until then, you should enjoy the current season 3 on Netflix.

Name of the ShowDeadwind
Season NumberSeason 4
GenreCrime Drama
Deadwind Season 1 Release Date14 March 2018
Deadwind Season 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Deadwind Season 4 Overview

Deadwind Season 4 Story

Deadwind Season 4 is in a hidden bog just like the murderer in the series. Season 3 will be released on 29 October 2022, and no one knows what is going to be the next move of the upcoming season.

As per the creators of the show, we can see a new cast in the renewed. The main Characters can also be changed. Yes! that can happen, no one knew who will survive in season 3, and to know that you have to watch season 3.

The upcoming season can show Sofia Karppi and Sakari Nurmi’s romance to take a new stage, and might they got married who knows.

The upcoming season will also have a new serial killer who has some deep roots in Karppi’s past life. We can see Karppi fighting with her demons. Those Demons will also attack her family this time. She will be fighting hard trying to protect her children. The upcoming season will be worth waiting for. And it will surely impress you with the plots and twists.

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Deadwind Recap

Deadwind Season 4 Release Date

Deadwind story start with an entry of our strong and intelligent lady cop Sofia Karppi. She returns to her work back after a long break. Sofia is 30 years old and she is a widow. She recently lost her husband. She is a single parent and has two children to take care of. She is a detective. Sofia was joined by Sakari Nurmi a Rookie Detective. He is a smart detective but not as smart as Sofia. In the first season, his character was represented as not a very mature detective but eventually in the series we got to know he is a hidden gem.

The story starts with a missing case of Anna Bergdahl, a social service consultant. Her body was wrapped with plastic, holding flowers deep buried in the construction site. Both detectives try to unfold the mystery but it is much more complex than they thought it would be. They both investigated Anna’s husband, her ex-husband. His husband is in shock, he didn’t know what happened, which drives all the attention toward him.

The next season 2 was filled with another murder mystery of Estonia and Finland tunnel. A psychopath murderer was killing people in the association of the tunnel. This season was all about drug dealing as Karppi’s daughter got stuck into it. And on the other hand, Sofia is stuck in this bog of death. The tension between Nurmi and Sofia also grows in this season. On one side they kiss each other and on another side, they repel each other.

And on the other hand, two murders take place in Helsinki and Tallinn, the complexity grew and the case became personal when Koskimaki the commanding officer, and his step-daughter got murdered. But the officer left a clue, and with that clue’s help, Sofia would catch the murderer in the end.

The next season, season 3 story is a boarding complex. Karppi is on break and she is no longer part of the police. She is in the countryside, taking care of her daughter who was abused and became a drug addict.

The series starts with another cold murder of a woman. Whose body was locked in an animal cage? Her whole body was full of scars and scratches from knives, an indication of an animal. But this animal is a Human.

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Nurmi was ordered to solve this case and bring back Sofia. As per the officials, Normi reached out to Sofia and they are on their next case.

This case is a little more haunting, as Sofia tries to investigate the woman, she got more confused, as if there is a bigger picture out there.

Sofia and Nurmi investigated an apartment that they think is of the killer. They found some dark and haunting art pieces, those pieces indicated they are the pictures of the victims and the killer has painted them, just in the order in which he would kill them.

During the investigation, Sofia and Nurmi came closer and the romance between them also sparked. But it seems that their new love shall not exist for a longer time. The story is much more than Sofia thought it would be. Both the detectives tried there their best to catch the murderer. But it does not seem to be happening, as they found another body of a young girl. She was killed in the same way but this time in the water. It seems that the killer is playing with them. He gave them hints through pictures. In all the murders he did, there was one thing in common .an ‘odd symbol’. It is a spiral that has no end.

The killer has some connection with Sofia’s Husband. As if he didn’t die, he was killed.

Sofia will also cover the mystery of his husband’s death and the demons in her life, which are hiding for a long time. Season 3 is chock-full of murders, blood, and mystery. A lot of new faces will come out, and new stories shall be uncovered. In the story, one of the main characters shall die at the end. Sofia’s protective and strong version will be out. A lot of encounters, Gunshots, and romance are waiting out in season 3.

What happened at the end will remain in the shade, until you discover it.

Deadwind Controversy

Deadwind Season 1, which was released on March 18, 2018, became the biggest part of the controversy. All the Seasons of Deadwind are claimed to be a copied version of the Danish series ‘The Killing’ and the Swedish series ‘The Bridge’.

Deadwind Season 4 Cast

Deadwind Season 4 Release Date

We don’t have any idea about what will be the cast of the upcoming season 4 but surely the main cast will be present. The cast of season 3 includes:

Pihla Vlitala as Sofia Karppi, Lauri Tikanen portrayed Sakari Nurmi, Jani Volanen as Usko Bergdahl, Edit Patrakka as Armi Bergdahl, Elsa Brotherus played Isla Bergdahl, Tommi Korpela played the role of Alex Hoikkala, Riku Nieminen as Roope Hoikkala, Jonna Jarnefelt as Linda Hoikkala, Raimo Gronberg as Taplo Koskimaki, Mimosa Willamo portrayed Henna Honkasuo, Noa Tola as Emil Karppi, Mikko Nousiainen as Jarkko Vaahtera, Marjaana Maijala played Maria Lima, Tobias Zillacus as Rannikko.

August Wittgenstein as Andreas Wolf, Ville Myllyrinne as JP, Vera Kiiskinen as Raisa Peltola, Kari Hietalahti as Louhivuori, Antti Virmavirta as Lennart, Yiermi Rajamaa as Leo Rasta, Jemina Sillanpaa as Laura, Alina Tomnikov as Liris, Sulevi Peltola as Tuomas, Lilga Kovanka played the role of Saara, Juhani Nilemela as Paavali Pusenius, Ero Milnoff as Jyrankoski, Minna Suuronen as Arjatsalo, Rabbe Smedlund as Fredrik Holkkala and Manuela Bosco played Filipa.

Deadwind Season 4 Trailer

As we have mentioned above that the show is a crime drama, season one of the show was released on 14th March 2018, and on 29 October 2022 this series came back with the 3rd season. All you wanted to know about the release of the 4th season, but unfortunately the makers have not decided anything yet regarding season 4. If we talk about the trailer of season 4, obviously, there is no information about the release date yet, we cannot also reveal anything regarding the Deadwind season 4 trailer. But whenever it will announce, you get the trailer almost one month before the release. So don’t worry, we are here to update you, you will get all the latest information here.

Where to Watch Deadwind Online?

Deadwind is officially streamed by Yle TV2 on 14 March 2018, but it was only streamed in Finland. Deadwind all seasons are officially broadcasted for the international audience on Netflix.

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