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Death Note Season 2 Release Date and Possible Spoilers

Death note has been one of the most famous anime Manga series that anyone might have ever watched. The character of light Yagami and the investigator had a pretty lot of things in common which made the audience much more excited about how the series would end. If you remember the last episode of season 1, I know you might have got goosebumps for sure. The fantastic anime was released back in 2006 and it has been 15 years since its release, season 2 of death note if it ever releases it might become the world’s highest rating and the most viewed anime in no time.

The Death Note Anime has a lot of potentials and you can understand this by knowing that there were about three spin-offs of the death note 2 games and one official movie released by Netflix. Any anime has this much potential it is death not without a doubt produced by the mad house and Tsugumi Ohba is the writer of the psychological thriller anime that might give you chills down your body.Let’s talk about the season 2 of death note and its recent updates.

Death note season 2 release date

Whenever there is a season 2 of any anime, there is enough back-end content available in the Manga. But this happened to be lost from the past 15 years as the writer did not have any idea that their creation would go wild in the jungle.

After various spin-offs and game makeovers and watching the anime’s popularity, the writer Tsugumi Ohba has continued writing back in 2020. It is highly expected that the Death Note season 2 Release date will come back later in 2022 when there is no official statement from the madhouse and neither Tsugumi Ohba.

Till then we can just to wait for the official announcement to be done but this sure that if the Anime returned, it is going to break some massive records that have been set in the past 15 years. Till then we can just wait for the return of light yagami and the book which had the incredible power.

Death note season 2 storyline

If you remember the story line of death note season 1, light Yagami was the main lead protagonist who had got the power of the death note while studying in school. But their is a massive twist that might reveal that light yagami might still be alive, it is just a fan theory but there is a lot of possibilities that the right my turn the story around by telling that the death note had inscription of light yagami planning his own death. Anything is possible if we talk about supernatural elements that is all fictional in nature.

Another aspect that is highly possible that Tsugumi Ohba may start writing the anime in a new way, there might be a new protagonist new storyline and a new character might get this book and its power. If that happens it might be really hard for the new protagonist to compete with the earlier one is light Yagami who used to be extremely smart and it’s perfect for the characterization. Although there is no update about the work Tsugumi Ohba has been doing for the past year and is completely kept secret. But this for sure that Death note is always gonna be the most anticipated anime in the Otaku world.

Will there be Death note season 2?

As said earlier there has been no official announcement by a production madhouse and the writer Tsugumi Ohba has told nothing about season 2 yet, although the Manga is being developed as earlier it had about 12 volumes which have been already consumed in the first season of death note. It has been about 15 years since and earlier in 2020 the writer has again begun to write the storyline for season 2. Although this all is not yet officially confirmed by the makers.

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