Delicious Party Precure Episode 23 Release Date And Spoilers!

The recently released anime Delicious Party Precure is directed by Toshinori Fukazawa and written by Sawako Hirabayashi. It belongs to the genre of magical girl anime and premiered on television in February 2022. The anime has won many fans thanks to its food-based storytelling.

Fans love anime for its aesthetic visuals and interesting storyline. If you are a food enthusiast then you should definitely check out the anime. Recently, fans are eager for the release of Episode 23 of the anime and want to know everything about it. And we have got all the information you need to have regarding the new episode. We will discuss the release date, storyline, cast and where you can catch it online in this article.

Delicious Party Precure Episode 23 Release Date

 Delicious Party Precure Episode 23 Release Date
Delicious Party Precure

Fans are loving this anime that came out on February 6 2022. Delicious Party Precure has gained a big fan following and has won a lot of hearts. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the release of episode 23. Don’t worry, we have all the details you need to know about Delicious Party Precure Episode 23.
There is some great news for fans. Episode 23 is set to be released on 20 August 2022. So catch up on all the previous episodes of Delicious Party Precure before the new episode releases.

Name of the ShowDelicious Party Precure
Episode NumberEpisode 23
GenreMagic, Fantasy
Delicious Party Precure Episode 1 Release Date6 February 2022
Delicious Party Precure Episode 23 Release Date20 August 2022
Delicious Party Precure Episode 23 Overview

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Delicious Party Precure Episode 23 Story

Even though the release date of episode 23 has been revealed, there is no news about the storyline of the episode. Fans will have to find out what happens in the new episode upon its release only. The story of Delicious Party Precure is a magical fantasy story about the kingdom of CooKingdom. This kingdom is responsible for the safekeeping of all the cuisine in the world.

However, the precious Recipe-Bon is stolen by the ‘Bundle Gang’ who is a vicious group of phantom thieves. The Recipe-Bon are actually small cooking fairies that are responsible for all the different cuisines in the world. By stealing the Recipe-Bon, the ‘Bundle Gang’ can monopolise all the cooking in the world for themselves.

Now, to save the Recipe-Bon, three Energy Fairies are sent to the human world. These fairies meet some teenagers in the town of Oishiina. Together with these teenager friend groups, they form the Pretty Cures. The friend group consists of Yui Nagomi and her friends, Kokone Fuwa and Ran Hanamichi.

The Pretty Cure now goes on several adventures together in order to free the Recipe and the Recipe-Bon from the evil clutches of the ‘Bundle Gang’. The story follows their exploits and thrilling adventures as they try to achieve their mission.

Delicious Party Precure Episode 23 Characters

Delicious Party Precure Episode 23 Release Date
Delicious Party Precure

We can understand the eagerness and curiosity of fans as they are waiting for the release of episode 23. However, the cast information of the episode has not been announced yet. The protagonist of the series is Yui Nagomi who is voiced by: Hana Hishikawa. She is a middle school student who has a voracious appetite. Nagomi enjoys having all kinds of foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. She can transform into Cure Precious with Kome-Kome’s powers.

Next comes Kokone Fuwa. She is Yui’s close friend and also a second-year middle school student. Her character is voiced by Risa Shimizu. In the Pretty Cure, she is Cure Spicy with Pam-Pam’s powers. Yui’s other very close friend is Ran Hanamichi. Yuka Iguchi voices her character who is also Cure Yum-Yum by
Mem-Mem’s powers. She is a cute and talkative middle schooler who is very excited when it comes to food.

Ai Kayano voices Amane Kasai who is the fourth member of Pretty Cure. She is a third-year student and the student council President. Both intelligent and pretty, she has a strong sense of justice. She becomes Cure Finale with the Heart Fruits Pendant.

Now coming to the Energy Fairies. Natsumi Takamori, Natsumi Hioka and Tomoe Hanba voice the three Energy Fairies, Kome-Kome, Pam-Pam and Mem-Mem respectively. They are sent to the Oishiina Town in order to save the Recipe-Bon from the evil clutches of the Bundle Gang.

Where To Watch Delicious Party Precure Episode 23 Online?

Episode 1 of Delicious Party Precure was released on February 6 2022. Since then the anime has become a fan favourite. Fans in Japan can catch anime on the ANN television network. However, international fans can also catch the anime online on Crunchyroll. All the previous and new episodes of Delicious Party Precure are available online on Crunchyroll.

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