Dealer Season 2 Release Date Updates Is Here

Netflix has a bunch of astonishing series as well as movies. During the coronavirus pandemic, all we needed was a perfect series, to distract us from the outer world. And we got that!  So yes! Netflix is back with another mind-blowing series named Dealer. This thrilling crime drama along with perfect action scenes are all we wanted, let’s read this article to know something more about the series Dealer.

 A French television streaming series Dealer, written by Ange Basterga. At the same time, Ange Basterga and Nicolas Lopez also created as well as directed this streaming series. Aurélie Meimon and Noor Sadar are the producers of the series Dealer. This is a kind of miniseries that has a total of 10, with the running time of each episode being almost around 8 to 15 minutes. Ange Basterga and Nicolas Lopez made the film named Caïd on all their own, and the film was shooted with all non-professional actors. But the film won the award under the nomination Best Feature Film. After some time FrenchKiss Pictures and Netflix decided to adapt the film into a series So both the directors worked together and rewrote the film in the series which comprised 10 episodes. The series started with the stars Abderamane Diakhite, Idir Azougli, Mohamed Boudouh, and Sébastien Houbani. As season 1 of the series has already concluded, fans are waiting for the season 2 premiere. So, We have got something for you about season 2 of Dealer!

Dealer Season 2 Release Date

Last year on March 10, the series Dealer premiered officially on Netflix, and yes! All the episodes of Dealer premiered on the same day. You will be unable to stop yourself once you start watching this mind-blowing series. Despite an amazing response from the viewers, it got an average rating of 6.2 out of 10 by IMDb. It’s already been almost 1 year since season 1 of Dealer concluded, and the viewers couldn’t control their excitement for the premiere of season 2. So we have got something for you about the renewal of the series. Still, almost after 1 year of season 1, the renewal of the series for season 2 is not officially announced yet. We haven’t seen a word from Netflix until now, but after looking at the popularity of the series we can expect season 2 to release somewhere in the future. However, it is just a forecast, let’s wait until we get any official news.

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Dealer Season 2 Story

Dealer Season 2 Release Date

The storyline of season 2 is not been officially announced yet, because the series is not renewed by Netflix until now. So of course we have to wait a little more until we get any updates about season 2. Till then let’s read the storyline for season 1, the story of Dealer season 1 starts when a music video director named Franck, to film Tony he tries to penetrate a neighborhood in the South of France. While he was trying to reveal the true face of drug dealing but somehow at the last, he got caught in a bloody gang war.

Dealer Season 2 Cast

Dealer Season 2 Release Date

A perfect cast list is definitely responsible for the success of any series, and it’s the same case with the series Dealer. It has a perfect list of actors, who have done a tremendous job. The cast list of season 1 are Tony by Abderamane Diakhite; Moussa by Mohamed Boudouh; Franck by Sébastien Houbani; Steve by Idir Azougli; Thomas by Julien Meurice; Ahmed by Jafar Moughanim; Kilian by Kilian Da Costa; Houda by Houda Salhi; Jess by Siti Hamadi; Zimo by Nazim Kaabeche; Alex by Alexy Brun; Neige by Yvan Sorel; Kylian by Mohamed Souare; Mabs by Abdillah Assoumani and many more. The cast list for season 2 is not yet revealed, so we have to wait until we get any updates. 

Dealer Season 2 Trailer

The teaser of Dealer season 1 was already released last year on the official channel of Netflix on YouTube. If you haven’t watched the trailer, then you should definitely try it out. However, there is no trailer for season 2 yet. But yes! We can expect season 2 in the near future. What we can do now is hope for the best! You can watch season 1 of Dealer on Netflix.

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Written by Khushi Keshri

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