Dimension High School Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

In Dimension High School, Asmik Ace and Polygon Magic meld live-action and anime to create an interesting hybrid series. They must solve riddles from the Sphinxes after a living meteorite called Spudio is summoned into a different dimension on the 22nd. Losing opponents’ souls are consumed by the Sphinxes, enabling them to ascend dimensions and end the world.

A hybrid performance was presented to the audience two years ago in the form of Choujigen Kakumei. Despite its disappointing result, the series gained some fans based on its unique setting. The fans are now clamoring for Dimension High School Season 2 because they can’t wait to see if it succeeds the second time around. Is the sequel of this hybrid series ever going to be released? Details can be found here.
Choujigen Kakumei, also known as Dimension High School, is a Japanese anime and live-action hybrid series. This show was co-produced by Polygon Magic and Asmik Ace. In January 2019, this show aired its first episode. The show aired a total of 11 episodes before concluding on March 28, 2019. A sequel has not yet been released, so its fans have been searching for it.

Will There Ever Be Dimension High School Season 2?

Fans had high expectations before the premiere of this hybrid series. Many of them watched it only because of its unique live-action/anime setting. The viewers soon realized, however, that they would not get what they expected. It is a terrible story. Frequently, it isn’t very interesting and has quite a few plot holes. The story isn’t one of the best, and the characters are no exception.

Yurio and Tsuyoshi’s friendship was all that viewers learned. Production studios focused primarily on blending live-action with anime for Dimension High School. In both aspects, however, the show failed miserably and disappointed viewers. It is worth checking out only if the viewers are looking for something unique. There is nothing particularly special about it except for the hybrid component.

Dimension High School Season 2 Release Date

Dimension High School Season 2

Watchers and critics responded negatively to this hybrid series’ first installment. There were mostly negative reviews for this game. In addition, the show’s reviews affected its ratings as well. It is rated only 5.17 on MyAnimeList at the time of writing. Similarly, Choujigen Kakumei has a low membership of 8.5K members in its MAL group. Furthermore, it was a largely original series, for which there is no corresponding source material. So there is a likely chance fan won’t have another season of Dimension High School. After a poor performance and poor reception, the production company might not continue to push forward.

The chances of its sequel ever released are extremely slim, as we’ve discussed above. It is possible that Dimension High School Season 2 will premiere sometime in 2023 if the producers decide to give it another chance. Stay tuned for updates. For future updates, keep checking The Pop Times.

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Dimension High School Season 1 Recap

Junpei picks up a strange rock while on his way to school. He carries on with his class without thinking anything of it. An animated world is created by the rock in the middle of a song over which he and four others are listening. Meanwhile, a giant sphinx has been introduced, determined to conquer the world. As anime characters and real-world humans, the group must work together to protect the world.

Dimension High School Season 2 Story

Dimension High School Season 2 release date

It aired on Tokyo MX and BS Fuji from January 10 to March 28, 2019. Yuichi Abe directed the live-action segments and Polygon Magic produced the animation, with motion capture by the five cast members. Izumi designed the animated characters. Takahide Ishii and Takeo Tsuka hosted a radio program on Radio Osaka, Radio Cloud, and Niconico to promote the show, which premiered on October 19, 2018. A new album by Takahide Ishii, Takeo Otsuka, Shohei Hashimoto, and Takuma Zaiki is called 4 Dimensions and features “Here we go!” by them.

According to the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, the single peaked at 59 on February 13, 2019. A song by Samurai Tunes plays as the ending theme. English-language rights for the show have been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. After half way through the series, the series’ narrationist, Shouta Aoi, began acting as well, becoming the series’ first actor in a drama

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