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Dhootha: Is the Telugu Show Inspired by a True Story?

Naga Chaitanya’s digital debut is in the supernatural thriller web series Dhootha, the Messenger. It was written and directed by Vikram Kumar and stars Prachi Desai, Priya Bhavani Shankar, and Parvathy Thiruvothu. And offers a unique viewpoint on the Indian supernatural-horror genre. It successfully removes layers to show the complex network tying politicians, law enforcement, and media together.

Dhootha: Is the Telugu Show Inspired by a True Story?

The story revolves around mysterious newspaper articles that cause chaos in the lives of Sagar, his loved ones, and close friends. The plot is distinguished by its intriguing idea and lack of typical horror clichés, which is a break from traditional horror tropes. The show manages to keep viewers interested even in the face of occasional predictability.

Truth, impartiality, and accuracy are the core pillars of media, and Naga Chaitanya’s Dhooth is a disturbing mirror that begs readers to consider journalistic ethics in light of these forces. The macabre storyline of this horror movie makes one think about the evil forces endangering the journalistic values.

Dhootha: Is the Telugu Show Inspired by a True Story?

The answer to- “Dhootha: Is the Telugu Show Inspired by a True Story?” is No. In the Telugu web series Dhootha, directed by Vikram Kumar, Naga Chaitanya plays the part of Sagar, an investigative journalist with an apparent unbroken desire to be a truth-bearer (dhootha) for the people. But all is not as it seems, and when reporters and their close associates begin to disappear in the most horrifying ways imaginable, a darker scheme comes to light. Though the doomed story succeeds in encircling the audience with its complex diegesis, it is still unclear if this will have a lasting effect.

Dhootha challenges reflection, making viewers reevaluate the actions and choices they have taken in their own life. The conclusion of this incredibly compelling series, nevertheless, should have been even better. The show, for whatever reason, fits the well-known pattern of being a potboiler that concludes on an extremely predictable note. You can watch Dhootha on Amazon Prime Video.

Story of Dhootha

Respected and well-connected journalist Sagar (Naga Chaitanya) takes over as chief editor of the well-known Samacharam daily. His wife Priya (Priya Bhavani Shanker), who is also a successful journalist, and their daughter Anjali, together with their family dog, make up a close-knit unit. But when their pet dies in a sad accident, the premonitory newspaper article that captured the exact circumstances of the tragedy causes their lives to take an unexpected turn.

This is only the start of a string of sinister messages predicting what’s to come, revealing a widespread force that is after dishonest journalists and hurting Sagar’s entire family. Sagar finds himself under suspicion as he becomes connected with Police Investigating Officer Kranthi Shenoy (Parvathy Thiruvothu). As the story progresses, it becomes unclear how Sagar is connected to the unseen force and reveals a potentially compelling past.

Review of Dhootha

Naga Chaitanya makes an impressive OTT debut, giving the protagonist a complex and nuanced depiction. Priya Bhavani Shanker as Priya, Prachi Desai as Ankitha, and Parvathy Thiruvothu as an investigative police officer all give strong performances that add to the series’ overall appeal. For her powerful performance, Parvathy deserves special recognition. In addition to Pasupathy, Tharun Bhaskar, Rohini, Tanikella Bharani, Eeswari Rao, Ravindra Vijay,and Raja Goutham, the performers’ contributions give the story more weight as it moves into the past. Anish Yohan Kuruvilla and Chaitanya Garikipati are two members of the supporting cast who successfully balance the plot.

Young, driven, and accomplished, Sagar from Naga Chaitanya is now the Chief Editor of a soon-to-be daily. And although at first he appears to be well on his way, a little newspaper article foretelling his dog’s death and the eventual sad passing of the mutt utterly upend his world. It appears that there is a cascading death spiral after that, with additional ominous newspaper articles foretelling the demise of others close to him.

Dhootha, a fast-paced suspense thriller directed by Sharrat Marar, combines aspects of the paranormal with an unpredictable plot to keep viewers riveted. Sagar’s previous mistakes come back to haunt him and those dearest to him as he struggles to understand the unexplainable sequence of horrific incidents. Sagar appears to be forced to think on himself and the consequences of his actions by the story. That being said, it’s still unclear if this blend of horror, the paranormal, and reflection will resonate with audiences or lead to a complex and extravagant plot.

Where to Watch the movie Dhootha ? 

Dhootha will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.


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